Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Can't Sleep

Every had one of those days/nights...well I haven't, not often anyways! When sleep time rolls around, I am out like a light. Tonight, not so much. I tried to turn on Harry Potter, then I addressed most of my Christmas cards, then I blog hopped for awhile and got caught up on a few peoples happenings, sat here and now, well a post.

Dallas has not felt well today, bless his heart, a stuffed nose usually knocks him out cold (just kidding Dallas), totally kidding. So he fell asleep pretty much right after Santa Clause came.....okay so I will back up a do have a few post worthy things to post, pictures will follow.

Santa Clause came tonight. It was pretty much a picture perfect holiday night. First it all started with Cafe Rio/Costa Vida copy cat salad (it is GOOD). Well Dal was feeling a little to sick and so I finished the dishes while he sat with the kids AND Kenady walks most of the time unless she REALLY wants to get somewhere (SHOULD INSERT PICTURE HERE). So Dallas enticed her to walk around the room while Sydney laughed. Then I came in with the computer to do a little work and dun, dun dun. We heard jingling at our step, Santa came to our house. It was so awesome, he had the nicest shiny suit, bells around his waist and a big sack full of toys. He gave Sydney and Kenady a stuffed animal and the COOLEST key I have ever seen (insert picture here). You will have to see it. You hang it on your door Christmas eve (especially those who do not have fireplaces). It is a special key just for Santa that allows him to get into your house. SO cool. Sydney was in heaven when she opened up the door and Santa came in. Kenady was not afraid and we got a great picture.

Santa left and a few minutes later...we had carolers at our door. We walked out and listened to them for a few songs and back in! What a great night.

So back to the sleeping escapade. Dallas falls asleep right after the carolers leave and I put the kiddos to sleep. Kenady cried for 40 minutes (I dont know why she does that so much lately) but Syd was pretty good about going to sleep. I came in to do more work and have never left my room. Dallas is still sleeping on the couch!

It was a fun night! Merry Christmas everyone! What a great time of year, I love sharing and eating and enjoying the spirit!

Monday, December 10, 2007


Sydney just got my phone while I was sitting her doing the last post and I heard her say..."hello, oh hi I am just trying to call Santa, I need to tell him I want chou chou"

This has been three hours later! She really has a one track mind!

Happening's Before Christmas....letter to Cord

Since I use this for journaling purposes....and writing Cord is a bit like a journal I thouht I would just add this! Merry Christmas everyone!

Hey Elder Whiting. How are things goings going? What is happening new? Thanks so much for sending a letter again last week. It is always so good to get a condensed version of everything. How are the Holidays in Tennese? I have a few customers that are in Tennese. Fun to see that.

Things here are going well. Just as busy as before I can not wait for vinyl to settle down a little bit I think after this week the Christams rush will be over and everything will settle a little bit. Thank goodness for the kids who are working for me. otherwise I would eat, sleep and breath this stuff!

So needless to say that is about all I have been doing. Trying to spread a little Christmas cheer too. We have decorated the inside of our house but not the outside yet, loosers. I have made a few cookies and we hope to get plates out tonight for FHE. I am trying to teach Sydney about the true meaning of Christmas and I think she gets it....she also really loves Santa and can not wait for a cash register and a baby doll. In fact last night she went to sleep at like 5:30 so I figured around 8:00 she would wake up and not be tired for a few hours and she did. So we went online and were looking at toys. She saw a baby she decided she REALLY wanted. So she told me all about it, talked to her dad about it and decided that Dad needed to inform Santa Claus in the change of ideas for a baby. I thought we had it all taken care of then this morning Sydney woke up (Dallas had already left for work) and she said where is dad. Oh no were is DAD. Oh no mom he did not tell Santa that I want a diffrent baby.....oh no mom I need to call Santa right now!'. I told her that we write letters to Santa and then Santa would choose a few presents to bring her.....she said, 'but this is serious, I really need to call Santa'. She is too funny.

and of course then there is Kenady, she is still a scaredy cat, she will walk from one side of the couch to the other without touching the couch but she will not walk on her own. She is there, just to afraid to take the leap! It will be fun to have her walking, I figured around 10 months she would be so who knows for sure! She had a great birhtday, well not really. We were traveling when she had her birthday but we gave her a little Elmo doll and the next day she was spoiled with another present and a birthday cake, for her I think that was enough! She is great.

Dallas is always trying to come up with new things, a new plan for his practice, becoming a personal trainer along with it. Selling sandrails, adding onto my business. it is amazing with all his new ideas, his crazy work on the house and work that he spends as much time with us as he does. He is fun and we appreciate all that he if I could just figure out what to get him for Christmas!

Well I suppse I should go and see what the kiddos are doing. We need to run to Wal-Mart so I can buy supplies to make goodies to take around to people tonight. We love you very much, love to hear from you, promise to send out pictures and thank you so much for all the blessings that you give us. Good luck, you are in our prayers....I know luck is not a good word because it is not luck that is involved!


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

El Bow Maker

It is here, it is new, love the design, love it all!

Okay guys it is finished. My supplier was able to get the El Bow Makers to me and I love them. I can not wait to get them out there! I just need to start marketing, yeah!

Yesterday I spent all day working on updating my website with the El Bow Maker information...but you know how it goes when you work on something for too long, everything looks okay, all the sentences make sense, your are grammatically correct on everything and those colors...they are perfect....when in reality nothing was quite right!

I would love for you to check it out if you have some time and leave a comment here/email me or sign my webpages guest book (at the bottom of the page) with your opinion, suggestions, and changes....It took me weeks/months to get the info on there so it could take me a little longer to make changes but I would love the help. Thanks in advance you are awesome! Here is the link to my site with all the information!

Kenady is One!

Time flies by way to fast! I can not believe our little girl is one! She is so cute and has such opionions now. She really lets you know how she feels, and what she wants and right now I think it is very cute. She is a good girl and for the most part she can entertain herself for hours on end, she isn't one that like to be held a lot....maybe it is because she has her older sister to follow around.

Her birthday is so close to Christmas, I really tried to have you in Novemmber :). This weekend was her birthday and we were shopping in the valley, mostly for Christmas presents. We had planned on going home Friday but my supplier wouldnt have the El Bow Maker ready until Saturday and so we unexpectedly had to stay overnight...lots of fun but Saturday was Kenady's birthday. We had Elmo all ready for her when she woke up and we sang but mostly that morning we were doing errands...not a lot of fun. When we got home I felt bad so I ran and got a second present and an icecream cake (lame mom but she love it).

All in all I think she enjoyed her birthday! HEHEEE. When we go up to St. Johns for Christmas maybe we can have a little something with family then!

The actual Thanksgiving

We did have a great Thanksgiving. It was fun to be with Dallas family. Cameron and Kathy came and they are always so much fun. I just love Brock, Chaz and Bryce. Sydney loved playing with them, they are so nice to her that she feels like she is a little princess.

Kathy and I were even able to sit and read books for an hour at a time. That was a real treat. We eat a great Thanksgiving, we talked, we played games, went to the park, and on a few rides around the town. It was lots of fun.

Sydney and the boys got to cook with Grandma. They made pumpkin pie and the best sugar cookies we have ever tasted. Good job guys!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thankful for

I was just reading through my friend/Dallas' nieces's blog and I think it would be fun to blog like her!

She of course is much funnier then me :)but since I am still not tired and seem to be rebelling against sleep I suppose I will write a little more for journaling purposes, what are some moments that I want to record?

We put up our Christmas decorations the night that we got home from the Thanksgiving weekend (Sunday night). Dallas was just as excited as I was. My mom gave me one of her old Christmas trees and it is beautiful. I have kept many little Christmas knick knacks and this is the first time we really got to decorate the house with them. It is so fun! I got some of my shelves on the wall too! I love it....the thing to remember about it is that Kenady can not keep her eyes and hands off of any of it. We have light up snowmen and everytime she sees them she starts waving her arms and saying oho ohhh ohh. Tonight she just wanted me to hold her next to them so she could watch them sparkle. We can not keep her away from the tree, she loves taking ornament after oramnet off the tree, and really it is all the more fun watching her, since we cant stop her. She walks when she wants to be still looses her balance, she has fun doing both for now. Can you beleive in just two days she will be one! Where does time go!

Syd has been sick the last few days. Yesterday I was a little nervous, she would not eat anything and by the time supper came around she seemed to be lethargic the only way I got her to eat was by telling her that I would have to take her to the hospital if she didnt. How mean. She shaped right up and eat all her eggs and seemed to feel much better after that, she is such a funny girl, she would much rather do anything then eat.

Well off to bed but just one more thing...for the gratitude journal. We are thankful to know that the Lord has had a hand in everything that we have so far done. Thankful for two healthy, strong girls, and good relationship. We are thankful for you

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mostly.....just want too!


Mostly....I just want too. Right now I am posting because mostly, I just want too. I am the biggest blogging slacker right now, during the past few months I feel like I have been running crazy, everything is in crazy fun (well kinda, I have to admit the house is coming along, still, it is a little disarrayed), as a neighbor I am sure you would think I was a little weird I dont surface tell noon, looking like I just woke up! my kids are dishoveled, I am in sweats or my underthingamajiggers half of the day (crazy what if someone came to the door, sydney of course would open it)and I dont really want that to happen.....but dun dun dun, it is almost over. I am almost through one more busy season (how many times can I post about this) and I can not forget to be grateful for what we have. After multiple posts just like this you are almost through hearing it! I am making a change and doing a few mostly....just want too's.

I want to go to the park with my kids...mostly because I want too. I want to take a weekend trip with my husband, I want to go dancing, I want to sit down and read a book to Sydney and Kenady, I want to get up at 6:00a.m and exercises (mind you, nothing is stopping me, I don't on my own accord this is simply a want to list), I want to stop by and see friends, or they stop by and see me, I want to finish reading Harry Potter, I want get my hair cut and styled, I want to take Sydney to get her ears pierced (she is excited) I want to figure out great meaningful gifts for all the people I love, or fun ones, I want to enjoy the spirit of the season, I want to read a book while my kids are sleeping, I want to read the scriptures with more vigor and attend the temple more often, I want to drink a diet coke with vanilla (Stacy I drink diet now) I want to plan Christmas parties....mostly...just want too. :)

I think that I will try to do one thing a week. What do you want to do?

P.S. I will post more pictures later. We had a great Thanksgiving. We ate with the Davis' and had such a great time. So good to be with family to laugh and play games and Cameron and Kathy and their kids are so much fun and I got to decorate my house with my mom and dad and I love to do, just like old time. That is another mostly because I want too, I want to write more on my blogs and by golly I am going to start doing it!

At this time thanks for everything! We love you!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Halloween is it still a birthday party?

Sydney still thinks her party continues and how nice to celebrate "you" for a whole week! Sydney wanted to be the scary wicked witch of of "The Wizard of Oz". Well I couldnt find an all black costume for cheap so I made her costume black and purple. We found a matching hat and we were good to go (wish I would have had time to find some tights). We kept with the original theme of "the Wizard of Oz" and had Kenady dressed as a tiger (okay so we had the lion, it was Sydney's costume last year).

Sydney got to be in her outfit most of the day, as you can tell, by the time the pictures are taken! She had dance class early that afternoon and since it was technically dance attire she wore it there...then off to the hospital to trick or treat their dad, back home to get the green scary face on and finally off to the trunk or treat. It was all a lot of fun. Kenady fell asleep in the car (she didnt have a second nap and she was so tired), she didnt seem to be as invovled as Sydney did! Sydney liked it all. She loved the games, the other kids costumes, and the candy but mostly she liked the nacho's they served as a dinnertime treat!

After trunk or treat we headed back home, where they were having a block party. We hopped on the motorcycles, maybe Sydney's request, I am not sure, and headed down to the block party! It was a fun end to a great night!

Syd's continued birtday

Well The birthday still continues. Mark, Tomi, and Finn all came that night after the party! They had another party they went to but they drove down to Globe that night.

Sydney was as excited to see them (she mostly talks about Marc) as she was to see her birthday cake. They are great friends and we were glad they got to come.

We had a pumpkin carving contest,
Can you see Edward and Bella, that is the one that Tomi and I wanted :)

played games....I am way to go at Settlers, we had to move on to a killer game of sequence :). Then Dallas and Mark put together Sydney's sweet new ride (can you say spoiled). Sydney was not to sure about her car at first, well seriously she is still not quite at ease unless she is in a really big area, where there are no constricting trees, houses, fences, just an open space. Kenady loves sitting in the seat but once it gets going, oh no look out! She is also feeling more at ease when they are in wide opened spaces and it is not so many stop and go whiplash motions!

Sydney's birthday party

What a party it was...heheee. We are in a new town, with a lot of new acquaintances, not a ton of small friends (for Sydney) and so happy that we are close to family because they were able to come to Sydney's birthday party.

It was really fun, who knew turning three could be such a great deal, she had a week long event! First Grandma and Grandpa Davis came to town Thursday, Oct. 25th. I think they wanted to avoid the crowds:) so they came and celebrated her birthday a little early. I wish my camera would have been charged! Sydney got real makeup from them, a candy snake and three dollars of her very own. She was in heaven.

On Saturday Uncle Jason Aunt Shanda, Trip and Crew showed up first. I can't thank Shanda enough for all the work she did, I would like to say with me but mostly instead of me, she is awesome!

Sydney loved showing all her nickel toys to Crew, first the elephant, then the tiger, onto the giraffe and finally Mr. Potato head. I don't think he was to impressed with the dolls! Then came along Grandma and Grandpa Whiting and great GRANDMA DESPAIN! I was so happy to have her there. She is a light and an inspiration in my life and it meant so much! As Sydney's present Grandma Despain gave Sydney the coveted cricket doll that none of the grandchildren could play with, just look at while I was growing up (I need to get a picture). I haven't decided yet if Syd will get to play with it either!

Finally our friends the Brewsters got there (Dallas' boss), we love them. We had a pinata,
we eat, opened presents, and had a cake. Not to eventful but lots of fun!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Updated Yard

Pictures of our house have been a long time are a few of the backyard that is now done! Yeah. I think next weekend we will be done with the front and then we will move onto the inside. Dallas has put so much work into this. We won't know how to spend our weekends once the house is complete.

Personally I think the best part about it...Most everything Dallas built was created with things found around our house. Rocks grow in abundance here so he used it to create part of the retaining walls, the front of the grill, the firepit, and of course to line our flower beds. He even used old brick from a previous elevated garden (I was sad to loose that, but have no fear I am recreating a smaller one next year)to create the base for the grill. He is AWESOME. We worked hard, mostly Dallas and we can't wait for you to stop by!

Just thoughts

Hello everyone. We are back. It actually seems like not much has happened this week! We finally have t.v. and I am loving that I get to see Greys and saddened that Lost doesn't come on until next Feb. DID U KNOW THAT, blah! This is one of the many reasons I slyly convinced Dallas to join ranks once again with t.v. watching fanatics...but to our dismay, nothing, nada. Better Feb. than never I must admit!

My kids are hilarious. I would like to say that these comical characters are just clones of us, but they are far to superior...much smarter, cuter, intuitive, and wittier (okay Dallas is fairly witty). I guess they are just built that way to deal with the times they have been jolted into or something like that! Forgive me this is a family journal for the time being (I think I am going to make my kids their own secret blogs so you don't have to hear all the silly in's and out's of their quirky lives but obviously I have not gotten that far) you can just skip on over!

Taking my sister Julies idea, I decided to make the Halloween costume this year for Sydney...shoot I should talk about this when I actually have pictures...but what the heck, I will post them soon! It is adorable! Can not wait for you to see it. Definitely the new rage for Sydney. she thinks she looks like a fairly scary but pretty witch (exactly what I was going for right). Can't wait to take them trick or treating. She wanted to be the wicked witch from The Wizard of Oz and I was going to be Dorthy, Dallas the tin man and Kenady the Lion (we would carry a scarecrow)....this witch costume is more black and purple, with no hint of green so sadly I must omit Dallas and I from the equation (I am sure Dallas is not to sad) but I think Kenady will still be a lion unless I get another wild hair and make her a bee much like her cousin Kaitlynn. :)

I think I once addressed this...but Kenady loves to draw, realizing after weeks of watching Sydney that a pen/pencil/marker and a piece of paper must mean scribbling. It is so cute to watch. She is very determined and always gets a line, scribble, or circle on that paper! Too cute you would think she would have forgotten and moved on...but she continues to love to here is a picture to enjoy! We had a few cousins over this week (they came to do vinyl). Most of Sydney's room was covered in toys. After 20 or so minutes I decided it was best if I found Kenady since I hadn't seen her in quite some time. Kenady had found a way to climb into the biggest container that she could and was throwing toys left and right. I left her there to see how long she would be content...well I finally had to come and get her when it was time to eat (or something like that). It was toy heaven...I think I need to leave toys/stimulus out for her more often! Silly mom!

Just one more thing. Sydney can talk really well now. We were on our way to church today when Dallas jumped out of the car and into the garage. He looked rather forlorn. Sydney watched him intently while he tried and tried to get our garage door to work properly...I am sure he wasn't to happy since I had made us a few minutes late already...but of course he wouldn't ever say something like that! :)
Well finally he conquered his task and returned to the car confidently! Sydney put her hands on her hips shook her head and said, "Dad just how frustrated are you?" Yes or no... hah! Yes or not is not quite proper English but we understood! They are cute kids!

Nothing to new is going on with me. I do vinyl all week and work on the house with Dallas during the weekends. Here are a few pictures of what we have accomplished so far. In two years we just might be ready to leave Globe but I think we may want to take our house with us!

Oh but before I forget was confrence not amazing. I regretfully admit that I was not good about watching all sessions but with my new handy dandy t.v. I was able to record all four sessions and listen to them periodically throughout the day (I need to do better but that is my intent). Funny how things change, first how can you sit that long..two hours, then you move onto, yes I don't have to go to church this weekend to finally looking forward to, anticipating, and thriving in the talks that are given....again I don't do great with that but I am so glad I enjoy and look forward to these confrence sessions. I feel like they are all my personal friends and I can better see the Lord's hand in my life. Just like Eyreing (sorry for the slaughter) I want to have a journal that details the Lord's hand in our lives... Thanks for reiterating that Hawli!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

How easily I am perplexed!

This time of ear is so crazy busy for me. I feel like I have been neglectful in many, many things but right now I have down right forgotten my kids. I remember feeling this way last year around this time and thinking that is it, I am done! Here I am again this year, with two kids, lots of book, tv, coloring and room time, messy kids, crazy house, and vinyl everywhere. How grateful I am for this home job, for Super Saturdays that keep me so busy, and a little extra cash for the upcoming holidays but Wowzer, I dont even know how to keep organized....Those of you who know me realize that is not such a hard task!

So that is why I right tonight feeling a little overwhelmed as I realize I only sat with my kids for breakfast, a quick lunch and dinner. Thank goodness for an awesome husband who took over, played with, loved, tickled, laughed, and tucked our fine little ones into bed! So next time I say that Sydney is acting up, or Kenady is throwing fits remind me why!

On the cutest side note. Kenady colors at 10 months (she just turned 10 months). She truly watches and wants to be like her older sister. How cute! Whenever Sydney is coloring she tries to take the writing mechanism and colors the paper! I LOVE IT. Kenday is also learning to throw huge fits and yell...I think she thinks that being loud is the normal tone for the Davis household, shoot! Today Sydney and I held Kenady's hands and walked and she walked around the house. We ended at the couch so we both let go of her hands, she looked at us, stuck out her bottom lip, sank to the ground on her bum, then laid over and sobbed because she could no longer walk! On a side note I spent a little more time with them than I gave myself credit for! It was so cute, sad, and obnoxious at the same time. 1.How stinking cute! 2. She just learned something new how sad we put an abrupt stop to it and 3. She can't throw a fit to get what she wants.

I have browsed through most of your blogs. I am sorry I dont comment! I promise I will do better. Taytum how fun! I can't wait to do that, you will have to give us the in's and out's.

I had such a nice weekend with my EA friends look at MaryAnn's blog for the details. I so looked forward to it and we had a blast. Thanks so much Maryann for hosting we can do it at my humble abode any old time. We should plan it weekly. Heheee. And everyone else I love ya!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sydney's Craft

Dooesn't everyone think that their kids are the funniest, at least most of the time! I was cracking up today. I let Sydney paint a real pumpkin and create a pumpkin out of paper. She decided that she wanted to paint the picture too. She wanted me to see what she was doing so I came in and tried to give her some helpful advise on fingerpainting, she said,

"Mom don't worry, right now I am study/working. I don't need your help I need you to watch" and I said, "But Boo you can make perfect circles..."

She stopped me and mid sentence, put both of her painted hands on her face and said, "Mom, I am study/working your job is to sit and watch."

Not always fun that she is so opinionated at such a young age, especially when we are at church or at the grocery store (BY THE WAY WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOUR CHILD THROW A FIT IN PUBLIC, and DOES IT WORK) but I think she is full of life and lots of fun!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Our new happenings!

So it has been awhile...

I forgot to write about Sydney. She had her first day of dance several weeks ago and she wanted a tutu made. So here she was ready for her next week of class. To cute! This is how the whole shibang started off. Like I have said we are not watching our kids, Sydney takes care of Sydney and Kenady well she gets eaten by ants...poor girl she didnt even cry! Check out her leg. Where to begin, where to begin. First off I have not even been able to look at other peoples blogs so I decided to take the rest of the night off and blog surf, update, and download pictures from the past month. It feels like time has been at a stand still the last month and I dont know where it has gone, I am still running in circles! We have done quite a lot but am sad to report that hardly any of it has been to our house! When I finally get pictures posted you really are going to say I must just run in circles, who is this wonderwoman! Hehee, just kidding, I do run the circles and Dallas seems to be able to get things done in leaps and bounds. Which is why he is in sleeping (he is putting Sydney to bed) while Sydney has a tea party instead of getting to bed like she is supposed to be! So, what do you ask, have we been up too. Dah Da Dum! I finished and produced a bow maker first and foremost. It is probably the coolest thing that I have ever seen, no really I am not kidding. For all of you that have little girls, are trying to keep with the fashions, want bows for your presents, etc. etc. but can not seem to make the perfect bow, I found the solution. It is so cool. You need the "El Bow Maker" some ribbon, thread and a needle. That is it! It is amazing. You make perfectly looped and proportioned bows every time in a minute or less. Then you can embelish the bows as you would like too. You will love it. I rethought the design, worked with an amazing designer who put my thoughts together and made it work, I am in the process of talking to lawywers and had it at the fair last week (the last day) where I sold two! Yahoo. That was a lot to be created in a matter of a few weeks(for the fair), thanks SAM! Which brings me to my next happening, I have been preparing for the fair. I had nothing, not one thing ready for a fair, expo, etc (for the vinyl lettering). So I spent the last two weeks gathering boards, creating lettering, putting together a sample book, ordering supplies, making hair bows, it was crazy, I think I made a lot more work for myself then I needed to but I loved the outcome, the fair was so much fun, it is great to see old freinds and be back "home" and great to eat funnel cake after navajo taco, after funnel cake after funnel cake. If you havent tried them you ought too! They are so good with blueberries or a little bit of powdered sugar and cinnamon. This is how we kept Kenady contained. So needless to say all the work paid off, I now have all of the info to throw vinyl parties (for those of you who are interested, you do get free vinyl), start a new page on my website for the " El Bow Maker" and bows. So in the end I think it was worth it. And moving on...even more exciting then all of that, my little brother Cord had his farewell this weekend. It was so much fun. It was awesome to get to spend time with them and I had a lot of FUN with my little brothers. Jason and the fam came over Saturday and we got to spend time with them, Cord had the most awesome talk, he is going to be a great missionary! He was set apart at 7:00 p.m. Sunday night and I am really glad it was so late because we were all able to spend the day togehter with nothing to do but talk, eat, and talk. It was a lot of fun. His setting apart was really good. President Broadbent said a lot of neat things. One of them was how blessed his family would be here at home, such a neat thing and I am happy that my family will have double the blessings, Tyson has his papers and will be putting them in soon! Everyone is growing up! My mom, dad, and Cord left to the MTC on Monday and he goes in to the MTC Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. He is really excited! My poor kiddos, they have been so neglected. Who knew the T.V. could do such a good job raising kids. You should try it out sometime. :) Luckily they have great cousins and Uncles who took them to play! I loved being home but was excited for the fair to be over so that I could come home, relax and play with the kids...only I forgot that I had two Super Saturday orders that HAVE to go out this week, so still no time for the kids. I am going to get there sometime, I just know it. On a good note, I actually got my house semi cleaned today. I am so impressed with all of you who can multitask, always have a clean home, spiffed up kids, and a happy husband I think I just might be failing at all three at the moment! All in good time, all in good time! This is a long one I know. Thanks for staying tuned. I will have to do better at this. Now on to check out your blogs! Thanks for being my friends. I hope to see you all soon!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Just one more thing

I am glad I finally got some new posts on here and the house will come soon. But with my last post I started thinking, "Okay really this is probably what scrapbooking is all about". I love making cards but had a hard time pulling out all my material and worrying that I would wreck the pictures (Even with that mentality I still went out and bought a sizzix, colluzle, and lots of embellishments, sometimes you have to wonder about me).

So I have been thinking a lot about digital scrapbooking. I just got illustrator for creativecustomlettering and think I have heard you can use that to digital scrap, I don't know how does anyone else. Secondly, if you do use an open program like that, where do you get all the cute background and embellishments? Third, what do I do once I have digitally scrapped them, anyone know? I need some help here. I think I would like to do both the blog and still scrap too. I just need to start because I have five years of pictures to do! Any help would be awesome!

A day in the Life of Jaymi, Sydney and Kenady

Well this was a wonderful day at our house...really it was quite a lot of fun. Sydney you like to do your makeup when I do mine so she was sitting in with me when I got ready and then after we put the makeup away I went off to do something else. I came back 5 minutes later and Kenady and Sydney had turned into lions. Sydney was a lion for Halloween last year and she enjoyed it so much she just wanted to try again :)!

I suppose most of the day was uneventful, we did some cleaning, took naps and let Kenady eat her first finger foods, black beans, lettuce, cheese, and more black beans. She LOVED it! It was so cute, this girl, can not get enough! You are too cute Kenady, I love feeding you, when you want more you either crinkle up your upper lip and start breathing in and out through your nose (making a sniffing sound) or you yell at us (grunt) to let us know you are in need of more...especially when you need a drink. We love you.

After dinner it was off to the bath for both Kenady and Sydney...of course. Guess what I did...left to get the camera when I saw just how cute Kenady looked...argh. Sydney was making her into a lion, once again. Oh to be the younger sister but I dont think Sydney will be bigger for to much longer. Kenady is just growing like a weed and I think Sydney is going to be a short little character, just like my Grandma Despain. Five foot nothing...well not quite but on the shorter end, hah just like me I suppose!

It was a fun day. Kids are so much fun, now am I ever going to get a babysitter so Dallas and I can have some alone fun too :) Maybe that should be my next project.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Dallas Final Test.....BOARDS

Dallas has studied long and hard for his boards. That is all he does all day for the last two months...lucky for us they have let him study all day every day at work, so we still get him for part of the night.

His test was Wednesday, August 1st. We went down the night before and stayed at a hotel. It was SO much fun to get away, eat out, stay in a hotel, eat their breakfast buffet (which really was quite good) swim and leave without making any beds. It was only for one night, and just the second time that Sydney has been in a hotel (first for lame) and I think her and I loved it the most. Kenady you are so laid back that you like it either way!

We went to Subway for lunch and dropped Dallas off to take his test. Right across the street was AZ Mills Mall and so I decided that was as good of place as any to wast six hours. Luckily both of you fell asleep in the three minuted drive it took to get there and I was able to read Eclipse for close to an hour in the car...I would turn it on to get the car cold...then I would roll down the windows when it got to hot, finally when it was unbearable I would roll up the windows and start all over again. Kenady you woke up and so I played with you (and read) until Sydney woke up...the same time I finished Eclipse. When you get old enough to want to read novels, I will have them ready for you. They are SO GOOD! Remember your mom has great taste, I know you will love them :) heheee.

So into the mall we went and Sydney had to stop at the rainforest cafe to take a picture with the frog and watch the snake and crocidile.

This shopping excursion was mostly about Sydney. We didn't have an agenda, we started at the Rain Forest Cafe and hit every kid store all the way around. First stop, the bathroom of course, then onto the carousel, the IMAX, and then finally the crabs. Kenady and Sydney you both loved the crabs, you dint want to touch them, of course. Then to payless to find ballet and tap shoes and then to the hair salon to get Sydneys first hair cut. It is VERY Cute.

Then it was off to the pest store and finally to the Gap, yeah, mom got her first credit card...but oddly enough all of the clothes were for Sydney and Kenady. By then we were pretty wiped and Sydney made a few friends so we sat and played. Then off again, to find a stroller but Burlington did not have a double stroller in stock (which I went and bought that next week and has yet to be used). I was more than done, Sydney tired and hungry and Kenady bored...When Dallas called to say he was finished. Saved...

He felt good about his test (two weeks later he did really great, passed, and is finally a licensed DPT after taking the test only once!). We headed back to good ol Globe for another day of work and fun :)