Tuesday, April 17, 2007

On another less egocentric note. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people that are in or around Virgina Tech and for their loss. We are one nation under God, right now that is a comforting thought.

Change, am I who I think!

Can you believe it, we are finally finished with our schooling and moving back to Arizona. We are in the process of buying a house and have accomplished our long proclaimed goal, to be back! It is exciting, it is fun, it is new, and it is scary!

I have to tell you I have had tremendous anxiety over it the last few days, preceding these last few days I have been elated. I love the house, almost wish it was my final home (who am I to say that, I haven't even seen it expect through a camera's lens), and if all the numbers work out right hope that we will soon have it! I really love the people that we met and am very excited that Dallas and his boss like each other so much, and have such a good time together. I love being closer to family and can not wait to have them over to boat, camp, hike, play, whatever it may be. I am happy that I get to at least sub in a bunko group; if not a regular (if I decide Mesa is to much of a hike when remodeling a home, taking care of two little ones, and getting dinner on the table.). I can't wait to be out of my dungeon and out in full sun! I can not wait to have Dallas home at a regular and routine hour (but we may hate that he doesn't get Spring Break, early release, etc). I am so happy to have an income, even though I realize that our bills will triple! This is a day we have worked for, for a long time and it is exciting, dang it!

This is a secret, don't tell anyone, I wouldn't want anyone to know how childish I am! The last few days I have been having silly dreams that I get left behind or forgotten, like my friends all do a float for the 24th but they forget to invite me! I am a grown individual shouldn't I have gotten over that say like during high school or even third grade! Why in the world would that matter, who really cares, it wouldn't be like they didn't like me, and if they didn't would it matter (I have awesome friends, just so you all know, this is just crazy me!). Oh the craziness, oh how silly, and a little insane!

You would think with all this moving around I would be used to it by now, I guess in the constancy of a new home there is still a lot of change going on, and I suppose that can be a little intimidating. So I need to think of all the great things, count my many blessing see what God has done and it will surprise me what the Lord has done...in saying that I know that His hand has been in all that we have done, I have felt it many of times. So soon I will be leaping with joy because we are done moving around, then I will be hating all the work, wondering if our home/lives will ever be finished and in order, and finally I will be sipping hot chocolate reading Stephanie Meyers third book and wondering why it feels like a decade ago that we were in Omaha just starting Dallas' DPT school! I love blogging!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter Weekend

I tried to get all of my pictures to download so that I could write about Easter weekend and the upcoming events but something is wrong, at least I can write and post later!

Last Friday morning at 4:00 a.m. I got Sydney and Kenady up and packed them into the car. We had to take Dallas to the airport, he was going to AZ to look for a house. We dont have enough funds for all of us to go so we had to trust in his good judgment and of course the trusty video camera to decide on a new home, YEAH!

Friday night I watched six kids and told E and Misti to go on a date with their husbands. I thought it would be SO easy, I forgot 4 kids under two doest make for an organized outing. All we could do was play in the back yard, eat pizza, which really didnt happen no one would stay still for long enough to eat and finally watch a movie of course I could eat, so as I was munching away I felt a crunch and half a molar fell out of my mouth! Thank goodness one of the couples (husband) is a dentist! When he came back we set up a time Saturday to take a look at the tooth.

As most people know I was a day late and a dollar short for the Easter Egg hunt Saturday morning. I thought the park was 5 minutes away but it was more like 15. Well we missed that one so I headed to the next one, grabbed Sydney and Kenady (I had no diapers or anything, thank goodness there were no blowouts) and ran through the gate to the end of the Easter egg hunt. I didnt realize there was someone trailing me, trying to tell me I was at the wrong gate. There was a line about a block long to get into the park and I had come around back and snuck in (TOTALLY Accident, I was lost). At least Syd got to participate. Then we went to stand in line and pay and a lady came and gave us a ticket!

Afterwards we checked on the good old tooth and that will cost me my lives savings (just kidding he is awesome and giving me a great deal) I will get a crown or root canal! Well we went home and Syd and I started decorating Easter Egg cookies. In the middle of it Syd had to use the rest room and came back with no undies. We kept on icing cookies, when we were finished and moving on to coloring eggs I told her she needed to get her undies back on. I could tell she was thinking about something but was happy she actually wanted to were underwear so out I went to get them. I came back home and she was shoveling in candy, she had hopped on the counter and was chomping as fast as she could! NEEDLESS TO SAY, she now knows how to manipulate. I was cracking up.

The next morning I actually got both girls and I ready in time to be at church at 9:00 a.m. Afterwards we left a cookie, carrots, and water out for the Easter bunny and headed off to pick up Dallas at the airport. It was great to have him back and Sy was excited to see her dad, and couldnt wait to get home to see the Easter Bunny.

We got home, she opened up every candy wrapper, I tried not to give her much, but she still opened all that she had, not to eat it, just to see what color it was, she did have her fair share of candy! We bombed on our Easter picnic and opted for frozen pizza instead, it was cold outside.

It was a little disfunctional and a lot of fun!

Really quickly we are putting an offer on a house. It is old, but has a lot of potential and will allow me to have another room for my little vinyl business. We are really excited about it, and what we can do with it! We'll see how it goes!

Kenady can roll

This last Thursday, April 5th Kenady purposely rolled over. Now she won't stop it is so funny! She is such a house, it makes it easy. When she throws her feet to one side it propels her onto her side. Then she gracefully rolls her face into the ground and throws out her arms. This is a picture of her just after she has thrown out her arms.

Conference Weekend

Cord and Sydney had a love hate relationship! She loved playing with him and he was the biggest tease. One morning we were up and she wanted something from the kitchen (the boys were still sleeping). I told her to go and get it and she said Uncle Cord gets me, no mom no. Uncle Cord gets me! She was sad to see them leave.

When we were at our apartment we often played a video game that Dallas gave me for Christmas. One of the many was a racing game. Cord and Ty kicked our trash but it was fun trying!
I loved them being here. I was able to cook without Sydney at my feet, and clean without Kenady at my hip (not that I got a lot done). We can't wait to be closer.

Dad, and the boys took Sydney so I could go with Dallas and see him at his best. He has learned how to make orthodics and was making me a pair. That is going to be his little side business when we get all set up! If anyone needs some, he is great!

This was at the Joseph Smith building. The movie was awesome!

Tyson could always get Kenady to smile. She loved all the attention. I was talking to my mom and she asked is Kenady was good, and I said yes most of the time. She said, "well dad said Kenady was a really good baby, Cord said she cried all the time so I just wanted your input." Hah! All in the eyes of the beholder right!
We were so excited to have family come and visit us. Especially over conference weekend! We loved every minute of it, not sure if they did because kids got sick and we spent a lot of time at our house, but it is always nice having family around.
I had tickets to the Saturday afternoon session so I went with Dad, Cord and Ty. We were really excited when we got there because we were able to get really good seats, we couldnt believe it! Lo and behold we shortly thereafter found out that the conference center was the overflow. They were dedicating the tabernacle! It was still really nice to be there, to see the conference center and to feel the spirit!
Dallas was there at the sessions end with two crying kids in tow. I called him as soon as I got out the conference doors and told him where I was, he said Jaymi can you get over here quick, I dont know what to do with these kids. I said I will walk fast, he said, "run"! Hehee. To have kids for more then 3 hours what a chore (Kenady was hungry).
Ty and Cord still got to go to Priesthood session so they did get to see a session live. I think they really liked that. We went out to eat a few times, we walked temple square, the boys got senior pictures, suits and scriptures and we hung out at our house. I loved it!
Sydney was patiently awaiting Dad, Ty and Cord's arrival. She was really excited. I came out of my room and couldnt find her anywhere. She had gone outside (yikes) to see if they were here yet and she saw that it was snowing! Atleast she had put on her hat and shoes :)!

First hair cut

Kenady had her first hair cut, so she would look spiffy for Dad, Ty and Cord, I got a little carried away. This was a first and probably a last for me!
You should have seen her mullet. Business in the front party in the back! Now she justs looks like a boy :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

All that life gives you!

Due to my deep thoughts...okay so I don't have many if any these days, I just cant help but feel grateful to be where I am, and to be so blessed in my life. I know the Lord has had a hand in all that I do!

A few of my friends just signed up to blog, and as I was reading their posts, I just feel so proud to be involved with so many great people. I just heard a quote saying, "Most people want to do good, most people want to lend a hand, they just are not sure how!"....you wonder how that fits in with my thoughts, well I am surrounded by those kind of people, and honestly just like that quote I think most generally people want to love, give, and help. That is what makes you feel good inside.

As I see different people growing, maturing(okay so I am not that but still), learning, and achieving, just as it is meant to be, I am again so thankful that there is a plan for us. There is a reason we are here, and one of those reasons is to help and bless other people which I see all around me.

Right now we are seeing much heartache and pain, there are a lot of terribly tragedies both natural and man made (what is a better word) but where there is one force there is always the opposite! I just want to say thanks for all the inspiration and great people around me. For the people who continue to live for their dreams like Jay and Camille, for the people who overcome like Kristen, for the people who endure like Ammon, for people who love like Jaime, for people who are kind like Julie, for people who listen like Maryann, for people who are constant/persistent like Shanda and for everyone, all of you, that make up my life and make things balanced, make things better!

Monday, April 2, 2007

April Fool's

My dirty sister played a great April fools joke on us, thanks to my brother Jason. She knew that my Dad and brothers were driving home from conference yesterday and so she called me and asked if I knew where they were. I said probably about half way home and she said, "Well we can not get ahold of them, we need to let them know that Jason is in the hospital with Shanda, they think he had a heart attack!".

Wowzer, I was scared! About a minute later she said April Fools! That dirty rat! I just talked to my brother this morning and he said that she called her in-laws, and told them the same thing and they all had great reactions. She will have to post it on here later! Okay I will write with pictures later on conference!

Ammon Lee

Hello all!

We had a great weekend! My Dad, Cord, and Ty came up for conference and we had a good time. I will post more of that later!

I got an email with this web address. www.ammonlee.com Most people know he is going through radiation right now and all the while his little family just had a new little baby girl! They are really having a FULL life right now! Check it out! His family is in our thoughts and prayers!

I think most people who read this have already gotten the email with this information but just in case I wanted to pass it on here.