Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Our new start Hello to everyone! I just love reading every one's blogs and Julie, my sister, has tried to get me started many times, and finally, I did it!I can not wait to get started with this. We are in Sandy, UT right now finishing up with Dallas rotations. Dallas will graduate the beginning of May and then we are off to good ol' Globe, AZ! Yikes, if that is what you are thinking don't worry, we love it, for two years anyway. It is close to a lake, there is lots of hiking, and four-wheeling, and scorpions, oh yeah! We can't wait to have a house were we can decorate and have more then a blow up couch, and blow up mattresses. We are most excited to have family and friends over for the weekend. So come whenever you can, we will have a great time!

Like we just said Dallas graduates May 14th from Creighton University as a DPT. We are so very proud of his hard work for our little family. One of his many talents is that when he starts something he always does his very best. That means at times we don't see much oh him because he has been busy putting in long hours, but it is all so worth it and we cannot wait to be settled and have him around more. Sydney talks constantly about her dad, and waits by the door for him to get home, she is in love with her dad. I just wait for the day she asks her dad if she can marry him.

I, Jaymi, am a wonderful stay at home mom...hehheee...I may fall short all the time, but can still be wonderful right :). I enjoy most of my day in our small basement apartment and really need to get out but admit it is a little scary for me to get much done out and about with two kids and no stroller. Sydney likes to RUN! I still do my vinyl business. It is slow at this time of the year which has been great but we are very blessed to have this while Dallas has been in school. (Doesn't my blog/profile sound so typical of what you would hear a mom say, do I need to define myself...hehee). I would not trade what I have for the world. I love my children, love what I do, and love thinking of new things. When we get a house and are settled I would like to add on finished boards, unfinished boards, bows, purses, and bracelets to my website http://www.creativecustomlettering.com/ but for now I like what I have!

Sydney is a ball of fire, she turned two October 28th of last year and I think the two's have finally hit. My guess is a lot of it came from her little sister being born. Her and I were best friends, Kenady came along and I feel like I am much more a mom now. Sydney has a cute, cute personality. She is full of life, she loves to be a ham whenever she can, and she just started enjoying her toys! She love to play farm with her dad, when he comes home.

Kenady is almost three months old, she was born December 1st, and she is such a good baby. As most people know we thought she was going to be a boy. When she was born Dallas cut the cord, and they handed her to me. The nurse kept saying "she". Finally I said, do you mean "he" but nosiree. A girl she is! Now she lives to get some attention so that she can smile and coo. When she does not get the attention she sits patiently under her play gym or in her bouncer and waits. She does not take a bottle, we are still working on that. She is a doll. I think she looks more like my side of the family but most people say she looks like Dallas and Sydney. Sydney loves her sister. She loves to sit on her, poke her, kiss and hug her. She is a good big sister. Every morning as soon as she wakes up she tries to go in and get Kenady.