Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Family Pictures

Hello Everyone. Merry Christmas. My little sister Julie makes the best calendars and she needs some of our family pictures....I cant send them through email, for some weird reason so I am posting them on here!

We had a great Christmas! We love you all. I may get out New Years cards, or something like that! Love ya!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

This Frightful Halloween week!

Hello everyone. I finally get on here to post and I see that someone already has! Who knew Dallas even knew how to get on here! He is pretty cool, he got home from working on the gym at 2:00.p.m and took the time to post. Got to Love. Him. Just a few more weeks and maybe we will get to see him more! Thanks for everything!

Now I got on here because I just wrote my brothers and thought atleast I could post what I wrote to them on here. I hope to get a little less busy, I know everyone says that life just gets busier but come on, a new business, a new partnership, a new baby (well that sickness that will go along with a new baby and makes you feel like you cant even walk....getting better though) and a busy season with vinyl.....it has to slow down soon. Atleast for awhile right! I PRAY it does, my kids need their Dad's fun side back! Well here is the post. Sorry no pictures. I need to find a cable to download them first!

Hello Elder Whiting,

How are things going? Happy Halloween this week! This is a very fun week for us. There are lots of reasons why. Today was the primary program and Sydney and Crew did so well. They were pretty good on the stands, they sung all the songs and rememberd part of what they were supposed to say. It was so fun to have a kid old enough to be there and we are really proud of them. We should have taken a picture of her today. I forget to take pictures these days but Sydney loved being up there. Then Tuesday it is Sydneys birthday. We got her a doctor kit which she will love, and I think we might get her a mermaid. She is old enough that she will have fun with a friend party but we asked her if on her birthday she would rather have a birthday party or go with mom and dad on a special date to the movie and she said movie, all the way! So that settles is. We will leave Kenners with Jas and Shanda and head to the movie. She will be AWESTRUCK, when she realizes that it is High School Musical 3. She has a High School Musical shirt and backpack, needless to say she really likes to watch is and she has no idea a new movie is coming out so that will be a whole lot of fun. She also wants tacos and strawberry shortcake. Both easy request. We are excited for Tuesday! Wednesday we have our ward trunk-or-treat. I love Halloween so I am excited for not one but two days of celebrating and wearing costumes. Sydney is going to be Dorthy and Kenday is a scarecrow. I wish I had more time because Dallas would be the tin man and I would be the lion. Things are just so crazy right now and probably will be for another month but atleast we will have the kiddos all dressed. Then Friday night they have a town carnival for the kids. Before we go in we are going to put flyers on everyones car for the new gym that will open next week! Then go to the carnival, maybe hit a few houses (trick-or-treating) and then off to the last home game of the season. It is getting pretty cold, if it is to cold we might not go, but I am sure we will hand out a few more flyers on the way.

Then....next Monday will be the first day the gym opens, or maybe Tuesday. It doesnt feel like we are ready....as a matter of fact we are not ready. This week is a hustling week to finish all the small details. Are billing system will come in, all the free weights and machine and we need to do the decorating before it is complete. We have worked hard on it though, I mean really hard for the past two months. I do say it is mostly Dallas. For one I have been really sick with this pregnancy and sometimes it is hard for me to even get around, and two on top of being sick right now is my REALLY busy season with vinyl. Luckily it has only been crazy the last month and it looks like it could slow down...and Shanda has been helping me and she is a LIFESAVER. In past years it didnt slow down until Christmas. I would rather not have the money and have something a little slower paced in our lives for right now. Dallas has put in good hard hours. He comes home from work goes straight to the gym. We go and eat dinner with him and then he works late into the night. It will be nice to have him home again, oh wait who am I kidding trying to run a new practice and a gym I am sure we wont see him much for another few months but we sure appreciate how hard he works for our family and it is in hopes that soon we will have a little more family time!

Starting the first week of November he will work 3-10's in Showlow and Tuesday and Thursday's here. So we can even go and have lunch with him. It will be nice, nice, nice. We can't wait. So that is all the new news. I know it sounds much the same but we are so near to the end. I just cant wait!

We love you. Can not believe how time flies. Let us know if you need anything!

Love, us!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Hello All. I know it has been a long time since Jaymi has been able to get on here an give an update. We have been working hard to get out new Fitness Center and Physical Therapy office open in November. It is almost ready. But I just wanted to take a second and tell Jaymi how much I appreciate her. She works so hard as a mother, business woman and wife. Sometimes I wonder how she does it all. I am not sure if Jaymi has told everyone, but she is pregnant with our 3rd child. As if life wasn't already busy enough. We are so excited and look forward to having him or her in our home. Well, it is 2:30 in the morning and tomorrow we have our 10 year high school reunion, man we are getting old. HAHA. Thanks again Jaymi, you mean the world to us.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My J Dallas

We all have those times when everthing is rosy, and then things seem a little bleak. Well right now and for the past few weeks, things are crazy, and not perfect for sure, but I sure seem to have rose colored glasses on right now! Heavenly Father has blessed us so much and I am so grateful for his hand in our lives, we are in our final resting place (we hope), we are starting new business adventures, we actually make money, we have two happy and healthy kids (I didn't say always well behaved, I am still working on that parenting thing), we have family and friends surrounding us, and all is well!

But most especially, I am thankful for Dallas. My husband and best friend!

Even in the last week I have realized so much more that I love about him. Here are the reasons I love Dallas:

1. He is SO busy, but when he walks in the door he always takes the time to find me, kiss, me and ask how MY day was first.

2. He is kind.

3. He finds the kids, after he has talked to me (which isn't hard as soon as they hear a door close they run to look for dad), and takes them to play so I can have me time.

4. He always likes my dinner.

5. He almost always helps do dishes.

6. After we put the kids to bed he then goes back to work, trying to get this new business up and going and stays at it until I ask him to come to bed.

7. Even being so busy he makes the time to take me on dates.

8. When we are there he opens the door for me.

9. He put his hand on the small of my back and helps me down the stairs (used to hate that when I was dating but love that Dallas takes the time to do it for me).

10. He tells me I am pretty, every day.

11. He tells me how proud he is of me and the things that I do.

12. He tells me I am a good mom.

13. I catch him smiling at me when he doesn't think I am looking.

14. He would rather be with his family then any other place or anywhere, but always with us.

15. He works harder then anyone I know.

16. He puts his mind to it and he will ALWAYS find a way to get it done, I believe in him completley.

17. He is so handy he can fix and make anything.

18. He always looks nice. Did I forget to mention...

19. I think he is stunning, yes Stunning.

20. He asks me first, my opinion when I come to him for advice (just to see where I stand) and then he changes his comment to compliment what I think.

21. He holds me everynight before we go to bed.

22. He read scriptures with me.

23. He leads our family.

24. He makes sure we attend church every Sunday.

25. He love our Savior.

26. He can talk to anybody, and mixes well with everyone!

27. He is patient when I am not.

28. He is so logical, his advice is almost always right.

29. He is generous and considerate.

30. He loves me.

And these are just a few of my favorite things!

Bitter Sweet

This last weekend we went back to Globe to redo the yard and to start packing boxes. We didn't get a lot done. Dallas' nephew Brock was having a baptism in Payson and we were so glad we got to be there. We got to Globe Friday night, Dallas worked until he couldn't anymore, we got up and ran to Payson, just made the baptism, had a great lunch and some good times hanging out with all their family and friends and then decided we had better run back to Globe to get a few more things done. It is funny, we do not love Globe, but we LOVE our house. It was so nice to be "home" to have a finished home, and are kids were ecstatic. Even in that small house we didn't see them to much, they were busy with their toys, or playing in the grass and having fun together. Even though we really don't need stuff (beds, couches, tables, decorations). It really does make a house a home, someday I can't wait to do that again! We had a lot of fun.

The bitter sweet part comes in, we will be renting our house starting August 15th, bitter sweet, it will be so nice to have less of a financial burden, but especially after this weekend I do love that house, and it is nice to have a "summer house" heheee somewhere else just to get away and have furniture, etc. But I suppose we will move it all here, then move it all somewhere else if a few months when our they sell the house we are living in now and then again when we finally get a house, does anyone get tired of moving!

AND I was able to find Breaking Dawn at the store. Dallas is WAY to nice, he did most of the work on Saturday and with some teasing just let me read my book, he said I should just "watch the kids". Since the watched themselves I read most of the day, and finished it! yeah. I had heard some of the outcomes but even knowing a few things that would happen I have decided I am as much in love with this one as I am the others. I won't write anything else so I don't spoil the surprises. But in a few weeks I just might so I can discuss it with some of you that are reading it too!
AND I plan on going to the valley the weekend that the movie Twilight comes out, getting a hotel room with whoever wants to split it with me, us girls can have a nice time, go to dinner, maybe get a massage, pedicure, whatever and hit the movie too! It will be nice. Just let me know if you want to come along, come on, You DESERVE it!

We are still around

Well howdy so much for journaling so much has happened but I am not very good at getting it all written down right now.

First thing, we still haven't sold our house. So keep us in your prayers. RATS. I know that it will come sometime soon and everything will work out, but still in my time frame it would be sold today! Thanks!

Then onto our crazy happenings. Well lets first think about June. What happened. Something totally unlike me, I played in my first ward softball game. It is so huge here and I thought I would get in on the action, I was scared stiff and almost cried the first time I struck out....I didn't know you started with one strike, that is how much I don't know about slow pitch softball but all the other women were so nice, it was a lot of fun, I bowed out for the tournament because I wouldn't have been any help, but I will try again next year. We had a lot of fun watching both the women and men play, and Dallas said that he will play next year too! Hopefully we don't hurt the chances to terribly!

We still have no furniture in our rental house, we don't even miss t.v. (weird) probably because we have been so busy with Dallas' new business adventure, we really enjoy it here. We don't have tons of friends but lots of new acquaintances and there are so many young families! We love it.

We went to the Whiting homestead for a weekend at the cabin. It was fun to go, the kids brought up there hotwheels and that keep them entertained all weekend, we had a great some great games of settlers and also sent Julie and Butch home, Kaitlyn had a fever of 104 and it was time for her to get some TLC in her bed.

July bring lots of celebrating and fun. The 4th of July was spent in both places. We went to St. Johns Friday. We went to the B-b-que, then the races where both of our kids got a little distracted but don't you worry, even with their turtles speeds they both got 3rd place. Dallas was so proud! We went to the fireworks at Lyman with Jas and Shanda's fam and Mom and Dad. We happened to park right by Johny and Jaime too! It was fun. Saturday in Taylor we attended the rodeo and then the fireworks! It was LOTS of fun too! Nice to be able to see fireworks twice, I STILL love them!

We had a free week then it was the Snowflake 24th of July, our first time here! The parade was crazy, busy and fun. We rode our bikes down. I sweat my face off, and was drenched, why did we take showers that morning, I am not sure! There was a fun craft show, plays, two rodeos, a fashion show (which Sydney and I both loved) and Dallas' parents came for a few hours of visiting. It was lots of fun.

The next weekend the kids and I headed over Thursday morning with Julie to the rodeo and Dallas got there just in time for the icecream social. We saw quite a few people. We went to the rodeo the next day, then the campfire circle (Dallas was not to happy when we asked quite a few family and friends what time they were going to be at the circle and they said they opted out for a nice couch at home!) But it was lots of fun and we still saw lots of people! Saturday was the parade, some more talking a bit of a hot rodeo and then visiting. We watched a fun magic show that night and then headed over to Johny Hammond's parents house for some games! FUN times!

Even with all the fun times, Dallas has been so crazy busy, I know he needs a real vacation, maybe just with me...hehee. Away from a the fast paced, pulling you in two directions, decision making fun. He has been so busy, pretty much sun up to sun down! Maybe in October we will go somewhere fun! His birthday! Great idea right!

Monday, June 2, 2008


Well no new pictures but I just wanted to write what was going on in our lives. Not been very good at journaling these days! So here goes something long! Things are going, and going fast but still not alot going on. hehee. Does that even make sense! The kids and I were going to stay in Globe until our house sold but it seemed a little lonely so we for the last two weeks we have been up in Snowflake. We have our trailer at Jason and Shanda's house and not only have they put up with us (for over a month) but I think they still like us. hehee. We really enjoy them and cant thank them enough for their hospitality and friendship! We sure love them.

Nothing new is going on with our house, not a thing, there is no movement at all! Quite a few weekends are spent going back to Globe and recleaning the house, and doing the yards. I sure wish someone would even walk through it, atleast we could get some feedback. The realtor says that people just are not qualifying for much these days, SO KEEP US IN YOUR PRAYERS, if you don't mind me asking. I sure would like to get it sold so we can start something new up here!

We have enjoyed it here, we go to the park a lot, we hang out in the backyard, and I have had a lot more time to spend with the kiddos. We have quite time where Syd and I get to sit and play, or rest and we spend a lot more quality time as a family but the bathroom situation isn't as ideal as we would like it to be (it stinks, you can only go a few days before you need to empty out the trailer!) BUT we decided that we are going to rent a house while we wait for our house to sell. We found a great rental that is just down the street from Jason and Shanda. We hope to move in and go up to Globe this weekend to get a few things!

So things have been fun, great, and a little scary, Dallas doesn't worry like I do but I just wish we could get it all sold.

A few cute things, little Kenady loves to follow her sister and do just what she does, which is great sometimes. This is one of those times. She loves to say prayers. She folds her little hands over eachother, and bows her head. Every once in awhile she will raise her little head to see if we have our heads bowed, then she quickly puts her back down and patiently waits for amen, then she yells AMEN! She is way to cute!

Syd, who knows what you say about her. This weekend when we were back in Globe we said we would go to the drive-in. Well she was really acting up. She kept throwing rocks into the flower garden that Dallas was creating we told her not to, then gave her a warning about not being able to go to the drive-in then one more time and we told her she couldn't go to the show. She was not very happy she rushed inside, turned around and said, "mom, I just realized you are not a gooder mom, you are not"! Three years old going on thirteen!

Things are going well. I cant wait to get moved here and be a part of this new little town. I am not sure if I want to be a Taylorite or a Snowflakian but I am sure that both are basically the same and it is all great!

One more thing we did find a house that we really like. It is about three miles from the main road, it has an old country feel and Dallas feels right at home. I might get to live on my "farm" but I am unsure about having neighbors all around! So we'll see. We have to sell a house first anyhow!

Monday, May 19, 2008


Call me crazy, call me weird....but I am frustrated right now. Is that the best word to describe it, I am not sure! Today I was talking to a friend about Stephanie Meyers book, The Host. Overall I really liked the book, I don't think I would have wanted to change the ending because I wanted Wanda to live for Ian, I really really liked Ian. (is that even his name, I read the book so fast I don't even remember all the character names). But it did feel a little "alien" to have her in someone elses' body, a new body that didn't wasn't hers! DUH! So that is the start to things not going quite as you would want to, feeling a sensation of frustration for things not ending just right!

Well then tonight, I am trying to get the kitchen clean, do some vinyl and watch "One Tree Hill". Finally "One Tree Hill" stole me attention and I can not wait to see Payton go with Lucas to Vegas.....and make kiss a time or too, something like that! But no.....you see Brooke, Payton, and his old girlfriends face (sorry just started watching it this season and don't remember her name). So it didn't turn out like I would have liked it too! Anyone watch it, anyone else feel that way! Jeez laweez!

I think it might have to do with me feeling up any extra time I have with stuff, with movies, with books, with fairytale thoughts, things that have a nice gooey ending and everyone leaves happy and satisfied. Now that I am typing I think it has to do with being away from Dallas these long week days (joking they go really fast, the kids and I get a lot done and we have fun) but there is a void when Dallas is not around. It is great to be reminded just how much you love someone! Well I am off to find something else with a fairy tale ending!

I hope that he chooses Payton!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Moving up in the world, moving down? Not sure exaclty which direction Showlow is

Well folks it is all said and done and I don't think Dallas or I know what to think. Sydney doesn't care, she is so used to moving around, she adjust to anything and Kenady as long as she gets to walk around and do her own thing she is content. May 5th was Dallas' first day of work in Showlow. A lot of crazy things happened for Dallas but all in all he thinks he will really like it. We drove up with Dallas the weekend before. Dallas had a company charity golfing event and won $230.00. Nice work day! We stayed up there until Wed. morning then Jas was going to drop us off on his way to the valley so that we could make it to Sydney's dance class. Well half way there I realized that I didn't have keys to get into the house so we headed on up to the valley. We stayed at Aunt Claudia's and as always we had a great time.


As you can tell that is what I did most of the time and it was great to see cousins too! Then back here, Dallas came for the weekend we hung out and I had a great Mother's day! It was a lot of fun. Early this morning Dallas got up and drove back to Showlow for another week of work!

Thank goodness for great family. Dallas gets to park the trailer at Jason and Shanda's so he has a place to call home for the next little while until we can figure out what to do with this beautiful humble abode! So if you wouldn't mind keeping us in your prayers, I sure would like to be in the same place as Dallas and also to start our lives back up closer to family, closer to home!

Birthday Extravaganza

Well I feel like I have been a lost soul, but I can get to that later. First I want to post some birthday pictures (I forgot to take them of all events). I had a great birthday Saturday, April 26th. I got lots of texts, to start the day off. My parents and sister took me out to breakfast (we were in St. Johns getting the trailer ready for Dallas' camping days, parked in front of Jas and Shanda's house! We headed over to Showlow for some family bowling with Jason and Shanda's fam and then out to eat at El Rancho, it was great food! Thanks everyone for such a good day! Oh yeah, I got a wii! Yahoo, and then I got Mario Kart to go along with it!
Dal loved to bowl with Sydney. They made a pretty good team.Oh how cute....hah. About as good as it gets, but after a few short bowls, Kenady let us know she was through! She is so much fun now, and so vocal, she wants to do something, by golly she'll squeal her way in or out of it (usually right out of sacrament meeting)

This was at El Rancho. Some seriously good food! Thanks so much!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kids say the funniest things!

Sydney was playing a few days ago, she had her baby in her shirt, she was pregnant. She walked up to Dallas and started to talk to him about her day, the weather, how she was feeling and then she said, "Oh no, this kids coming, she is about to hatch!". What the....she is to funny.

This weekend Dallas went into a convience store to get some cash. Sydney was talking about what we were going to go and do and she said, "Mom, I am going to look for dad..." a few minutes passed and she was still looking intently into the store window when she finally exclaimed, "Oh wonderful I found him!" I said you did...she looked at me and said, "yeah mom can't you tell, he is always the one with the most prickily hair". Sure enough she was right, out walked Dallas.

And finally Kenady only wants to feed herself now. She had some yogurt and was doing rather well. About half way through she decided that she liked it more as fingerpaint and proceeded to paint her paint. Dallas looked at her and said, "ut-oh" and put his hand on his head. She followed the lead and put her hands on her head. You should have seen the look on her face, she was surprised at the new found gel. For a little while she painted her head and decided it was taking much to long, she took the cup of yogurt and dumped it on her head! Not a funny thing to laugh out, but I think you may have heard a few chuckles here and there.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lasting Impressions.

This weekend was our General Conference. For me it was one of the most memorable and lasting conferences that I have ever witnessed. The solemn assembly started it all. It was such an amazing thing to witness and then to be able to take part in it, to stand with millions of people to sustain our new prophet, to know that we have a prophet on the earth to lead and guide us, to know that his direction comes from God and that there is a plan for us, there is more to this life then work, then the house we live in, then the cars we drive, there is so much more. To know that we are eternal beings, that we can be with our loved ones through life, through death, through so much more. I know why I was so blessed to be here at this time, I am so thankful for that direction and knowledge that I have. Thank heavens for Heaven!

For the last few days (and every time after conference) I can feel this power in my life. I want to be a little better, stand a little taller and maybe that is why I have seen and felt the great things that surround us. Today I was listening to something on Oprah, she is doing some class on a book and all these people were getting on and saying how it changed their lives and how excited they were. Some of them were talking about how they realized they had Eternal Life, others realized how slowing down and enjoying the little moments have changed their lives, realizing that matterial things dont matter...etc. etc. etc. the whole world (because of Oprah) is so excited about this book and it is life changing; it made me realize just how exciting the gospel is. It is life changing, it is such a great thing, it teaches all those things and more.

Then tonight I wanted to see American Idol gives back and I wanted to give. How great it is when people come together to give, to serve to think of others. What an amazing thing giving/serving others does to you. Things don't matter quite as much, ego's aren't so big and again it brought me back to the knowledge that I have. How much richer your life is, when you do these things, . This........this is what life is all about. I appreciate that people who give, who care, who make a difference in this world. You inspire me. And I am most thankful for the knowledge that I have in this life, I know who I am, I know where I am going, I know that I belong, I am a daughter of God and I can make a difference!

New News!

Hey everyone. We are so excited about our new move! YEAH, it is much sooner then we anticipated but the closer it gets the more excited we are. We sure love the people here, love the location (short commute to the valley, not far from family and friends and great weather), but we are moving up to the White Mountains. I think I went through all the emotions, even being a little nervous but now it is just excitement.

Dallas got a job with Gregor Randall, in Showlow, it's by Wal-Mart (catty-corner). He is so excited about the possibilities and starts work May 5th. Soon I know. It won't be enough time to get our house sold, so it looks like the kids and I will be here for a bit while Dallas is up there working away. I am sad to finally be DONE with the house, just to sell it, but hopefully now it will SELL. Keep us in your prayers, if anyone wants a house in Globe, please pass on the info...hehee.

It finally happened

Oh no, I can not believe it, I dreaded this day, fretted, stewed, finally it came and it wasn't so bad. I have been stung by a scorpion. That's not even the best part of the story! I am petrified of those little, satanly things. We spray regularly and it is the sole reason that I would leave this place as soon as possible! Well I was cleaning the doors today and grabbed the rag from the kitchen sink. I felt something, kind of like a pinch but I still dropped the rag and out flew a BIG (thank heavens') scorpion. I screamed and the stand off began. I couldn't move and neither could the scorpion. I grabbed a shoe, but again froze in place. Sydney came trotting in and so I threw her up on the table and she is chanting, "do it, do it, do it". I just can't come close enough to hit the dang thing so I decide to do the tape trick, wrap tape around a spatula hit it/stick it to the tape and throw it outside, in the toilet, etc. So I ran to get some tape (what an idea let it get away while you are gone). Came back and it was GONE! Luckily it had just moved from the front of the opened door, to behind and was trying to make it's get away. So I lost interest in the tape theory and held tight to the flimsy shoe.

I was sitting there trying get up the courage to hit it and I leaned over to Syd and said I don't know if I can do it. Sydney hops down off the counter and says, "don't worry mom, I got it, give me the shoe and hop on the table." What the.....demonstration number two for the week, mom is a baby! So after realizing that a three year old is braver then me, I got up the courage and innihilated that thing! I don't think his friends will want to come back to face my wrath!

Fortunately I think he barely nicked me, the pain was similar to an ant bite, I lucked out and hope to never be so lucky again!

We are back!

We are back but without pictures...again. I do have a few old ones I will post found our camera but then I left it in my sisters car and she took it to St. Johns with her!

I can not believe how much has happened first a quick update, then a funny story and great news. We have been doing A LOT to our house. It is finally done, with the expectation of a bathroom. I really like it, I think Dallas should be a landscaper, interior designer and all that entails. He has such a creative organized mind and things sure come to life. I will post more pictures when I get my camera.

We have really spent quite a lot of time on that. We did get a weekend off and went to the Renaissance Festival. I thought it was a lot of fun, my kids thought the animals were great and liked some of the food. I felt like it was for older kids and/or just me and Dallas. It would have been a fun date to watch the shows, etc. All in all it was a good time and we were glad to have the tikes around.

Then the next weekend was Easter and we headed up to St. Johns because Tyson was having his farewell too. It was a fun weekend. We watched Tripp and Crew while Jas and Shanda spent their fifth anniversary in Las Vegas. They both got sick, poor kiddos, I am sure they just wanted their parents but they were both so good and I was so glad all the kids got to be together. We went to the Davis wash, with both grandma's and grandpa's and it was lots of fun.

Then on to Tyson's farewell. It was one of the better farewells that I have ever been too, biased I am sure. He is so kind, sweet spirited and nice. We are sure going to miss him (he is going into the MTC TODAY) but are so excited for him. He'll be the best missionary ever and is so great with people! He has lots of special abilities.heheee.

Well of course then it was back to work, work, work. It is so fun to finally have the house all landscaped and everything done! Things are going well here. Kenady talks quite a bit now, she mimics whatever you say, mostly her vocabulary consists of I want that, I want that! and she thinks that is she screams she will be much more effective then if she just talks to us. She is really getting big. She is just at that stage where she is blooming in all areas. She loves to follow Sydney around Dallas affectionately calls her "our sheep".

Sydney had an accident last weekend! It was quite scary for me. Dallas was painting the outside of our house. Sydney was helping him with the garage door so she pulled one of her toys against the wall and stood up to hit the opener. The toy fell out from under her and she grabbed onto the box to the side of her, weights were on top of that box and both of them fell on her head. Being the good mom that I am I put my hand (lightly) over her mouth and rushed her outside....Kenady was sleeping. I was talking to her and turned my head to look at her, blood was gushing out of her head. Yikes. We ran her back into the kitchen to clean her up (I was sick that weekend) after we got the blood to slow down I got to see the wound. I put the rag back on her head told her to hold it there and ran to the bathroom, quite queasy...what a great mom, I am going to be one of those that can handle anything right! The war wound was only about an inch long but deep and open. She was petrified to go to the Doctor, out came the super glue and everything is better! She loves to show you her wound!

Well Ty we love and will miss you but we are so proud of you! You are the best! Have a great week!

Friday, February 29, 2008

Feeling guilty!

I am feeling a little guilty right now! Every time I pull up the Internet, our blogspot is our home page and the first thing I see is "I have to say I am a little frustrated at my man tonight!"

To reprimand and then redeem myself and my dear husband (obviously you should not wake me up if you are in need, want to talk, or want to stay in good graces...heheee) obviously he (or I) is not perfect, but I do LOVE him. I would like to do another little post on him.

D is for dear. Dallas is near and dear. He is our world, our life, our everything. Our day isn't whole until Dallas comes home. Sydney will be sad for half the morning if she didn't wake up to kiss him goodbye. He is fully involved in our little family and life. When he gets home he helps with the cooking and always the dishes. He take the kiddos so I can venture out and go running. He is a good dad and he is Dear to our hearts.

A is for always. He is an always in my life. He is someone I can count on, he is someone who will always choose whats right, whats best. He will stay strong. He is going to do what is best for our family he works hard (like schooling),find away to provide and he will Always love me best no matter what. Who could ask for anything more.

L is for light hearted. For makes light of "life". He can make any situation easy-going. He can make people laugh and feel at home. He is even light-hearted when I want to be serious. I am so glad he makes our home an easy place to live.

L is for lovely. You do have to admit he is quite Lovely to look at.

A is for analytical. Because of this he can do ANYTHING and the things he does always turn out amazing. Take our back yard for instance. He is not a landscaper, a builder, or cultivator by trade. But you would think so when you saw our yard. Most of the material was found in our yard and it looks like we paid millions :) heeehee for our built in grill, rock wall, landscaping and more. He is great at everything he does, thanks for being Analytical.

S is for sorry. He is almost always the first one to say sorry. This is huge for me and I am working on beating him at this but almost, without fail, if a sorry is ever needed from him or me he will say Sorry.

Dallas, you are the love of my life. I know our fates were sealed together before we ever even came to this earth. You have been my rock, and kept me strong....."Good morning beautiful....my life is wonderful with you by my side when I open my eyes and see your sweet face it's a good morning beautiful day!"

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Man Tag

I have to say I am a little frustrated at my man tonight! He did have an eventful weekend, he had a full day of class Saturday and Sunday. We tagged along because Sydney loves pools and hotels more then anything (that is where she wants to live next). So needless to say I had our darling kiddo's the whole weekend, I did it all even put them to bed. I came home early today because Sydney was really sick and again had the beautiful girls all day. When Dallas came home I put Kenady to bed and he, Sydney and I watched the Oscars and he so graciously let me fall asleep. Well I was not so gracious when I woke up to a crying Sydney telling me she wasn't feeling well, she was hungry, and when I looked at the clock it was also an HOUR past her bed time. I stomped around the house to find Dallas asleep at the computer, sheez! So now I put Sydney to sleep and I am awake while Dallas continues to sleep! I would love for people to post and tell me to get over it, not kidding I really would! So I thought this might help!

Hah I have to laugh. My computer died while I was typing this...it is now the next morning and I dont feel that way at all. Amazing what a little sleep will do for you!

-What is his full name? John Dallas Davis.

-How long have you been married? 5 years.

-How long did you date? steady dated for 9 months on and off for about 1.5 years.

-Who eats more sweets? Hah. For anyone that knows me this is not even a question...me,me,me. I am really trying to work at it which seems to make it worse!

-Who said I love you first? He did.

-How old is he? 28.

-Who is taller? I too love that he is, no matter what shoes I am wearing!

-Who is smarter? Okay, so this is a toss up, hah who I am kidding I am! All jokes aside Dallas is the brainiac. He never stops using that brain of his.

-Who can sing better? We are about dead even on this one, but I wish I were a little better, this is one tallent I would love to have.

-Who does the laundry? Me, me, me. Not good at ironing I hate to admit but even the folding is my territory.

-Who pays the bills? He pays the student loans and I pay the rest.

-Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? We haven't ever really done sides but now that I think back most of the time I have been on the left side of the bed. I guess I will officially claim it.

-Who mows the lawn? Dallas is a yard work fein. He loves to be outside and because of it the yard is looking swell! Everytime we get a mow, we then get the grass raked, the edges trimmed, the flower beds blown, the grill shined...it is quite the ordeal and looks awesome.

-Who cooks dinner? I do most of the cooking, Dallas mans the grill and if we are having tacos he always fries the shells. I DO appreciate that! I also like to throw parties because Dallas would like a frozen pizza, a sandwich or chips to a nice home cooked meal, that way they mess isnt as bad! I think he is a little crazy!

-Who drives? Dallas always drives. I sure like that.

-Who is more stubborn? He'd say me, I'd say him.

-Who kissed who first? He kissed me first!

-Who asked who out? Hmmm, should this stand out a little more then it does. We "hung" out a lot I am pretty sure he asked me out on our first "date". Let me ask him and get back to you.

-Who proposed? Dallas this was a day you definatley dream about. To shorten it up, he took me on a long date to five diffrent places each of the places were places that my dad used to take me when I was young. The final place was a carnival (I thought we were going to dinner but waiting on reservations) we were on the farris wheel. As we dropped to the ground the worker gave Dallas a rose, we stopped at the top & Dallas said you were your daddy's girl since you were you, would you be my girl forever. AHHHH, how romantic.

-Who has more siblings? Dallas has five I have four.

-Who wears the pants? Hmmm, I would like to say me but at times it is him!

At times, I need to work at it a little, like last night! But I sure do love this man. He has given us everything, he is supportive and kind, he loves us and I wouldn't have dreamed it could be this good. Thanks for the great five years!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Someone help

I can not import pictures, or edit my text? I can roll over it and it will tell me what it does but I can not click on it! Hmmmmm. Sorry for the misspelled posts (like I couldn't have edited it myself) and I guess it is okay I cant find my camera!

We thank thee of God for a Prophet

Tonight I have taken the time to blog hop and so many of my friends have posted about the passing of President Hinckley. I was touched by them all. Two of them really expressed what I have been feeling. The first was my sister in law Shanda's comment. Hers was of joy. President Hinckley is going home and what a reunion it is. That reunion would have been sureal to see. I can only imagine and am so grateful that we were able to commune with him here for so long (all through t.v. screens, I know! Just as Shanda said, we love you, thank you so much for your example, for your legacy....go home.

Dallas niece also wrote and put a utube clip of "Brother Becks" comments. If I can figure out how to get it on here I will post it here too. President Hinckley's example only has changed and affected countless lives, just by watching him we become better people! We love you very much!

Today it was announced that President Monson is our new prophet. How exciting, how right. I love him, I love his stories. I love Pres. Faust and I am so excited that Pres. Echtdorf has been called. I loved him from his first talk! These are exciting times, exciting days. I am so grateful to have a testimony of this church and to know that these calling come from Heavenly Father and we have a living prophet to guide us today!

Jamie Hammond!

I have the neatest, most thoughtful, kindest, most loving, cleanest (you should see her house), dearest, most modest, happiest, (and on and on) friend, Jaime Hammond. I just read her blog and her mom posted that in the next two weeks she will have her little baby boy early, a little earlier then hoped or planned. My prayers and thoughts go out to her tonight. Her daughter Carly was also early and I know this has to be a little bit scary for Jaime. She is so awesome, her family is so awesome and she has great support. JAIME we are thinking about you, all of our thoughts and prayers are with you and we can not wait to see this little man! You are awesome!

What a perfect FHE it turned out to be.

Tonight for FHE we were talking about the premortal life which lead to why it is important to make good choices here so we can get back up to Heaven to see Jesus and Heavenly Father and be together again. Sydney proceeds to tell us a story about how this big "bully" keeps hitting her in the head with a stick. I am trying to talk to her and ask her what kind of choices she can make and Dallas says "kick 'em, just kick 'em". Luckily Sydney has been practicing her karate moves so I said what a great idea, maybe you could show them how to do karate, and you can do something else together and Dallas says....."kick 'em just kick 'em". I think our FHE was really effective tonight!

Cord's Letter First week of Feb

Dear Elder Whiting,

This letter might be a little brief. There were not a lot of things going on this week. Which was great. I mostly hung out with the two kiddos, played games, watched movies. I liked it a lot. We went to the valley three times this last week. Dallas got to go to the FDR (is that right) open on Wed. so I went down with the kiddos and we spent most of our time at Kristin's house. They have an AWESOME back yard and Sydney loves to play with Kedzie so that works out well. Then Friday I went back down because several of my friends were going to be there and we went out to eat at Cafe Rio. If you have not eaten at Cafe Rio/Costa Vida we will have to take you when you get back, it is quite addicting. Maryann, and Karalee where there. I dont think you know Natalia or Allie but they came with the brand new babies, just two weeks old and oh so cute! They are awesome to come out with their two weeks old I think I stayed in for the first two months and I am sure I was way to cooped up! It was nice to see them all, two have new babies and it makes me excited to have another. Sometime anyway. Then on Saturday we went to look at a truck. Yes I know we are yet again willing and dealing vehicles! HOW MANY DOES THIS MAKE....not sure. But I really like the idea. Dallas is going to get an older truck. Then we feel like we need one reliable car so I just might get my minivan...SWEET, I am THRILLED. I really want the tiny MPV's but we'll have to see what we can do! Dallas liked the truck he saw. It is really well kept. If you know if anyone who wants a nice Nissan Titan or a Toyota Echo (40 miles to the gallon) send them our way.

Besides that we really havent done to much. I am determined to get into better shape, so I suppose it was good we did the super Bowl with our kiddos this year. We had a few snacks, played some games and YAHOO my team won. it was a good game!

Of course the kids are doing great. This is when I really need a video camera, Our actual camera that takes videos is gone and video camera doesnt work. Kenady is so funny when she dances, it is hillarious. She was dancing all yesterday. She LOVES to carry around Sydney's baby dolls. It is funny Sydney is not a huge toy person and there were two babies tat she HAD to have, now that she finally has both of them doesnt touch them but I walked into their room and Kenady just putting the baby in the sroller, then the high chair then the crib. Not to gentle for sure but she loves it!

We love you. Hope your week is well. Cant wait to hear from you and see how things are going. We went to the visitors center this weekend and Sydney loved talking to the missionaries because they were just like Uncle Cord!

Jaymi, Dallas, Sydney and Kenady

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Some funny happenings!

Today each of our kids did some funny stuff. First this morning, in the wee hours of the morning Sydney came slythering into our room with this tiny little voice. She said mom, "I sweaterd all over my pants, for some reason I sweaterd in my pajama's." ** I said Sydney did do think you really had an accident and she said, "No mom, I sweatered". She was so tired, she had fallen asleep without going to be and I dont think she woke up when she peed so when she finally came to she wondered where all this sweater had come from. I cleaned her off she marched back to her room and went straight to bed.

Then tonight we got new cell phones ***. While we were in the store Sydney started sticking her tongue out and doing the nahnah (where you spit, kinda, you know what I mean). First she did it to me, then another customer and then to Kenady. I don't like that to much so after she did it to me a second time I picked her up and we had a talk about why she couldn't do that, etc. etc. etc. Well I put her back down and Kenady walked right up to me and stuck out her tongue and did the nahnah (where you spit, kinda, you know what I mean). She is already mocking me! What to do, what to do!

**Side note Dallas and I have been working out and so she has seen us "watering" she asked Dallas why he watered and he talked to her about sweating which has turned into sweaterd.

***another side note, we went in to get new cell phones, and what a night it turned out to be. I locked my keys in the car, AGAIN. The girls were tired and hungry and the locksmith didnt come for an hour and a half. I had fun but I don't think Dallas was to pleased. Heheee. BUT I now have TEXT, yahoo, feel free to text anytime).

Have you seen it?

We can not find our camera anywhere. Dallas had it when we were in St. Johns moving house to house and suddenly, it's dissappeared. I think I might need to write an ode to our camera! If anyone knows it's where abouts please contact. We promise a reward!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Cord's Letter

Hey Cord,

How are things going in the new area? How is the car treating you and life with just one other person in an apartment? Things are going great here. It looks like we are going back up North this weekend, when Tyson gets his endowments. Pretty exciting, huh. I think it is so neat. You two are the best!

This has been a fun week. I don't have much vinyl right now. A few enquiries, ever so often and a little bit of actual vinyl, so now I am a slacker. It is hard to want to get back on the computer and work when I get to hang out with Sydney and Kenady, clean my house and keep it picked up, make real meals, read a book, and have a good time. I do love it but I love having something to do! It all works out. So pretty much that is what I have been doing. If I have some times I clean a closet, clean out the garage, you know the normal things.

Sydney and Kenady, they are so much fun together. Kenady is what you call a sheep, Dallas and I call her that but Sydney has nicknamed her bubber. Anyway back to the whole sheep. She loves to follow Sydney and do whatever she is doing. We were riding in the car today and when Sydney would put her hands on her face so would Kenady, she would raise her hand...so would Kenady. She would laugh...so would Kenady. Then when we got home Sydney wanted to practice her prayer that she will be giving this week in primary so she put up a little pulpit and was saying her prayer. Well Kenady came over, folded her arms and laid her head down to say her prayer too. They are lots of fun.

Kenady talks back. :) We were in church and Dallas told her "no, no" she looked at him said "yes, yes" and did just what she wanted. Then today we were having lunch and she started dropping her food off her plate so I said Kenady, "no, no" and she said "yes, yes" and dropped another piece of food to the ground. She also likes to drag Sydney's HUGE dolls around by the feet. She is starting to play, she like to be tickled and chased. Lots of fun. She also throws fits. We already need to work on that. Dallas and her were on the couch eating a laffy taffy. When it was all done Dallas gave her the wrapper. She looked at it, looked at him back at the wrapper threw it at him and screamed at him, scooted off his lap and she was gone! What has Dallas gotten himself into, three girls (that includes me).

Sydney is the same ol, same ol, but she is finally in 3T pants! Yeah! She started sucking her thumb around Christmas time. Today I told her it would make her teeth look yucky and she cried and cried, she wanted me to take it back but it didn't stop her from sucking that dang thumb. Dallas and I started working out (wahoo), we put Kenady to bed and then we head out to the garage and Sydney gets to go with us. She loves it. She talks about it everyday. She patiently (and some times not so patiently) waits her turn. First for the treadmill, then for the weights, I guess she is a bit of a sheep too. She is a funny sassy little girl and we love her. We found an easy way to get her to go to sleep. We just bring her in read her a book and tell her if she goes to sleep we will get to do it again tomorrow. Oh yeah she is glued to the t.v. just like you and Ty used to be! If she is watching there is no distracting her and she would do it all day if you would let her!

Dallas is doing about the same. Always looking for something new, but it has been nice, with us working out we get to see a lot more of each other. It is nice to be on a routine (okay it has been five days, lets see how long it lasts). He is still looking into future endeavours and trying to see just what we can do. In the mean time he is enjoying his boss, and the people. His patients are constantly giving him things...who wouldn't love that. He just started playing basketball and he really loves that.

Well, awfully long. We love you very much. So happy that we get to hear from you weekly! You are in our prayers as always! Have a great week!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Our Year at a glance!

2007, what can I say a life changing year, maybe. A fun filled year, could be. The start of our new lives, I think that's it!

January - Kenady was blessed.
Sydney saw snow for the first time, we headed up to Utah for Dallas last rotation and I realized that two kids, working from home and being a wife was not really all that terrifying. All in all it was a good month.

February -
Kenady got her first sets of shots. She did really well. Sydney was so very sad that she didn't get shots too. As soon as we took Kenady off the table Sydney bounced right up there and was ready. She cried when she found out that it was not her turn! We met some good friend's, our landlords. They are the nicest people and all of the kids are so nice, helpful and we are glad we got to know them!

I don't remember much about this month. I do know that the highlight was going to a "skateland". We had the time of our lives (we really need to get out more). Kenady slept, while Dallas, Sydney and I got to go on all the blow up, bouncy, slides, mats, trampolines, obstacle courses (don't know what they are actually called). We ran and played for a good hour before the Brown's got there and we headed to the skating rink for food and skating. Dallas watched Sydney while I taught Sydney to skate, I don't think she ever got the hang of it but she loved the music, the games, the disco lights. Sydney and I could have stayed there all night!

April - General Conference!
It was so much fun being there at this time of year. Dad, Ty and Cord came up and were able to go to a few sessions.
Dallas watched the kids so that I could go to a session and then they all went to Priesthood. Kenady got her first pictures, we had to take Ty and Cord for Senior Pictures and so Kenady and Sydney went too! It was so much fun.

May- We spent two weeks in Omaha, NE. Some friends were out of town and they let us stay in there house. We had lots of fun there. Going to the Children's museum and mostly hanging out with friends. The very best part, Dallas graduated from Creighton with a DPT! It was so much fun going to his banquets, parties, baccalaureate, and finally graduation. it was a proud proud day for the Davis family and I think...another start to our life.

June -
We lived with family, family, family. They may have gotten sick of us but we are so very thankful for them! It was nice to be in St. Johns, to hang out, to visit, to be with my sister too, and to enjoy the summer, in the pool, with the kids, eating snow cones and taking a minor break.

July- Was also pretty meaningful. This is the month we got a house, Dallas started his job, we were home for the 24th of July , Cord got his mission call, Kenady started crawling and my parents were married for the second time. It was an amazing, crazy, month to say the least.

August - Dallas takes and passes his state/national boards. Sydney stays in her first hotel that she can remember
& gets her first real hair cut. She talks about it all the time. She is so used to moving around that she often tells me, mom I want to live in a hotel next.

- I sold my first El Bow Maker. Cord leaves on his mission, Sydney starts dance class and we go to the Drive In for the first time!

October - Sydney turns three and this was a huge year for her! We went a little overboard since we finally had a job a little extra money. I dreamed of having a battery powered car when I was little...but knew it was just a dream. Well Sydney got one and she is afraid of it! She will drive it for awhile but when she comes close to a wall, she left Kenady high and dry in the passenger seats, says she needs to get some gas and never comes back! She loved having a real pary and we are so glad we are close to home where family can come.

November -
Turkey day was good, we don't get to see the Davis extended family as much as we would like too....they need more get together's. That is why Thanksgiving is always fun. The Davis' have someone there every year. This year it was Cameron and Kathy. We really enjoy them and their family. This is a time I am so busy with my vinyl it is all I think about and do, sorry we don't have more of a glimpse into November.

December - Kenady turns one! Of course, shopping, Christmas, and all the fun events. Sydney had a dance recital. We find out that Dallas' boss is moving! They are the light of our lives in Globe. We are so excited for them but bummed they will be gone. We will really miss them. Now we have to figure out just what we are going to do!

New years and all (including Tyson's mission call)

New Years was just as fun as Christmas. Isn't it great to be home, we are sure making a lot of trips back up that way! Crew and Trip had a birthday party the next weekend so we headed up there Saturday morning. I can not beleive how big our kids get so fast. Shanda made the COOLEST cake. Pretty sweet :). Then we headed to St. Johns for the weekend and back to Jason's house Monday morning. They had the best New Years party we have been to in Years, okay maybe ever. It was a lot of fun. Shanda has pictures on her blog. We tried to put the kiddos to bed but Sydney and Crew stayed up just about as long as we did! Thanks for such a great time.

The next weekend Tyson got his mission call. He waited patiently while we all headed that way. He is going to the Billings, Montana mission! He is going to be an amazing missionary and we are all very excited for him!

Christmas....the rest of the story!

Okay, back to the Christmas escpade, where did I leave off. We had a great time at church and when we came home Jason, Shanda, Crew, and Trip all came to stay! It was so much fun having everyone there. I truly loved it! I know I kept pushing for them to come and stay (they only live 40 minutes away) and I am so glad that they did! It felt so much like Christmas.

Monday we hung out and did some cooking, some running around and mostly hanging out. Christmas eve is always so much fun. First we went to Grandpa Stradlings house (Laura too). We have a Mexican fiesta. There is so much great food, we sit and talk and catch up, as our family gets bigger it gets harder and harder to see everyone so this is such a fun time for me. At about 7:00 we make the treck over to Grandpa & ma Despain's. There we have a little talent program. Sydney did so great. She is a lime-light girl and she sang "Santa Clause is coming to town" she practiced all week and was very excited to do it! Funny girl, she did an awesome job and we were all impressed. Then we sang a few carols, and had homemade icecream and treats. Finally it was off to Grandma and Grandpa Whiting's were they had P.J.'s for all the kids, a little bag from Santa and we sent the kiddo's off to bed. Julie and Butch came over and we did a White Elephant gift exchange then we moved on to those presents that still needed to be wrapped.

Christmas morning was so much fun! The kiddos loved it. Sydney got a cash register, a doll set, and a doll. Kenady got a chair, some pull along toys and a sit/scoot tricycle. They probably got more then they desereved. heheee. I sure wish we could find our camera but I figured I better post before I forget everything!

The next best thing we got to talk to Cord! yahoo. It was awesome, he sounds so great, he loves the work, he is just doing and being awesome. Then off to the Davis' and Sydney got another baby, she just LOVES this baby! They knew just what to get her. Kenady got an electric guitar! We headed to The McKorkels to visit with the rest of the Davis' then off to my parents to say goodbye to Jason. So that is it in a nutshell. It was so much fun and I am so thankful to be closer to family whom we love dearly!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Christmas 2008

We had a great Christmas. I have been waiting to post until we found our camera but it is a goner and this time I am proud to say it was not me! Dallas has it and he can remember taking it from one house to another but doesn't know where it went after that. So I suppose yet again pictures are too come. I think we will find it, eventually.

We had so much fun. I know that there are times Dallas contemplates not going home for Christmas and waking up in our own home. If we ever move closer that could work out but for now we are making that long trip of 2.5 hours to be closer to family and we were both so glad we did this year.

We went up Saturday morningish. We stopped at Wal-Mart and Home Depot on the way to St. Johns and then home we went. We hung out Saturday visted both parents. Sunday we went to church and the little girls wore their Sunday dresses. They looked so very cute. This year I splurged, I usually wait and wait to get a dress, I think they are to expensive, especially if you have to get real Sunday shoes to go along with it, and I wait somemore hoping that something will go on sale and then finally they wear a dress from last year unless Grandma comes to the rescue and buys them a dress (which actually she has done most years...I know she did it last year). Well this year I really liked a dress on Gap, it was just a simple velvet dress and I couldnt find anything else, it wasnt ever on sale and then finally a week before Christmas it was YEAH! So they both got a new dress this year and I loved them....okay way to long!

Hah....okay well now Dallas has come in and I told him we would look at a few things together before we head to bed so I will have to post later! Hah who cares anyway since there are not pictures to see, right :)! See you all laters!