Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My J Dallas

We all have those times when everthing is rosy, and then things seem a little bleak. Well right now and for the past few weeks, things are crazy, and not perfect for sure, but I sure seem to have rose colored glasses on right now! Heavenly Father has blessed us so much and I am so grateful for his hand in our lives, we are in our final resting place (we hope), we are starting new business adventures, we actually make money, we have two happy and healthy kids (I didn't say always well behaved, I am still working on that parenting thing), we have family and friends surrounding us, and all is well!

But most especially, I am thankful for Dallas. My husband and best friend!

Even in the last week I have realized so much more that I love about him. Here are the reasons I love Dallas:

1. He is SO busy, but when he walks in the door he always takes the time to find me, kiss, me and ask how MY day was first.

2. He is kind.

3. He finds the kids, after he has talked to me (which isn't hard as soon as they hear a door close they run to look for dad), and takes them to play so I can have me time.

4. He always likes my dinner.

5. He almost always helps do dishes.

6. After we put the kids to bed he then goes back to work, trying to get this new business up and going and stays at it until I ask him to come to bed.

7. Even being so busy he makes the time to take me on dates.

8. When we are there he opens the door for me.

9. He put his hand on the small of my back and helps me down the stairs (used to hate that when I was dating but love that Dallas takes the time to do it for me).

10. He tells me I am pretty, every day.

11. He tells me how proud he is of me and the things that I do.

12. He tells me I am a good mom.

13. I catch him smiling at me when he doesn't think I am looking.

14. He would rather be with his family then any other place or anywhere, but always with us.

15. He works harder then anyone I know.

16. He puts his mind to it and he will ALWAYS find a way to get it done, I believe in him completley.

17. He is so handy he can fix and make anything.

18. He always looks nice. Did I forget to mention...

19. I think he is stunning, yes Stunning.

20. He asks me first, my opinion when I come to him for advice (just to see where I stand) and then he changes his comment to compliment what I think.

21. He holds me everynight before we go to bed.

22. He read scriptures with me.

23. He leads our family.

24. He makes sure we attend church every Sunday.

25. He love our Savior.

26. He can talk to anybody, and mixes well with everyone!

27. He is patient when I am not.

28. He is so logical, his advice is almost always right.

29. He is generous and considerate.

30. He loves me.

And these are just a few of my favorite things!

Bitter Sweet

This last weekend we went back to Globe to redo the yard and to start packing boxes. We didn't get a lot done. Dallas' nephew Brock was having a baptism in Payson and we were so glad we got to be there. We got to Globe Friday night, Dallas worked until he couldn't anymore, we got up and ran to Payson, just made the baptism, had a great lunch and some good times hanging out with all their family and friends and then decided we had better run back to Globe to get a few more things done. It is funny, we do not love Globe, but we LOVE our house. It was so nice to be "home" to have a finished home, and are kids were ecstatic. Even in that small house we didn't see them to much, they were busy with their toys, or playing in the grass and having fun together. Even though we really don't need stuff (beds, couches, tables, decorations). It really does make a house a home, someday I can't wait to do that again! We had a lot of fun.

The bitter sweet part comes in, we will be renting our house starting August 15th, bitter sweet, it will be so nice to have less of a financial burden, but especially after this weekend I do love that house, and it is nice to have a "summer house" heheee somewhere else just to get away and have furniture, etc. But I suppose we will move it all here, then move it all somewhere else if a few months when our they sell the house we are living in now and then again when we finally get a house, does anyone get tired of moving!

AND I was able to find Breaking Dawn at the store. Dallas is WAY to nice, he did most of the work on Saturday and with some teasing just let me read my book, he said I should just "watch the kids". Since the watched themselves I read most of the day, and finished it! yeah. I had heard some of the outcomes but even knowing a few things that would happen I have decided I am as much in love with this one as I am the others. I won't write anything else so I don't spoil the surprises. But in a few weeks I just might so I can discuss it with some of you that are reading it too!
AND I plan on going to the valley the weekend that the movie Twilight comes out, getting a hotel room with whoever wants to split it with me, us girls can have a nice time, go to dinner, maybe get a massage, pedicure, whatever and hit the movie too! It will be nice. Just let me know if you want to come along, come on, You DESERVE it!

We are still around

Well howdy so much for journaling so much has happened but I am not very good at getting it all written down right now.

First thing, we still haven't sold our house. So keep us in your prayers. RATS. I know that it will come sometime soon and everything will work out, but still in my time frame it would be sold today! Thanks!

Then onto our crazy happenings. Well lets first think about June. What happened. Something totally unlike me, I played in my first ward softball game. It is so huge here and I thought I would get in on the action, I was scared stiff and almost cried the first time I struck out....I didn't know you started with one strike, that is how much I don't know about slow pitch softball but all the other women were so nice, it was a lot of fun, I bowed out for the tournament because I wouldn't have been any help, but I will try again next year. We had a lot of fun watching both the women and men play, and Dallas said that he will play next year too! Hopefully we don't hurt the chances to terribly!

We still have no furniture in our rental house, we don't even miss t.v. (weird) probably because we have been so busy with Dallas' new business adventure, we really enjoy it here. We don't have tons of friends but lots of new acquaintances and there are so many young families! We love it.

We went to the Whiting homestead for a weekend at the cabin. It was fun to go, the kids brought up there hotwheels and that keep them entertained all weekend, we had a great some great games of settlers and also sent Julie and Butch home, Kaitlyn had a fever of 104 and it was time for her to get some TLC in her bed.

July bring lots of celebrating and fun. The 4th of July was spent in both places. We went to St. Johns Friday. We went to the B-b-que, then the races where both of our kids got a little distracted but don't you worry, even with their turtles speeds they both got 3rd place. Dallas was so proud! We went to the fireworks at Lyman with Jas and Shanda's fam and Mom and Dad. We happened to park right by Johny and Jaime too! It was fun. Saturday in Taylor we attended the rodeo and then the fireworks! It was LOTS of fun too! Nice to be able to see fireworks twice, I STILL love them!

We had a free week then it was the Snowflake 24th of July, our first time here! The parade was crazy, busy and fun. We rode our bikes down. I sweat my face off, and was drenched, why did we take showers that morning, I am not sure! There was a fun craft show, plays, two rodeos, a fashion show (which Sydney and I both loved) and Dallas' parents came for a few hours of visiting. It was lots of fun.

The next weekend the kids and I headed over Thursday morning with Julie to the rodeo and Dallas got there just in time for the icecream social. We saw quite a few people. We went to the rodeo the next day, then the campfire circle (Dallas was not to happy when we asked quite a few family and friends what time they were going to be at the circle and they said they opted out for a nice couch at home!) But it was lots of fun and we still saw lots of people! Saturday was the parade, some more talking a bit of a hot rodeo and then visiting. We watched a fun magic show that night and then headed over to Johny Hammond's parents house for some games! FUN times!

Even with all the fun times, Dallas has been so crazy busy, I know he needs a real vacation, maybe just with me...hehee. Away from a the fast paced, pulling you in two directions, decision making fun. He has been so busy, pretty much sun up to sun down! Maybe in October we will go somewhere fun! His birthday! Great idea right!