Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kids say the funniest things!

Sydney was playing a few days ago, she had her baby in her shirt, she was pregnant. She walked up to Dallas and started to talk to him about her day, the weather, how she was feeling and then she said, "Oh no, this kids coming, she is about to hatch!". What the....she is to funny.

This weekend Dallas went into a convience store to get some cash. Sydney was talking about what we were going to go and do and she said, "Mom, I am going to look for dad..." a few minutes passed and she was still looking intently into the store window when she finally exclaimed, "Oh wonderful I found him!" I said you did...she looked at me and said, "yeah mom can't you tell, he is always the one with the most prickily hair". Sure enough she was right, out walked Dallas.

And finally Kenady only wants to feed herself now. She had some yogurt and was doing rather well. About half way through she decided that she liked it more as fingerpaint and proceeded to paint her paint. Dallas looked at her and said, "ut-oh" and put his hand on his head. She followed the lead and put her hands on her head. You should have seen the look on her face, she was surprised at the new found gel. For a little while she painted her head and decided it was taking much to long, she took the cup of yogurt and dumped it on her head! Not a funny thing to laugh out, but I think you may have heard a few chuckles here and there.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lasting Impressions.

This weekend was our General Conference. For me it was one of the most memorable and lasting conferences that I have ever witnessed. The solemn assembly started it all. It was such an amazing thing to witness and then to be able to take part in it, to stand with millions of people to sustain our new prophet, to know that we have a prophet on the earth to lead and guide us, to know that his direction comes from God and that there is a plan for us, there is more to this life then work, then the house we live in, then the cars we drive, there is so much more. To know that we are eternal beings, that we can be with our loved ones through life, through death, through so much more. I know why I was so blessed to be here at this time, I am so thankful for that direction and knowledge that I have. Thank heavens for Heaven!

For the last few days (and every time after conference) I can feel this power in my life. I want to be a little better, stand a little taller and maybe that is why I have seen and felt the great things that surround us. Today I was listening to something on Oprah, she is doing some class on a book and all these people were getting on and saying how it changed their lives and how excited they were. Some of them were talking about how they realized they had Eternal Life, others realized how slowing down and enjoying the little moments have changed their lives, realizing that matterial things dont matter...etc. etc. etc. the whole world (because of Oprah) is so excited about this book and it is life changing; it made me realize just how exciting the gospel is. It is life changing, it is such a great thing, it teaches all those things and more.

Then tonight I wanted to see American Idol gives back and I wanted to give. How great it is when people come together to give, to serve to think of others. What an amazing thing giving/serving others does to you. Things don't matter quite as much, ego's aren't so big and again it brought me back to the knowledge that I have. How much richer your life is, when you do these things, . This........this is what life is all about. I appreciate that people who give, who care, who make a difference in this world. You inspire me. And I am most thankful for the knowledge that I have in this life, I know who I am, I know where I am going, I know that I belong, I am a daughter of God and I can make a difference!

New News!

Hey everyone. We are so excited about our new move! YEAH, it is much sooner then we anticipated but the closer it gets the more excited we are. We sure love the people here, love the location (short commute to the valley, not far from family and friends and great weather), but we are moving up to the White Mountains. I think I went through all the emotions, even being a little nervous but now it is just excitement.

Dallas got a job with Gregor Randall, in Showlow, it's by Wal-Mart (catty-corner). He is so excited about the possibilities and starts work May 5th. Soon I know. It won't be enough time to get our house sold, so it looks like the kids and I will be here for a bit while Dallas is up there working away. I am sad to finally be DONE with the house, just to sell it, but hopefully now it will SELL. Keep us in your prayers, if anyone wants a house in Globe, please pass on the info...hehee.

It finally happened

Oh no, I can not believe it, I dreaded this day, fretted, stewed, finally it came and it wasn't so bad. I have been stung by a scorpion. That's not even the best part of the story! I am petrified of those little, satanly things. We spray regularly and it is the sole reason that I would leave this place as soon as possible! Well I was cleaning the doors today and grabbed the rag from the kitchen sink. I felt something, kind of like a pinch but I still dropped the rag and out flew a BIG (thank heavens') scorpion. I screamed and the stand off began. I couldn't move and neither could the scorpion. I grabbed a shoe, but again froze in place. Sydney came trotting in and so I threw her up on the table and she is chanting, "do it, do it, do it". I just can't come close enough to hit the dang thing so I decide to do the tape trick, wrap tape around a spatula hit it/stick it to the tape and throw it outside, in the toilet, etc. So I ran to get some tape (what an idea let it get away while you are gone). Came back and it was GONE! Luckily it had just moved from the front of the opened door, to behind and was trying to make it's get away. So I lost interest in the tape theory and held tight to the flimsy shoe.

I was sitting there trying get up the courage to hit it and I leaned over to Syd and said I don't know if I can do it. Sydney hops down off the counter and says, "don't worry mom, I got it, give me the shoe and hop on the table." What the.....demonstration number two for the week, mom is a baby! So after realizing that a three year old is braver then me, I got up the courage and innihilated that thing! I don't think his friends will want to come back to face my wrath!

Fortunately I think he barely nicked me, the pain was similar to an ant bite, I lucked out and hope to never be so lucky again!

We are back!

We are back but without pictures...again. I do have a few old ones I will post found our camera but then I left it in my sisters car and she took it to St. Johns with her!

I can not believe how much has happened first a quick update, then a funny story and great news. We have been doing A LOT to our house. It is finally done, with the expectation of a bathroom. I really like it, I think Dallas should be a landscaper, interior designer and all that entails. He has such a creative organized mind and things sure come to life. I will post more pictures when I get my camera.

We have really spent quite a lot of time on that. We did get a weekend off and went to the Renaissance Festival. I thought it was a lot of fun, my kids thought the animals were great and liked some of the food. I felt like it was for older kids and/or just me and Dallas. It would have been a fun date to watch the shows, etc. All in all it was a good time and we were glad to have the tikes around.

Then the next weekend was Easter and we headed up to St. Johns because Tyson was having his farewell too. It was a fun weekend. We watched Tripp and Crew while Jas and Shanda spent their fifth anniversary in Las Vegas. They both got sick, poor kiddos, I am sure they just wanted their parents but they were both so good and I was so glad all the kids got to be together. We went to the Davis wash, with both grandma's and grandpa's and it was lots of fun.

Then on to Tyson's farewell. It was one of the better farewells that I have ever been too, biased I am sure. He is so kind, sweet spirited and nice. We are sure going to miss him (he is going into the MTC TODAY) but are so excited for him. He'll be the best missionary ever and is so great with people! He has lots of special abilities.heheee.

Well of course then it was back to work, work, work. It is so fun to finally have the house all landscaped and everything done! Things are going well here. Kenady talks quite a bit now, she mimics whatever you say, mostly her vocabulary consists of I want that, I want that! and she thinks that is she screams she will be much more effective then if she just talks to us. She is really getting big. She is just at that stage where she is blooming in all areas. She loves to follow Sydney around Dallas affectionately calls her "our sheep".

Sydney had an accident last weekend! It was quite scary for me. Dallas was painting the outside of our house. Sydney was helping him with the garage door so she pulled one of her toys against the wall and stood up to hit the opener. The toy fell out from under her and she grabbed onto the box to the side of her, weights were on top of that box and both of them fell on her head. Being the good mom that I am I put my hand (lightly) over her mouth and rushed her outside....Kenady was sleeping. I was talking to her and turned my head to look at her, blood was gushing out of her head. Yikes. We ran her back into the kitchen to clean her up (I was sick that weekend) after we got the blood to slow down I got to see the wound. I put the rag back on her head told her to hold it there and ran to the bathroom, quite queasy...what a great mom, I am going to be one of those that can handle anything right! The war wound was only about an inch long but deep and open. She was petrified to go to the Doctor, out came the super glue and everything is better! She loves to show you her wound!

Well Ty we love and will miss you but we are so proud of you! You are the best! Have a great week!