Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Some funny happenings!

Today each of our kids did some funny stuff. First this morning, in the wee hours of the morning Sydney came slythering into our room with this tiny little voice. She said mom, "I sweaterd all over my pants, for some reason I sweaterd in my pajama's." ** I said Sydney did do think you really had an accident and she said, "No mom, I sweatered". She was so tired, she had fallen asleep without going to be and I dont think she woke up when she peed so when she finally came to she wondered where all this sweater had come from. I cleaned her off she marched back to her room and went straight to bed.

Then tonight we got new cell phones ***. While we were in the store Sydney started sticking her tongue out and doing the nahnah (where you spit, kinda, you know what I mean). First she did it to me, then another customer and then to Kenady. I don't like that to much so after she did it to me a second time I picked her up and we had a talk about why she couldn't do that, etc. etc. etc. Well I put her back down and Kenady walked right up to me and stuck out her tongue and did the nahnah (where you spit, kinda, you know what I mean). She is already mocking me! What to do, what to do!

**Side note Dallas and I have been working out and so she has seen us "watering" she asked Dallas why he watered and he talked to her about sweating which has turned into sweaterd.

***another side note, we went in to get new cell phones, and what a night it turned out to be. I locked my keys in the car, AGAIN. The girls were tired and hungry and the locksmith didnt come for an hour and a half. I had fun but I don't think Dallas was to pleased. Heheee. BUT I now have TEXT, yahoo, feel free to text anytime).

Have you seen it?

We can not find our camera anywhere. Dallas had it when we were in St. Johns moving house to house and suddenly, it's dissappeared. I think I might need to write an ode to our camera! If anyone knows it's where abouts please contact. We promise a reward!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Cord's Letter

Hey Cord,

How are things going in the new area? How is the car treating you and life with just one other person in an apartment? Things are going great here. It looks like we are going back up North this weekend, when Tyson gets his endowments. Pretty exciting, huh. I think it is so neat. You two are the best!

This has been a fun week. I don't have much vinyl right now. A few enquiries, ever so often and a little bit of actual vinyl, so now I am a slacker. It is hard to want to get back on the computer and work when I get to hang out with Sydney and Kenady, clean my house and keep it picked up, make real meals, read a book, and have a good time. I do love it but I love having something to do! It all works out. So pretty much that is what I have been doing. If I have some times I clean a closet, clean out the garage, you know the normal things.

Sydney and Kenady, they are so much fun together. Kenady is what you call a sheep, Dallas and I call her that but Sydney has nicknamed her bubber. Anyway back to the whole sheep. She loves to follow Sydney and do whatever she is doing. We were riding in the car today and when Sydney would put her hands on her face so would Kenady, she would raise her would Kenady. She would would Kenady. Then when we got home Sydney wanted to practice her prayer that she will be giving this week in primary so she put up a little pulpit and was saying her prayer. Well Kenady came over, folded her arms and laid her head down to say her prayer too. They are lots of fun.

Kenady talks back. :) We were in church and Dallas told her "no, no" she looked at him said "yes, yes" and did just what she wanted. Then today we were having lunch and she started dropping her food off her plate so I said Kenady, "no, no" and she said "yes, yes" and dropped another piece of food to the ground. She also likes to drag Sydney's HUGE dolls around by the feet. She is starting to play, she like to be tickled and chased. Lots of fun. She also throws fits. We already need to work on that. Dallas and her were on the couch eating a laffy taffy. When it was all done Dallas gave her the wrapper. She looked at it, looked at him back at the wrapper threw it at him and screamed at him, scooted off his lap and she was gone! What has Dallas gotten himself into, three girls (that includes me).

Sydney is the same ol, same ol, but she is finally in 3T pants! Yeah! She started sucking her thumb around Christmas time. Today I told her it would make her teeth look yucky and she cried and cried, she wanted me to take it back but it didn't stop her from sucking that dang thumb. Dallas and I started working out (wahoo), we put Kenady to bed and then we head out to the garage and Sydney gets to go with us. She loves it. She talks about it everyday. She patiently (and some times not so patiently) waits her turn. First for the treadmill, then for the weights, I guess she is a bit of a sheep too. She is a funny sassy little girl and we love her. We found an easy way to get her to go to sleep. We just bring her in read her a book and tell her if she goes to sleep we will get to do it again tomorrow. Oh yeah she is glued to the t.v. just like you and Ty used to be! If she is watching there is no distracting her and she would do it all day if you would let her!

Dallas is doing about the same. Always looking for something new, but it has been nice, with us working out we get to see a lot more of each other. It is nice to be on a routine (okay it has been five days, lets see how long it lasts). He is still looking into future endeavours and trying to see just what we can do. In the mean time he is enjoying his boss, and the people. His patients are constantly giving him things...who wouldn't love that. He just started playing basketball and he really loves that.

Well, awfully long. We love you very much. So happy that we get to hear from you weekly! You are in our prayers as always! Have a great week!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Our Year at a glance!

2007, what can I say a life changing year, maybe. A fun filled year, could be. The start of our new lives, I think that's it!

January - Kenady was blessed.
Sydney saw snow for the first time, we headed up to Utah for Dallas last rotation and I realized that two kids, working from home and being a wife was not really all that terrifying. All in all it was a good month.

February -
Kenady got her first sets of shots. She did really well. Sydney was so very sad that she didn't get shots too. As soon as we took Kenady off the table Sydney bounced right up there and was ready. She cried when she found out that it was not her turn! We met some good friend's, our landlords. They are the nicest people and all of the kids are so nice, helpful and we are glad we got to know them!

I don't remember much about this month. I do know that the highlight was going to a "skateland". We had the time of our lives (we really need to get out more). Kenady slept, while Dallas, Sydney and I got to go on all the blow up, bouncy, slides, mats, trampolines, obstacle courses (don't know what they are actually called). We ran and played for a good hour before the Brown's got there and we headed to the skating rink for food and skating. Dallas watched Sydney while I taught Sydney to skate, I don't think she ever got the hang of it but she loved the music, the games, the disco lights. Sydney and I could have stayed there all night!

April - General Conference!
It was so much fun being there at this time of year. Dad, Ty and Cord came up and were able to go to a few sessions.
Dallas watched the kids so that I could go to a session and then they all went to Priesthood. Kenady got her first pictures, we had to take Ty and Cord for Senior Pictures and so Kenady and Sydney went too! It was so much fun.

May- We spent two weeks in Omaha, NE. Some friends were out of town and they let us stay in there house. We had lots of fun there. Going to the Children's museum and mostly hanging out with friends. The very best part, Dallas graduated from Creighton with a DPT! It was so much fun going to his banquets, parties, baccalaureate, and finally graduation. it was a proud proud day for the Davis family and I think...another start to our life.

June -
We lived with family, family, family. They may have gotten sick of us but we are so very thankful for them! It was nice to be in St. Johns, to hang out, to visit, to be with my sister too, and to enjoy the summer, in the pool, with the kids, eating snow cones and taking a minor break.

July- Was also pretty meaningful. This is the month we got a house, Dallas started his job, we were home for the 24th of July , Cord got his mission call, Kenady started crawling and my parents were married for the second time. It was an amazing, crazy, month to say the least.

August - Dallas takes and passes his state/national boards. Sydney stays in her first hotel that she can remember
& gets her first real hair cut. She talks about it all the time. She is so used to moving around that she often tells me, mom I want to live in a hotel next.

- I sold my first El Bow Maker. Cord leaves on his mission, Sydney starts dance class and we go to the Drive In for the first time!

October - Sydney turns three and this was a huge year for her! We went a little overboard since we finally had a job a little extra money. I dreamed of having a battery powered car when I was little...but knew it was just a dream. Well Sydney got one and she is afraid of it! She will drive it for awhile but when she comes close to a wall, she left Kenady high and dry in the passenger seats, says she needs to get some gas and never comes back! She loved having a real pary and we are so glad we are close to home where family can come.

November -
Turkey day was good, we don't get to see the Davis extended family as much as we would like too....they need more get together's. That is why Thanksgiving is always fun. The Davis' have someone there every year. This year it was Cameron and Kathy. We really enjoy them and their family. This is a time I am so busy with my vinyl it is all I think about and do, sorry we don't have more of a glimpse into November.

December - Kenady turns one! Of course, shopping, Christmas, and all the fun events. Sydney had a dance recital. We find out that Dallas' boss is moving! They are the light of our lives in Globe. We are so excited for them but bummed they will be gone. We will really miss them. Now we have to figure out just what we are going to do!

New years and all (including Tyson's mission call)

New Years was just as fun as Christmas. Isn't it great to be home, we are sure making a lot of trips back up that way! Crew and Trip had a birthday party the next weekend so we headed up there Saturday morning. I can not beleive how big our kids get so fast. Shanda made the COOLEST cake. Pretty sweet :). Then we headed to St. Johns for the weekend and back to Jason's house Monday morning. They had the best New Years party we have been to in Years, okay maybe ever. It was a lot of fun. Shanda has pictures on her blog. We tried to put the kiddos to bed but Sydney and Crew stayed up just about as long as we did! Thanks for such a great time.

The next weekend Tyson got his mission call. He waited patiently while we all headed that way. He is going to the Billings, Montana mission! He is going to be an amazing missionary and we are all very excited for him!

Christmas....the rest of the story!

Okay, back to the Christmas escpade, where did I leave off. We had a great time at church and when we came home Jason, Shanda, Crew, and Trip all came to stay! It was so much fun having everyone there. I truly loved it! I know I kept pushing for them to come and stay (they only live 40 minutes away) and I am so glad that they did! It felt so much like Christmas.

Monday we hung out and did some cooking, some running around and mostly hanging out. Christmas eve is always so much fun. First we went to Grandpa Stradlings house (Laura too). We have a Mexican fiesta. There is so much great food, we sit and talk and catch up, as our family gets bigger it gets harder and harder to see everyone so this is such a fun time for me. At about 7:00 we make the treck over to Grandpa & ma Despain's. There we have a little talent program. Sydney did so great. She is a lime-light girl and she sang "Santa Clause is coming to town" she practiced all week and was very excited to do it! Funny girl, she did an awesome job and we were all impressed. Then we sang a few carols, and had homemade icecream and treats. Finally it was off to Grandma and Grandpa Whiting's were they had P.J.'s for all the kids, a little bag from Santa and we sent the kiddo's off to bed. Julie and Butch came over and we did a White Elephant gift exchange then we moved on to those presents that still needed to be wrapped.

Christmas morning was so much fun! The kiddos loved it. Sydney got a cash register, a doll set, and a doll. Kenady got a chair, some pull along toys and a sit/scoot tricycle. They probably got more then they desereved. heheee. I sure wish we could find our camera but I figured I better post before I forget everything!

The next best thing we got to talk to Cord! yahoo. It was awesome, he sounds so great, he loves the work, he is just doing and being awesome. Then off to the Davis' and Sydney got another baby, she just LOVES this baby! They knew just what to get her. Kenady got an electric guitar! We headed to The McKorkels to visit with the rest of the Davis' then off to my parents to say goodbye to Jason. So that is it in a nutshell. It was so much fun and I am so thankful to be closer to family whom we love dearly!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Christmas 2008

We had a great Christmas. I have been waiting to post until we found our camera but it is a goner and this time I am proud to say it was not me! Dallas has it and he can remember taking it from one house to another but doesn't know where it went after that. So I suppose yet again pictures are too come. I think we will find it, eventually.

We had so much fun. I know that there are times Dallas contemplates not going home for Christmas and waking up in our own home. If we ever move closer that could work out but for now we are making that long trip of 2.5 hours to be closer to family and we were both so glad we did this year.

We went up Saturday morningish. We stopped at Wal-Mart and Home Depot on the way to St. Johns and then home we went. We hung out Saturday visted both parents. Sunday we went to church and the little girls wore their Sunday dresses. They looked so very cute. This year I splurged, I usually wait and wait to get a dress, I think they are to expensive, especially if you have to get real Sunday shoes to go along with it, and I wait somemore hoping that something will go on sale and then finally they wear a dress from last year unless Grandma comes to the rescue and buys them a dress (which actually she has done most years...I know she did it last year). Well this year I really liked a dress on Gap, it was just a simple velvet dress and I couldnt find anything else, it wasnt ever on sale and then finally a week before Christmas it was YEAH! So they both got a new dress this year and I loved them....okay way to long!

Hah....okay well now Dallas has come in and I told him we would look at a few things together before we head to bed so I will have to post later! Hah who cares anyway since there are not pictures to see, right :)! See you all laters!