Monday, June 2, 2008


Well no new pictures but I just wanted to write what was going on in our lives. Not been very good at journaling these days! So here goes something long! Things are going, and going fast but still not alot going on. hehee. Does that even make sense! The kids and I were going to stay in Globe until our house sold but it seemed a little lonely so we for the last two weeks we have been up in Snowflake. We have our trailer at Jason and Shanda's house and not only have they put up with us (for over a month) but I think they still like us. hehee. We really enjoy them and cant thank them enough for their hospitality and friendship! We sure love them.

Nothing new is going on with our house, not a thing, there is no movement at all! Quite a few weekends are spent going back to Globe and recleaning the house, and doing the yards. I sure wish someone would even walk through it, atleast we could get some feedback. The realtor says that people just are not qualifying for much these days, SO KEEP US IN YOUR PRAYERS, if you don't mind me asking. I sure would like to get it sold so we can start something new up here!

We have enjoyed it here, we go to the park a lot, we hang out in the backyard, and I have had a lot more time to spend with the kiddos. We have quite time where Syd and I get to sit and play, or rest and we spend a lot more quality time as a family but the bathroom situation isn't as ideal as we would like it to be (it stinks, you can only go a few days before you need to empty out the trailer!) BUT we decided that we are going to rent a house while we wait for our house to sell. We found a great rental that is just down the street from Jason and Shanda. We hope to move in and go up to Globe this weekend to get a few things!

So things have been fun, great, and a little scary, Dallas doesn't worry like I do but I just wish we could get it all sold.

A few cute things, little Kenady loves to follow her sister and do just what she does, which is great sometimes. This is one of those times. She loves to say prayers. She folds her little hands over eachother, and bows her head. Every once in awhile she will raise her little head to see if we have our heads bowed, then she quickly puts her back down and patiently waits for amen, then she yells AMEN! She is way to cute!

Syd, who knows what you say about her. This weekend when we were back in Globe we said we would go to the drive-in. Well she was really acting up. She kept throwing rocks into the flower garden that Dallas was creating we told her not to, then gave her a warning about not being able to go to the drive-in then one more time and we told her she couldn't go to the show. She was not very happy she rushed inside, turned around and said, "mom, I just realized you are not a gooder mom, you are not"! Three years old going on thirteen!

Things are going well. I cant wait to get moved here and be a part of this new little town. I am not sure if I want to be a Taylorite or a Snowflakian but I am sure that both are basically the same and it is all great!

One more thing we did find a house that we really like. It is about three miles from the main road, it has an old country feel and Dallas feels right at home. I might get to live on my "farm" but I am unsure about having neighbors all around! So we'll see. We have to sell a house first anyhow!