Friday, July 27, 2007

I have been tagged!

Okay so there are other things that I should be writing about, Kenady crawls all over the place now, she has conversations with us (mostly just grunting back and forth to each other but to her we are bonding :)), she pulls herself up onto her feet, and she almost has six teeth.

Sydney has a mosquito bite on her head and she said, "mom, check out my polk a dots, do you have any, why do we have polk a dots on our head?". I was cracking up. She is dying to have a friend to play with her. The mention of the word friend and she gets so excited. She is starting tap/dance/gymnastic in a week and is overjoyed. It is going to be so fun.

Dallas is mostly studying right now while he is at work, but loves what he does. He is stressing over the tests, he says they are so objective and the more he takes the practice tests the worse it gets (not really). He takes the first part today and the next on Wed. then he will be official and so glad his testing is done.

Okay so I got that out of the way. I still have so much to type about my camera is back just need to figure out how to download. I need my sister to change my layout, and I need to write about the 24th, were I did not get many pictures :). but for now I am taggin it, seven random things. So later I will give yet more promised pictures. Okay do you even care...heheee.

1. Hmmm what to write, I feel like an open book as it is. I love style, I am not so much in style, in fact things like sunglasses embarrass me but I love window shopping, Internet surfing, and buying and then usually taking things back. Thanks to Tia, I bought my first pair of jeans, that are actually cute, not the "I really need some jeans that fit me, are on sale, and look okay" kind of jeans, but the kind you want to wear everyday and are sad that it is summer because it is way to hot kind of jeans. I do have to say I am not so excited that feathered bangs are coming back in, dang it!

2. I love vacations, anywhere, anytime, which I am sure is like just about anyone....but ironic because we have not done more than going to the mountains for five years, really since our honeymoon. I guess that is what school does for you!

3. In the last year we have lived in six different houses, most people ask if we are in the army or something similar to that!

4. I love candy, I know most of you know that! But I am not the usual chocoholic, like most I know that are as in love with sweets as I am (I watched Dr. O on Oprah and do have to admit it made me not like candy as much but that will last about a week). I love circus peanuts, and bottle caps, lemon heads, and the sticks from the lik-a-stick packages. The reason I have gone into the dentist for each of my teeth at least two times. Why didn't my parents ever scold me for waisting so much of their money on dentist bills, I will never know!

5. I love cooking, I love whole foods and homemade bread, knowing that I have made a balanced meal for my family, sneaking pureed vegetables into Sydney and Dallas' food. I suppose it is a guilty conscience from all those sweets I also get in! Sydney is just like me with sweets!

6. I can't read enough and have to postpone a new book when I need to get something done. My house goes to heck, my kids are raised off movies, and we do take out when I get into a new book.

7. Last but not least.....well let me think for a minute. I suppose, that is all I can come up with. How about if you are still reading, you leave me my seventh tid bit of info! I really need to come into me, and find out who I am...I know. hehee. Laters

Friday, July 13, 2007

Hair Poll

Okay everyone I need your help. I really want to grow my hair long because I like long hair but I am pretty sure Dallas secretly likes my hair short and I had two good friends tell me they like short hair the best too. So I am caught in a dilemma, to cut my hair or not too. Big dilemma hard to have my life I know. So can you help me out. Vote. Tell me which is better on me and don't worry either way it is still may hair short or long :) so I want the honest answers...hehee.
Sorry I don't have many pictures of me. This is all I could come up with!

We are home and all is well

Hello everyone!

It looks like tomorrow I will have my camera battery and I can download pictures and get some on here and start taking pictures of my kids and house. They are all changing so much! hehhee. How do you put kids and house all into one category!

I just wanted to write with an update and say sorry that I am not yet posting to other peoples sites. I am a LOSER I know. We are trying so hard to get things moved in and make a house a home. I have single handedly :) painted Sydneys room and the kitchen but still have the rest of the house to go. Dallas was going to rent some heavy machinery to clean up our yard because right now it looks like a cactus garden but we found out that it would cost us close to $1,000.00 for just two days worth of rental so now he is doing it all on his own. He has the side yard done and ready for our above ground pool and about half of it is ready for grass. Just a little at a time but it is starting to come together. I wish I could take before and after pictures but the after will probably take longer then I would wish for it too.

The girls are stinking hilarious always making me laugh. After being around some good friends last weekend I decided to pay more attention to my kids and have good quality and quantity time with them. So one day for them and then one day for work! I think it has been a great idea for me. By doing this I noticed that Kenady is crawling now. Hehee okay I am not that bad really but she is moving. She hasn't done more then a few crawls but she understand that she needs to do something and after a few she does an army move or two and gets where she needs to. She is turning into a natural man/girl. She now is prideful! She found the wind chimes outside and realized that she could shake them and she was PROUD, PROUD, PROUD. She shakes her head at us and makes us laugh and she feels PROUD, PROUD, PROUD. She take a few crawl steps and looks at us and smiles and she is PROUD, PROUD, PROUD. It is way to cute. She is a love of our lives. One other thing she absolutely loves food and is getting quite good at picking things up with her little fingers (not her whole fist and then stuffing it in her mouth). She thoroughly enjoys eating and it will always pacify her. She sounds just like her mom.

She has her two bottom teeth, her two top teeth have come through and now two more in the top are coming through, poor girl. She is still rather happy. She goes to sleep on her own, no Binky and no help. It took about a week but the last few days she hasn't cried at all. She is fun and cute.

Sydney is eating better too, if that makes you feel any better. It does me :). She is hilarious as well. A little six year old neighbor came over yesterday when we were working on the yard. She had a conversation with him for the full thirty minutes he was there. It was awesome. He would say, I have a big motorcycle and she would say that is so cool so does my dad. He would say I have a bicycle and she would say I do to let me show you. He would say I got a rattle snake and it went into my shirt and now it is sleeping in my bed and she would say. Oh those are too scary, I don't like snakes or scorpions. They will hurt you I thought for sure when he left she would be so sad. I was bracing myself for a crying frenzy but when he said it was time for him to go eat she said, that is a great idea. Come on mom, lets go make some dinner. She gave him a slap on the back and said come on over tomorrow. She was SO happy to have a friend.

Another funny story. She was trying to decide what she wanted for lunch. I gave her a few options so she was thinking them over. She said I decided what I want, then she just sat there for a few minutes. She stuttered for awhile and then finally said mom talk. I said okay what should we talk about. She said no mom, I cant say it anymore give me ideas again for what I can have. So I told her and she stopped me when I got to corn dog and said yeah that's it. Corn dog. Thanks mom!

Overall things are going really well. I did realize that I am lonely. I thought I was just mean and a little moody, to Dallas for no good reason. Don't worry now I realize that I was just taking it out on him. :) I need to meet a few friends and hopefully have some play dates so Sydney can have some friends too. I do love that my kids and husband are my best friends and it is fun to have people to talk to during the day and Sydney loves to be around other kids her age. She loves nursery now. It is nice to be close to the valley and St. Johns even if we haven't made it back that way in a month. heheee. Well I had better get some vinyl done while Kenady is sleeping. Nice to be in a house! Laters.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Just another Post...offfff

I know still no pictures and you wonder what we even look like now, how old our kids are, and just how fat we have gotten! Don't worry as soon as I get my battery charger back from Omaha, NE I will post a few!

We are not settled but we are moved. I LOVE the yard and like the house. How is that for you? It is a nice little house and love the thought of decorating it. We will have to take before and afters. Not a wonderful decorator but Ralph Lauren paints has wonderful ideas and I think I just may copy most of them. It is an exciting time.

I will have to say getting a home was a lot harder then we thought....we are here to be refined and this process has definitely done just that. Are you kidding, we don't have a plethora of money, that things don't just come, that real bills sometimes take most of a paycheck. That it takes more then a few thousand dollars to move into and stock a home? Needless to say a lot of the extra will be postponed for now and we will save up for those. WHICH I think is a lot of fun and really what it is all about. The anticipation and working/saving up for things makes the buying all the better right!

You will have to come and see it in a month or two, Sydney's room is too cute, in my mind! The yard will have grass, maybe a little pool, and even room for my vinyl work! I cant wait to start and I am sure once we are started we will anticipate the ending date!

So I don't think I will be able to get on here again for a bit so Happy Fourth of July! I am so glad to be living here, to be in Globe, to be in this nation, to know where I am and where we are going (kinda) and for Heavenly Father and the plan! Great Gads were are my kids. I had better run. They may be on the street naked again....which reminds me. I will have to tell you more stories of Syd. She is all grown up and miss Drama queen! She tells me no, I don't think so all the time! What am I going to do! Later