Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thankful for

I was just reading through my friend/Dallas' nieces's blog and I think it would be fun to blog like her!

She of course is much funnier then me :)but since I am still not tired and seem to be rebelling against sleep I suppose I will write a little more for journaling purposes, what are some moments that I want to record?

We put up our Christmas decorations the night that we got home from the Thanksgiving weekend (Sunday night). Dallas was just as excited as I was. My mom gave me one of her old Christmas trees and it is beautiful. I have kept many little Christmas knick knacks and this is the first time we really got to decorate the house with them. It is so fun! I got some of my shelves on the wall too! I love it....the thing to remember about it is that Kenady can not keep her eyes and hands off of any of it. We have light up snowmen and everytime she sees them she starts waving her arms and saying oho ohhh ohh. Tonight she just wanted me to hold her next to them so she could watch them sparkle. We can not keep her away from the tree, she loves taking ornament after oramnet off the tree, and really it is all the more fun watching her, since we cant stop her. She walks when she wants to be still looses her balance, she has fun doing both for now. Can you beleive in just two days she will be one! Where does time go!

Syd has been sick the last few days. Yesterday I was a little nervous, she would not eat anything and by the time supper came around she seemed to be lethargic the only way I got her to eat was by telling her that I would have to take her to the hospital if she didnt. How mean. She shaped right up and eat all her eggs and seemed to feel much better after that, she is such a funny girl, she would much rather do anything then eat.

Well off to bed but just one more thing...for the gratitude journal. We are thankful to know that the Lord has had a hand in everything that we have so far done. Thankful for two healthy, strong girls, and good relationship. We are thankful for you

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mostly.....just want too!


Mostly....I just want too. Right now I am posting because mostly, I just want too. I am the biggest blogging slacker right now, during the past few months I feel like I have been running crazy, everything is in crazy fun (well kinda, I have to admit the house is coming along, still, it is a little disarrayed), as a neighbor I am sure you would think I was a little weird I dont surface tell noon, looking like I just woke up! my kids are dishoveled, I am in sweats or my underthingamajiggers half of the day (crazy what if someone came to the door, sydney of course would open it)and I dont really want that to happen.....but dun dun dun, it is almost over. I am almost through one more busy season (how many times can I post about this) and I can not forget to be grateful for what we have. After multiple posts just like this you are almost through hearing it! I am making a change and doing a few mostly....just want too's.

I want to go to the park with my kids...mostly because I want too. I want to take a weekend trip with my husband, I want to go dancing, I want to sit down and read a book to Sydney and Kenady, I want to get up at 6:00a.m and exercises (mind you, nothing is stopping me, I don't on my own accord this is simply a want to list), I want to stop by and see friends, or they stop by and see me, I want to finish reading Harry Potter, I want get my hair cut and styled, I want to take Sydney to get her ears pierced (she is excited) I want to figure out great meaningful gifts for all the people I love, or fun ones, I want to enjoy the spirit of the season, I want to read a book while my kids are sleeping, I want to read the scriptures with more vigor and attend the temple more often, I want to drink a diet coke with vanilla (Stacy I drink diet now) I want to plan Christmas parties....mostly...just want too. :)

I think that I will try to do one thing a week. What do you want to do?

P.S. I will post more pictures later. We had a great Thanksgiving. We ate with the Davis' and had such a great time. So good to be with family to laugh and play games and Cameron and Kathy and their kids are so much fun and I got to decorate my house with my mom and dad and I love to do, just like old time. That is another mostly because I want too, I want to write more on my blogs and by golly I am going to start doing it!

At this time thanks for everything! We love you!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Halloween is it still a birthday party?

Sydney still thinks her party continues and how nice to celebrate "you" for a whole week! Sydney wanted to be the scary wicked witch of of "The Wizard of Oz". Well I couldnt find an all black costume for cheap so I made her costume black and purple. We found a matching hat and we were good to go (wish I would have had time to find some tights). We kept with the original theme of "the Wizard of Oz" and had Kenady dressed as a tiger (okay so we had the lion, it was Sydney's costume last year).

Sydney got to be in her outfit most of the day, as you can tell, by the time the pictures are taken! She had dance class early that afternoon and since it was technically dance attire she wore it there...then off to the hospital to trick or treat their dad, back home to get the green scary face on and finally off to the trunk or treat. It was all a lot of fun. Kenady fell asleep in the car (she didnt have a second nap and she was so tired), she didnt seem to be as invovled as Sydney did! Sydney liked it all. She loved the games, the other kids costumes, and the candy but mostly she liked the nacho's they served as a dinnertime treat!

After trunk or treat we headed back home, where they were having a block party. We hopped on the motorcycles, maybe Sydney's request, I am not sure, and headed down to the block party! It was a fun end to a great night!

Syd's continued birtday

Well The birthday still continues. Mark, Tomi, and Finn all came that night after the party! They had another party they went to but they drove down to Globe that night.

Sydney was as excited to see them (she mostly talks about Marc) as she was to see her birthday cake. They are great friends and we were glad they got to come.

We had a pumpkin carving contest,
Can you see Edward and Bella, that is the one that Tomi and I wanted :)

played games....I am way to go at Settlers, we had to move on to a killer game of sequence :). Then Dallas and Mark put together Sydney's sweet new ride (can you say spoiled). Sydney was not to sure about her car at first, well seriously she is still not quite at ease unless she is in a really big area, where there are no constricting trees, houses, fences, just an open space. Kenady loves sitting in the seat but once it gets going, oh no look out! She is also feeling more at ease when they are in wide opened spaces and it is not so many stop and go whiplash motions!

Sydney's birthday party

What a party it was...heheee. We are in a new town, with a lot of new acquaintances, not a ton of small friends (for Sydney) and so happy that we are close to family because they were able to come to Sydney's birthday party.

It was really fun, who knew turning three could be such a great deal, she had a week long event! First Grandma and Grandpa Davis came to town Thursday, Oct. 25th. I think they wanted to avoid the crowds:) so they came and celebrated her birthday a little early. I wish my camera would have been charged! Sydney got real makeup from them, a candy snake and three dollars of her very own. She was in heaven.

On Saturday Uncle Jason Aunt Shanda, Trip and Crew showed up first. I can't thank Shanda enough for all the work she did, I would like to say with me but mostly instead of me, she is awesome!

Sydney loved showing all her nickel toys to Crew, first the elephant, then the tiger, onto the giraffe and finally Mr. Potato head. I don't think he was to impressed with the dolls! Then came along Grandma and Grandpa Whiting and great GRANDMA DESPAIN! I was so happy to have her there. She is a light and an inspiration in my life and it meant so much! As Sydney's present Grandma Despain gave Sydney the coveted cricket doll that none of the grandchildren could play with, just look at while I was growing up (I need to get a picture). I haven't decided yet if Syd will get to play with it either!

Finally our friends the Brewsters got there (Dallas' boss), we love them. We had a pinata,
we eat, opened presents, and had a cake. Not to eventful but lots of fun!