Sunday, October 26, 2008

This Frightful Halloween week!

Hello everyone. I finally get on here to post and I see that someone already has! Who knew Dallas even knew how to get on here! He is pretty cool, he got home from working on the gym at 2:00.p.m and took the time to post. Got to Love. Him. Just a few more weeks and maybe we will get to see him more! Thanks for everything!

Now I got on here because I just wrote my brothers and thought atleast I could post what I wrote to them on here. I hope to get a little less busy, I know everyone says that life just gets busier but come on, a new business, a new partnership, a new baby (well that sickness that will go along with a new baby and makes you feel like you cant even walk....getting better though) and a busy season with has to slow down soon. Atleast for awhile right! I PRAY it does, my kids need their Dad's fun side back! Well here is the post. Sorry no pictures. I need to find a cable to download them first!

Hello Elder Whiting,

How are things going? Happy Halloween this week! This is a very fun week for us. There are lots of reasons why. Today was the primary program and Sydney and Crew did so well. They were pretty good on the stands, they sung all the songs and rememberd part of what they were supposed to say. It was so fun to have a kid old enough to be there and we are really proud of them. We should have taken a picture of her today. I forget to take pictures these days but Sydney loved being up there. Then Tuesday it is Sydneys birthday. We got her a doctor kit which she will love, and I think we might get her a mermaid. She is old enough that she will have fun with a friend party but we asked her if on her birthday she would rather have a birthday party or go with mom and dad on a special date to the movie and she said movie, all the way! So that settles is. We will leave Kenners with Jas and Shanda and head to the movie. She will be AWESTRUCK, when she realizes that it is High School Musical 3. She has a High School Musical shirt and backpack, needless to say she really likes to watch is and she has no idea a new movie is coming out so that will be a whole lot of fun. She also wants tacos and strawberry shortcake. Both easy request. We are excited for Tuesday! Wednesday we have our ward trunk-or-treat. I love Halloween so I am excited for not one but two days of celebrating and wearing costumes. Sydney is going to be Dorthy and Kenday is a scarecrow. I wish I had more time because Dallas would be the tin man and I would be the lion. Things are just so crazy right now and probably will be for another month but atleast we will have the kiddos all dressed. Then Friday night they have a town carnival for the kids. Before we go in we are going to put flyers on everyones car for the new gym that will open next week! Then go to the carnival, maybe hit a few houses (trick-or-treating) and then off to the last home game of the season. It is getting pretty cold, if it is to cold we might not go, but I am sure we will hand out a few more flyers on the way. Monday will be the first day the gym opens, or maybe Tuesday. It doesnt feel like we are a matter of fact we are not ready. This week is a hustling week to finish all the small details. Are billing system will come in, all the free weights and machine and we need to do the decorating before it is complete. We have worked hard on it though, I mean really hard for the past two months. I do say it is mostly Dallas. For one I have been really sick with this pregnancy and sometimes it is hard for me to even get around, and two on top of being sick right now is my REALLY busy season with vinyl. Luckily it has only been crazy the last month and it looks like it could slow down...and Shanda has been helping me and she is a LIFESAVER. In past years it didnt slow down until Christmas. I would rather not have the money and have something a little slower paced in our lives for right now. Dallas has put in good hard hours. He comes home from work goes straight to the gym. We go and eat dinner with him and then he works late into the night. It will be nice to have him home again, oh wait who am I kidding trying to run a new practice and a gym I am sure we wont see him much for another few months but we sure appreciate how hard he works for our family and it is in hopes that soon we will have a little more family time!

Starting the first week of November he will work 3-10's in Showlow and Tuesday and Thursday's here. So we can even go and have lunch with him. It will be nice, nice, nice. We can't wait. So that is all the new news. I know it sounds much the same but we are so near to the end. I just cant wait!

We love you. Can not believe how time flies. Let us know if you need anything!

Love, us!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Hello All. I know it has been a long time since Jaymi has been able to get on here an give an update. We have been working hard to get out new Fitness Center and Physical Therapy office open in November. It is almost ready. But I just wanted to take a second and tell Jaymi how much I appreciate her. She works so hard as a mother, business woman and wife. Sometimes I wonder how she does it all. I am not sure if Jaymi has told everyone, but she is pregnant with our 3rd child. As if life wasn't already busy enough. We are so excited and look forward to having him or her in our home. Well, it is 2:30 in the morning and tomorrow we have our 10 year high school reunion, man we are getting old. HAHA. Thanks again Jaymi, you mean the world to us.