Friday, February 29, 2008

Feeling guilty!

I am feeling a little guilty right now! Every time I pull up the Internet, our blogspot is our home page and the first thing I see is "I have to say I am a little frustrated at my man tonight!"

To reprimand and then redeem myself and my dear husband (obviously you should not wake me up if you are in need, want to talk, or want to stay in good graces...heheee) obviously he (or I) is not perfect, but I do LOVE him. I would like to do another little post on him.

D is for dear. Dallas is near and dear. He is our world, our life, our everything. Our day isn't whole until Dallas comes home. Sydney will be sad for half the morning if she didn't wake up to kiss him goodbye. He is fully involved in our little family and life. When he gets home he helps with the cooking and always the dishes. He take the kiddos so I can venture out and go running. He is a good dad and he is Dear to our hearts.

A is for always. He is an always in my life. He is someone I can count on, he is someone who will always choose whats right, whats best. He will stay strong. He is going to do what is best for our family he works hard (like schooling),find away to provide and he will Always love me best no matter what. Who could ask for anything more.

L is for light hearted. For makes light of "life". He can make any situation easy-going. He can make people laugh and feel at home. He is even light-hearted when I want to be serious. I am so glad he makes our home an easy place to live.

L is for lovely. You do have to admit he is quite Lovely to look at.

A is for analytical. Because of this he can do ANYTHING and the things he does always turn out amazing. Take our back yard for instance. He is not a landscaper, a builder, or cultivator by trade. But you would think so when you saw our yard. Most of the material was found in our yard and it looks like we paid millions :) heeehee for our built in grill, rock wall, landscaping and more. He is great at everything he does, thanks for being Analytical.

S is for sorry. He is almost always the first one to say sorry. This is huge for me and I am working on beating him at this but almost, without fail, if a sorry is ever needed from him or me he will say Sorry.

Dallas, you are the love of my life. I know our fates were sealed together before we ever even came to this earth. You have been my rock, and kept me strong....."Good morning life is wonderful with you by my side when I open my eyes and see your sweet face it's a good morning beautiful day!"

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Man Tag

I have to say I am a little frustrated at my man tonight! He did have an eventful weekend, he had a full day of class Saturday and Sunday. We tagged along because Sydney loves pools and hotels more then anything (that is where she wants to live next). So needless to say I had our darling kiddo's the whole weekend, I did it all even put them to bed. I came home early today because Sydney was really sick and again had the beautiful girls all day. When Dallas came home I put Kenady to bed and he, Sydney and I watched the Oscars and he so graciously let me fall asleep. Well I was not so gracious when I woke up to a crying Sydney telling me she wasn't feeling well, she was hungry, and when I looked at the clock it was also an HOUR past her bed time. I stomped around the house to find Dallas asleep at the computer, sheez! So now I put Sydney to sleep and I am awake while Dallas continues to sleep! I would love for people to post and tell me to get over it, not kidding I really would! So I thought this might help!

Hah I have to laugh. My computer died while I was typing is now the next morning and I dont feel that way at all. Amazing what a little sleep will do for you!

-What is his full name? John Dallas Davis.

-How long have you been married? 5 years.

-How long did you date? steady dated for 9 months on and off for about 1.5 years.

-Who eats more sweets? Hah. For anyone that knows me this is not even a,me,me. I am really trying to work at it which seems to make it worse!

-Who said I love you first? He did.

-How old is he? 28.

-Who is taller? I too love that he is, no matter what shoes I am wearing!

-Who is smarter? Okay, so this is a toss up, hah who I am kidding I am! All jokes aside Dallas is the brainiac. He never stops using that brain of his.

-Who can sing better? We are about dead even on this one, but I wish I were a little better, this is one tallent I would love to have.

-Who does the laundry? Me, me, me. Not good at ironing I hate to admit but even the folding is my territory.

-Who pays the bills? He pays the student loans and I pay the rest.

-Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? We haven't ever really done sides but now that I think back most of the time I have been on the left side of the bed. I guess I will officially claim it.

-Who mows the lawn? Dallas is a yard work fein. He loves to be outside and because of it the yard is looking swell! Everytime we get a mow, we then get the grass raked, the edges trimmed, the flower beds blown, the grill is quite the ordeal and looks awesome.

-Who cooks dinner? I do most of the cooking, Dallas mans the grill and if we are having tacos he always fries the shells. I DO appreciate that! I also like to throw parties because Dallas would like a frozen pizza, a sandwich or chips to a nice home cooked meal, that way they mess isnt as bad! I think he is a little crazy!

-Who drives? Dallas always drives. I sure like that.

-Who is more stubborn? He'd say me, I'd say him.

-Who kissed who first? He kissed me first!

-Who asked who out? Hmmm, should this stand out a little more then it does. We "hung" out a lot I am pretty sure he asked me out on our first "date". Let me ask him and get back to you.

-Who proposed? Dallas this was a day you definatley dream about. To shorten it up, he took me on a long date to five diffrent places each of the places were places that my dad used to take me when I was young. The final place was a carnival (I thought we were going to dinner but waiting on reservations) we were on the farris wheel. As we dropped to the ground the worker gave Dallas a rose, we stopped at the top & Dallas said you were your daddy's girl since you were you, would you be my girl forever. AHHHH, how romantic.

-Who has more siblings? Dallas has five I have four.

-Who wears the pants? Hmmm, I would like to say me but at times it is him!

At times, I need to work at it a little, like last night! But I sure do love this man. He has given us everything, he is supportive and kind, he loves us and I wouldn't have dreamed it could be this good. Thanks for the great five years!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Someone help

I can not import pictures, or edit my text? I can roll over it and it will tell me what it does but I can not click on it! Hmmmmm. Sorry for the misspelled posts (like I couldn't have edited it myself) and I guess it is okay I cant find my camera!

We thank thee of God for a Prophet

Tonight I have taken the time to blog hop and so many of my friends have posted about the passing of President Hinckley. I was touched by them all. Two of them really expressed what I have been feeling. The first was my sister in law Shanda's comment. Hers was of joy. President Hinckley is going home and what a reunion it is. That reunion would have been sureal to see. I can only imagine and am so grateful that we were able to commune with him here for so long (all through t.v. screens, I know! Just as Shanda said, we love you, thank you so much for your example, for your legacy....go home.

Dallas niece also wrote and put a utube clip of "Brother Becks" comments. If I can figure out how to get it on here I will post it here too. President Hinckley's example only has changed and affected countless lives, just by watching him we become better people! We love you very much!

Today it was announced that President Monson is our new prophet. How exciting, how right. I love him, I love his stories. I love Pres. Faust and I am so excited that Pres. Echtdorf has been called. I loved him from his first talk! These are exciting times, exciting days. I am so grateful to have a testimony of this church and to know that these calling come from Heavenly Father and we have a living prophet to guide us today!

Jamie Hammond!

I have the neatest, most thoughtful, kindest, most loving, cleanest (you should see her house), dearest, most modest, happiest, (and on and on) friend, Jaime Hammond. I just read her blog and her mom posted that in the next two weeks she will have her little baby boy early, a little earlier then hoped or planned. My prayers and thoughts go out to her tonight. Her daughter Carly was also early and I know this has to be a little bit scary for Jaime. She is so awesome, her family is so awesome and she has great support. JAIME we are thinking about you, all of our thoughts and prayers are with you and we can not wait to see this little man! You are awesome!

What a perfect FHE it turned out to be.

Tonight for FHE we were talking about the premortal life which lead to why it is important to make good choices here so we can get back up to Heaven to see Jesus and Heavenly Father and be together again. Sydney proceeds to tell us a story about how this big "bully" keeps hitting her in the head with a stick. I am trying to talk to her and ask her what kind of choices she can make and Dallas says "kick 'em, just kick 'em". Luckily Sydney has been practicing her karate moves so I said what a great idea, maybe you could show them how to do karate, and you can do something else together and Dallas says....."kick 'em just kick 'em". I think our FHE was really effective tonight!

Cord's Letter First week of Feb

Dear Elder Whiting,

This letter might be a little brief. There were not a lot of things going on this week. Which was great. I mostly hung out with the two kiddos, played games, watched movies. I liked it a lot. We went to the valley three times this last week. Dallas got to go to the FDR (is that right) open on Wed. so I went down with the kiddos and we spent most of our time at Kristin's house. They have an AWESOME back yard and Sydney loves to play with Kedzie so that works out well. Then Friday I went back down because several of my friends were going to be there and we went out to eat at Cafe Rio. If you have not eaten at Cafe Rio/Costa Vida we will have to take you when you get back, it is quite addicting. Maryann, and Karalee where there. I dont think you know Natalia or Allie but they came with the brand new babies, just two weeks old and oh so cute! They are awesome to come out with their two weeks old I think I stayed in for the first two months and I am sure I was way to cooped up! It was nice to see them all, two have new babies and it makes me excited to have another. Sometime anyway. Then on Saturday we went to look at a truck. Yes I know we are yet again willing and dealing vehicles! HOW MANY DOES THIS MAKE....not sure. But I really like the idea. Dallas is going to get an older truck. Then we feel like we need one reliable car so I just might get my minivan...SWEET, I am THRILLED. I really want the tiny MPV's but we'll have to see what we can do! Dallas liked the truck he saw. It is really well kept. If you know if anyone who wants a nice Nissan Titan or a Toyota Echo (40 miles to the gallon) send them our way.

Besides that we really havent done to much. I am determined to get into better shape, so I suppose it was good we did the super Bowl with our kiddos this year. We had a few snacks, played some games and YAHOO my team won. it was a good game!

Of course the kids are doing great. This is when I really need a video camera, Our actual camera that takes videos is gone and video camera doesnt work. Kenady is so funny when she dances, it is hillarious. She was dancing all yesterday. She LOVES to carry around Sydney's baby dolls. It is funny Sydney is not a huge toy person and there were two babies tat she HAD to have, now that she finally has both of them doesnt touch them but I walked into their room and Kenady just putting the baby in the sroller, then the high chair then the crib. Not to gentle for sure but she loves it!

We love you. Hope your week is well. Cant wait to hear from you and see how things are going. We went to the visitors center this weekend and Sydney loved talking to the missionaries because they were just like Uncle Cord!

Jaymi, Dallas, Sydney and Kenady