Monday, September 24, 2007

Sydney's Craft

Dooesn't everyone think that their kids are the funniest, at least most of the time! I was cracking up today. I let Sydney paint a real pumpkin and create a pumpkin out of paper. She decided that she wanted to paint the picture too. She wanted me to see what she was doing so I came in and tried to give her some helpful advise on fingerpainting, she said,

"Mom don't worry, right now I am study/working. I don't need your help I need you to watch" and I said, "But Boo you can make perfect circles..."

She stopped me and mid sentence, put both of her painted hands on her face and said, "Mom, I am study/working your job is to sit and watch."

Not always fun that she is so opinionated at such a young age, especially when we are at church or at the grocery store (BY THE WAY WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOUR CHILD THROW A FIT IN PUBLIC, and DOES IT WORK) but I think she is full of life and lots of fun!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Our new happenings!

So it has been awhile...

I forgot to write about Sydney. She had her first day of dance several weeks ago and she wanted a tutu made. So here she was ready for her next week of class. To cute! This is how the whole shibang started off. Like I have said we are not watching our kids, Sydney takes care of Sydney and Kenady well she gets eaten by ants...poor girl she didnt even cry! Check out her leg. Where to begin, where to begin. First off I have not even been able to look at other peoples blogs so I decided to take the rest of the night off and blog surf, update, and download pictures from the past month. It feels like time has been at a stand still the last month and I dont know where it has gone, I am still running in circles! We have done quite a lot but am sad to report that hardly any of it has been to our house! When I finally get pictures posted you really are going to say I must just run in circles, who is this wonderwoman! Hehee, just kidding, I do run the circles and Dallas seems to be able to get things done in leaps and bounds. Which is why he is in sleeping (he is putting Sydney to bed) while Sydney has a tea party instead of getting to bed like she is supposed to be! So, what do you ask, have we been up too. Dah Da Dum! I finished and produced a bow maker first and foremost. It is probably the coolest thing that I have ever seen, no really I am not kidding. For all of you that have little girls, are trying to keep with the fashions, want bows for your presents, etc. etc. but can not seem to make the perfect bow, I found the solution. It is so cool. You need the "El Bow Maker" some ribbon, thread and a needle. That is it! It is amazing. You make perfectly looped and proportioned bows every time in a minute or less. Then you can embelish the bows as you would like too. You will love it. I rethought the design, worked with an amazing designer who put my thoughts together and made it work, I am in the process of talking to lawywers and had it at the fair last week (the last day) where I sold two! Yahoo. That was a lot to be created in a matter of a few weeks(for the fair), thanks SAM! Which brings me to my next happening, I have been preparing for the fair. I had nothing, not one thing ready for a fair, expo, etc (for the vinyl lettering). So I spent the last two weeks gathering boards, creating lettering, putting together a sample book, ordering supplies, making hair bows, it was crazy, I think I made a lot more work for myself then I needed to but I loved the outcome, the fair was so much fun, it is great to see old freinds and be back "home" and great to eat funnel cake after navajo taco, after funnel cake after funnel cake. If you havent tried them you ought too! They are so good with blueberries or a little bit of powdered sugar and cinnamon. This is how we kept Kenady contained. So needless to say all the work paid off, I now have all of the info to throw vinyl parties (for those of you who are interested, you do get free vinyl), start a new page on my website for the " El Bow Maker" and bows. So in the end I think it was worth it. And moving on...even more exciting then all of that, my little brother Cord had his farewell this weekend. It was so much fun. It was awesome to get to spend time with them and I had a lot of FUN with my little brothers. Jason and the fam came over Saturday and we got to spend time with them, Cord had the most awesome talk, he is going to be a great missionary! He was set apart at 7:00 p.m. Sunday night and I am really glad it was so late because we were all able to spend the day togehter with nothing to do but talk, eat, and talk. It was a lot of fun. His setting apart was really good. President Broadbent said a lot of neat things. One of them was how blessed his family would be here at home, such a neat thing and I am happy that my family will have double the blessings, Tyson has his papers and will be putting them in soon! Everyone is growing up! My mom, dad, and Cord left to the MTC on Monday and he goes in to the MTC Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. He is really excited! My poor kiddos, they have been so neglected. Who knew the T.V. could do such a good job raising kids. You should try it out sometime. :) Luckily they have great cousins and Uncles who took them to play! I loved being home but was excited for the fair to be over so that I could come home, relax and play with the kids...only I forgot that I had two Super Saturday orders that HAVE to go out this week, so still no time for the kids. I am going to get there sometime, I just know it. On a good note, I actually got my house semi cleaned today. I am so impressed with all of you who can multitask, always have a clean home, spiffed up kids, and a happy husband I think I just might be failing at all three at the moment! All in good time, all in good time! This is a long one I know. Thanks for staying tuned. I will have to do better at this. Now on to check out your blogs! Thanks for being my friends. I hope to see you all soon!