Sunday, October 14, 2007

Updated Yard

Pictures of our house have been a long time are a few of the backyard that is now done! Yeah. I think next weekend we will be done with the front and then we will move onto the inside. Dallas has put so much work into this. We won't know how to spend our weekends once the house is complete.

Personally I think the best part about it...Most everything Dallas built was created with things found around our house. Rocks grow in abundance here so he used it to create part of the retaining walls, the front of the grill, the firepit, and of course to line our flower beds. He even used old brick from a previous elevated garden (I was sad to loose that, but have no fear I am recreating a smaller one next year)to create the base for the grill. He is AWESOME. We worked hard, mostly Dallas and we can't wait for you to stop by!

Just thoughts

Hello everyone. We are back. It actually seems like not much has happened this week! We finally have t.v. and I am loving that I get to see Greys and saddened that Lost doesn't come on until next Feb. DID U KNOW THAT, blah! This is one of the many reasons I slyly convinced Dallas to join ranks once again with t.v. watching fanatics...but to our dismay, nothing, nada. Better Feb. than never I must admit!

My kids are hilarious. I would like to say that these comical characters are just clones of us, but they are far to superior...much smarter, cuter, intuitive, and wittier (okay Dallas is fairly witty). I guess they are just built that way to deal with the times they have been jolted into or something like that! Forgive me this is a family journal for the time being (I think I am going to make my kids their own secret blogs so you don't have to hear all the silly in's and out's of their quirky lives but obviously I have not gotten that far) you can just skip on over!

Taking my sister Julies idea, I decided to make the Halloween costume this year for Sydney...shoot I should talk about this when I actually have pictures...but what the heck, I will post them soon! It is adorable! Can not wait for you to see it. Definitely the new rage for Sydney. she thinks she looks like a fairly scary but pretty witch (exactly what I was going for right). Can't wait to take them trick or treating. She wanted to be the wicked witch from The Wizard of Oz and I was going to be Dorthy, Dallas the tin man and Kenady the Lion (we would carry a scarecrow)....this witch costume is more black and purple, with no hint of green so sadly I must omit Dallas and I from the equation (I am sure Dallas is not to sad) but I think Kenady will still be a lion unless I get another wild hair and make her a bee much like her cousin Kaitlynn. :)

I think I once addressed this...but Kenady loves to draw, realizing after weeks of watching Sydney that a pen/pencil/marker and a piece of paper must mean scribbling. It is so cute to watch. She is very determined and always gets a line, scribble, or circle on that paper! Too cute you would think she would have forgotten and moved on...but she continues to love to here is a picture to enjoy! We had a few cousins over this week (they came to do vinyl). Most of Sydney's room was covered in toys. After 20 or so minutes I decided it was best if I found Kenady since I hadn't seen her in quite some time. Kenady had found a way to climb into the biggest container that she could and was throwing toys left and right. I left her there to see how long she would be content...well I finally had to come and get her when it was time to eat (or something like that). It was toy heaven...I think I need to leave toys/stimulus out for her more often! Silly mom!

Just one more thing. Sydney can talk really well now. We were on our way to church today when Dallas jumped out of the car and into the garage. He looked rather forlorn. Sydney watched him intently while he tried and tried to get our garage door to work properly...I am sure he wasn't to happy since I had made us a few minutes late already...but of course he wouldn't ever say something like that! :)
Well finally he conquered his task and returned to the car confidently! Sydney put her hands on her hips shook her head and said, "Dad just how frustrated are you?" Yes or no... hah! Yes or not is not quite proper English but we understood! They are cute kids!

Nothing to new is going on with me. I do vinyl all week and work on the house with Dallas during the weekends. Here are a few pictures of what we have accomplished so far. In two years we just might be ready to leave Globe but I think we may want to take our house with us!

Oh but before I forget was confrence not amazing. I regretfully admit that I was not good about watching all sessions but with my new handy dandy t.v. I was able to record all four sessions and listen to them periodically throughout the day (I need to do better but that is my intent). Funny how things change, first how can you sit that long..two hours, then you move onto, yes I don't have to go to church this weekend to finally looking forward to, anticipating, and thriving in the talks that are given....again I don't do great with that but I am so glad I enjoy and look forward to these confrence sessions. I feel like they are all my personal friends and I can better see the Lord's hand in my life. Just like Eyreing (sorry for the slaughter) I want to have a journal that details the Lord's hand in our lives... Thanks for reiterating that Hawli!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

How easily I am perplexed!

This time of ear is so crazy busy for me. I feel like I have been neglectful in many, many things but right now I have down right forgotten my kids. I remember feeling this way last year around this time and thinking that is it, I am done! Here I am again this year, with two kids, lots of book, tv, coloring and room time, messy kids, crazy house, and vinyl everywhere. How grateful I am for this home job, for Super Saturdays that keep me so busy, and a little extra cash for the upcoming holidays but Wowzer, I dont even know how to keep organized....Those of you who know me realize that is not such a hard task!

So that is why I right tonight feeling a little overwhelmed as I realize I only sat with my kids for breakfast, a quick lunch and dinner. Thank goodness for an awesome husband who took over, played with, loved, tickled, laughed, and tucked our fine little ones into bed! So next time I say that Sydney is acting up, or Kenady is throwing fits remind me why!

On the cutest side note. Kenady colors at 10 months (she just turned 10 months). She truly watches and wants to be like her older sister. How cute! Whenever Sydney is coloring she tries to take the writing mechanism and colors the paper! I LOVE IT. Kenday is also learning to throw huge fits and yell...I think she thinks that being loud is the normal tone for the Davis household, shoot! Today Sydney and I held Kenady's hands and walked and she walked around the house. We ended at the couch so we both let go of her hands, she looked at us, stuck out her bottom lip, sank to the ground on her bum, then laid over and sobbed because she could no longer walk! On a side note I spent a little more time with them than I gave myself credit for! It was so cute, sad, and obnoxious at the same time. 1.How stinking cute! 2. She just learned something new how sad we put an abrupt stop to it and 3. She can't throw a fit to get what she wants.

I have browsed through most of your blogs. I am sorry I dont comment! I promise I will do better. Taytum how fun! I can't wait to do that, you will have to give us the in's and out's.

I had such a nice weekend with my EA friends look at MaryAnn's blog for the details. I so looked forward to it and we had a blast. Thanks so much Maryann for hosting we can do it at my humble abode any old time. We should plan it weekly. Heheee. And everyone else I love ya!