Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sunday, May 6, 2007

These are the days!

Hello to all! It has been awhile and quite a lot has happened. I am not home to write in journals so I suppose this is a great way to get it all down in writing, at least it is recorded somewhere!

Two weeks (Thursday) ago Kenady got her first tooth (bottom) and a few days later she got the second bottom tooth. We had just traveled from Sandy, UT to St. Johns and she started to get fussy. She had a hard time going to sleep and even harder time staying on a schedule. I just figured it was because of the move, I didn't even notice the first tooth popping through until my mom pointed it out to me! We gave her a few teething tablets and a drop of Tylenol and she was good to go! We love her toothy grin.

Then last Thursday she really sat by herself! Not the prop her up on her arms, let her sit for five seconds and call it good type of sit a real sit! We sat her up and she started to lean over and put her weight on her hands and then she pulled up her hands and sat straight up for a good minute. I wouldn't say she has mastered it but I can write it in her baby books! I wish I had pictures, I just got a new camera but have no place to download them so I guess the pictures will have to wait.

Okay now onto our life. It has been a whirlwind. I still wake up and think okay to day I need to get to the mall, and set up a doctors appointment for Sydney and go see Julie and my mom and realize I am not in Sandy, UT or St. Johns! We are in Omaha, NE.

We left Sandy, Ut May 21st and headed back to good 'ol AZ. We got to St. Johns and headed to Globe the very next day to look for a home. We had some great luck, or so we thought. Long story short it wasn't meant to be so we are still looking!

We headed back to St. Johns where I had to do vinyl for the full week, love the work, love the money, but sometimes hate the job (the have to part). Finally got all orders completed and it was time to leave St. Johns and headed to the valley so we could take a plane trip to Omaha, NE. Sydney was SO excited. First stop was to see her cousin/friend, Kedzie Wilhelm. She has talked about her almost daily for the last three months and was very excited to see her. She had Kedzie stay the night with her and they didn't got to bed until about 11:30, she was so tired the next day she didn't even get to stay awake for her much anticipated plane ride. She woke up at the very end and threw a HUGE fit when she had to put her seat belt back on for the descending part of the flight (is that how you word it). Wow, I hope everyone on that plane had kids, or they were really rolling their eyes. What do you do, there is only so much you can do in a public setting, and Sydney has figured it out, plus she was REALLY tired. But we all made it to the ground and in one piece, I guess the pilots weren't to distracted.

So now we are in Omaha, NE. Friends of ours let us stay in there house while they are away doing an externship. I forgot how much I love this place, and love the town homes that we lived in. A lot of our friends moved with us but even still it has been so great to see remaining friends and we have made some fast friends too. When you are all doing the same thing (at the same stages) I suppose it is probably pretty easy to make friends/have a lot in common. Sydney LOVES being able to walk out the door at 8:00 a.m. and find friends riding up and down the walk. She loves eating pb and honey sandwiches with her friends at the park and it is easy to get her to go to bed when she knows that upon waking up she gets to do it all over again. I love always having someone to talk to, and not accomplishing much, unless you call a great sun tan work (which is not good for you I know).

It has been a nice little vacation for us, and it will be hard to leave again, but exciting to be moving on to a new stage. Dallas graduates this Saturday with activities leading up the the final event. It is fun to be able to get dressed up and we are really proud of Dallas for doing so well in his class. I hope our kids get his good mind. I haven't owned a dress in years but am going to buy one for one of his events. If I can find them I will post pictures on here so you can help me decide which one I should get! I like them both and need some help! SO EXCITING!

When we get home we will still need to find a house, and that is getting harder to do in Globe, it will happen, but who knows when :). It's a little crazy to be going back to AZ without a home but we have good family that puts up with us, so at least we have a place to stay and a roof over our heads! Well I think I am off. Sorry I don't have pictures. I will post them as soon as I can and take a lot of new ones in the mean time!