Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Can't Sleep

Every had one of those days/nights...well I haven't, not often anyways! When sleep time rolls around, I am out like a light. Tonight, not so much. I tried to turn on Harry Potter, then I addressed most of my Christmas cards, then I blog hopped for awhile and got caught up on a few peoples happenings, sat here and now, well a post.

Dallas has not felt well today, bless his heart, a stuffed nose usually knocks him out cold (just kidding Dallas), totally kidding. So he fell asleep pretty much right after Santa Clause came.....okay so I will back up a do have a few post worthy things to post, pictures will follow.

Santa Clause came tonight. It was pretty much a picture perfect holiday night. First it all started with Cafe Rio/Costa Vida copy cat salad (it is GOOD). Well Dal was feeling a little to sick and so I finished the dishes while he sat with the kids AND Kenady walks most of the time unless she REALLY wants to get somewhere (SHOULD INSERT PICTURE HERE). So Dallas enticed her to walk around the room while Sydney laughed. Then I came in with the computer to do a little work and dun, dun dun. We heard jingling at our step, Santa came to our house. It was so awesome, he had the nicest shiny suit, bells around his waist and a big sack full of toys. He gave Sydney and Kenady a stuffed animal and the COOLEST key I have ever seen (insert picture here). You will have to see it. You hang it on your door Christmas eve (especially those who do not have fireplaces). It is a special key just for Santa that allows him to get into your house. SO cool. Sydney was in heaven when she opened up the door and Santa came in. Kenady was not afraid and we got a great picture.

Santa left and a few minutes later...we had carolers at our door. We walked out and listened to them for a few songs and back in! What a great night.

So back to the sleeping escapade. Dallas falls asleep right after the carolers leave and I put the kiddos to sleep. Kenady cried for 40 minutes (I dont know why she does that so much lately) but Syd was pretty good about going to sleep. I came in to do more work and have never left my room. Dallas is still sleeping on the couch!

It was a fun night! Merry Christmas everyone! What a great time of year, I love sharing and eating and enjoying the spirit!

Monday, December 10, 2007


Sydney just got my phone while I was sitting her doing the last post and I heard her say..."hello, oh hi I am just trying to call Santa, I need to tell him I want chou chou"

This has been three hours later! She really has a one track mind!

Happening's Before Christmas....letter to Cord

Since I use this for journaling purposes....and writing Cord is a bit like a journal I thouht I would just add this! Merry Christmas everyone!

Hey Elder Whiting. How are things goings going? What is happening new? Thanks so much for sending a letter again last week. It is always so good to get a condensed version of everything. How are the Holidays in Tennese? I have a few customers that are in Tennese. Fun to see that.

Things here are going well. Just as busy as before I can not wait for vinyl to settle down a little bit I think after this week the Christams rush will be over and everything will settle a little bit. Thank goodness for the kids who are working for me. otherwise I would eat, sleep and breath this stuff!

So needless to say that is about all I have been doing. Trying to spread a little Christmas cheer too. We have decorated the inside of our house but not the outside yet, loosers. I have made a few cookies and we hope to get plates out tonight for FHE. I am trying to teach Sydney about the true meaning of Christmas and I think she gets it....she also really loves Santa and can not wait for a cash register and a baby doll. In fact last night she went to sleep at like 5:30 so I figured around 8:00 she would wake up and not be tired for a few hours and she did. So we went online and were looking at toys. She saw a baby she decided she REALLY wanted. So she told me all about it, talked to her dad about it and decided that Dad needed to inform Santa Claus in the change of ideas for a baby. I thought we had it all taken care of then this morning Sydney woke up (Dallas had already left for work) and she said where is dad. Oh no were is DAD. Oh no mom he did not tell Santa that I want a diffrent baby.....oh no mom I need to call Santa right now!'. I told her that we write letters to Santa and then Santa would choose a few presents to bring her.....she said, 'but this is serious, I really need to call Santa'. She is too funny.

and of course then there is Kenady, she is still a scaredy cat, she will walk from one side of the couch to the other without touching the couch but she will not walk on her own. She is there, just to afraid to take the leap! It will be fun to have her walking, I figured around 10 months she would be so who knows for sure! She had a great birhtday, well not really. We were traveling when she had her birthday but we gave her a little Elmo doll and the next day she was spoiled with another present and a birthday cake, for her I think that was enough! She is great.

Dallas is always trying to come up with new things, a new plan for his practice, becoming a personal trainer along with it. Selling sandrails, adding onto my business. it is amazing with all his new ideas, his crazy work on the house and work that he spends as much time with us as he does. He is fun and we appreciate all that he if I could just figure out what to get him for Christmas!

Well I suppse I should go and see what the kiddos are doing. We need to run to Wal-Mart so I can buy supplies to make goodies to take around to people tonight. We love you very much, love to hear from you, promise to send out pictures and thank you so much for all the blessings that you give us. Good luck, you are in our prayers....I know luck is not a good word because it is not luck that is involved!


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

El Bow Maker

It is here, it is new, love the design, love it all!

Okay guys it is finished. My supplier was able to get the El Bow Makers to me and I love them. I can not wait to get them out there! I just need to start marketing, yeah!

Yesterday I spent all day working on updating my website with the El Bow Maker information...but you know how it goes when you work on something for too long, everything looks okay, all the sentences make sense, your are grammatically correct on everything and those colors...they are perfect....when in reality nothing was quite right!

I would love for you to check it out if you have some time and leave a comment here/email me or sign my webpages guest book (at the bottom of the page) with your opinion, suggestions, and changes....It took me weeks/months to get the info on there so it could take me a little longer to make changes but I would love the help. Thanks in advance you are awesome! Here is the link to my site with all the information!

Kenady is One!

Time flies by way to fast! I can not believe our little girl is one! She is so cute and has such opionions now. She really lets you know how she feels, and what she wants and right now I think it is very cute. She is a good girl and for the most part she can entertain herself for hours on end, she isn't one that like to be held a lot....maybe it is because she has her older sister to follow around.

Her birthday is so close to Christmas, I really tried to have you in Novemmber :). This weekend was her birthday and we were shopping in the valley, mostly for Christmas presents. We had planned on going home Friday but my supplier wouldnt have the El Bow Maker ready until Saturday and so we unexpectedly had to stay overnight...lots of fun but Saturday was Kenady's birthday. We had Elmo all ready for her when she woke up and we sang but mostly that morning we were doing errands...not a lot of fun. When we got home I felt bad so I ran and got a second present and an icecream cake (lame mom but she love it).

All in all I think she enjoyed her birthday! HEHEEE. When we go up to St. Johns for Christmas maybe we can have a little something with family then!

The actual Thanksgiving

We did have a great Thanksgiving. It was fun to be with Dallas family. Cameron and Kathy came and they are always so much fun. I just love Brock, Chaz and Bryce. Sydney loved playing with them, they are so nice to her that she feels like she is a little princess.

Kathy and I were even able to sit and read books for an hour at a time. That was a real treat. We eat a great Thanksgiving, we talked, we played games, went to the park, and on a few rides around the town. It was lots of fun.

Sydney and the boys got to cook with Grandma. They made pumpkin pie and the best sugar cookies we have ever tasted. Good job guys!