Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Twins Missionary Letters for the week - Update

Things here are still going ok. We are always busy with something and I really am not liking that to much right now. I suppose it is good to be busy though, but I think it makes me or Dallas grouchy at times! Its a lot of work to start up your own business and takes a lot of money too! Okay Debbie downer (that's me). It is nice to have Dallas home more so that's a good thing right!

I work at the gym once a week and Shanda takes the kids, then on Friday I take her kids and she goes to class. Now you know me, the ever sensitive mom (rats, I know). For some reason Sydney is petrified of babysitters and she doesn't want anything to do with them or them with her. She would rather come and sit with me in a chair for two hours then go with one. Well she had to be babysat by Shanda once....and Sydney yelled at her, then she was babysat by a younger girl at our house. When we left Sydney went running into her room and so the girl followed her to comfort her. Well good ol Syd yelled, "Get out, get out of my room now!" I don't need no babysitter." Well she got into some serious trouble. But that is about how babysitting has gone for the last while.

Well last night I thought it would be a good idea to prepare her for going to Shanda's. NOT A GREAT IDEA. She talked about it all night. She went to sleep talking about it, she woke up in the middle of the night...talking about it, she woke up at 5:30 this morning talking about it and finally I let her hop into bed at 7:00a.m. I thought she felt really warm and she pulls the Mom I am sick card (without me saying anything). Well she did feel warm, I was sick Sunday and Kenady has been sick Monday and Tuesday, maybe she really was sick. But I didn't want her to get her way again.

So I said, "Well A. Shanda has a lot of fun things planned, Kenady gets to go over, you don't have to but sick girls have to stay in there beds all day so they can get better. I have to go to work but Ill get a babysitter to come and check on you".

She wasn't happy about the babysitter at her house but she was fine to lay on her bed for the next two hours. Finally she called to me as I walked past and said. "Mom I got an idea, this babysitter who is coming by, how about if she doesn't come into my room, she doesn't talk to me, she just knocks on the wall and I knock back to let her know that I am ok!"

Are you serious my four year old just asked me that! But I said I would think about it. I went in to take her temperature and it was a whopping 98 degrees. Again are you kidding me! So I told her well Syd it looks like you are all better. I need to call the babysitter back and tell her you get to go to A. Shanda's. She was quite worried about going back to A. Shanda's but...she was happy to be out of her room. Finally two minutes before we leave she comes in and whimpers, "Mom, I might be ok at Shanda's today." and that was that. I dropped her off and she had a great time. I only hope next week will be the same! Crazy girl! So that is Sydney in a nut shell, still the same, keeps me on my toes (I am not very good at toe balancing) and a lot of fun!

Kenady is so easy going, she doesn't have quite as many far fetched tales. She enjoys a good Curious George movie (Dallas got that for her for Valentines day), she is totally potty trained, she amazingly did it all by herself. It was awesome. Even naps and nights. She has quite the bladder :)

She loves to talk, in fact, while Sydney or Dallas talk to me she says, " Mom, I need to talk, mom can you heeeeaaaarrr meeee, Mom listen." I tell her hold on a second and she puts her hands behind her back and sways. Sometimes she remembers to tell me something, sometimes not but she loves to talk. She also likes to push limits. I say Kenners sit right here and point and she has to sit 2 inches farther away and say, "right here Mom, right here is okay...right?" She does that quite a lot.

I am sorta like a, what would you say, a whale. I still have two more months but most people say you are due any day right! Some of the time I just smile and say yes. Okay I am exaggerating but I have had people say that!

Overall things are going well. I miss Mom a lot but I couldn't be happy for her, to be in such a great place, looking out for us. Everything I read says that she is able to watch out for us and help us out so much more there then she could here, with us. She helped us out a lot here, so I can only imagine. Sometimes I think I want to call Mom to ask her this, and it makes me sad, I went to a funeral last week and I didn't realize how hard that would be. It really wasn't to bad until the end when they all walked out, I had a hard time with that. But overall I do okay. I hope Dad is okay. I know this has to be quite a struggle for him. They were always together and I hope that throughout his day he finds little pieces of comfort, he sure is great. Well I love you. You are awesome. Let us know how things are going and know how much we love you!


We planned to go to Disneyland months and months ago with Jas, Shanda and their family. So just a few weeks ago we were off. It was a really nice break, the kids loved it, and I always like family time. We left. Saturday, stayed the night in the valley with Josh and Kristin (I got a much needed Costa Vida sweet pork salad). Then Sunday morning I talked Jas into going a little later and we left the Valley at 7:00a.m. We got to Disneyland around 1:00 and played the day away.
(Pirates of the Caribbean was our favorite ride. Kenady had to warm up to it but we went at least twice a day)

Monday was quite the day. We got there and Dallas realized (a first for him, it is ALWAYS me, I had to laugh, he can't get quite as mad at me anymore) that he left the tickets at home. We decided to go and see if Disneyland could do anything for us. So I waited in line at guest services for over an hour. Jas and Shanda were SUCH good sports, they should have gone in but they stayed and waited for us the whole time. When I got to the front they said there was nothing they could do, but then wallaaa. Out comes a little old lady who is amazingly computer savvy. She breaks into the old Disneyland accounts and prints out our old tickets. We all stayed together that day and Jas and Shanda showed us the ropes. By days end I was grouchy so we went before the park ended.
(Kenday loved toon town. The houses were awesome)

(Sydney in time out, remember I got grouchy ) Tuesday we decided to split up, Crew weren't to excited about waiting in line to see the Princess'. We played all day, met up for the Pixar parade and then went to Fantasmic (something like that) to finish off the night. Can I tell you that Fantasmic was one of the coolest things I have EVER seen. I can't wait to go back just to see it. They play it at night before the park closes. Most of it has to do with the movie Fantasia, but the mix in a lot of the other Disney movies. They use water, a projector, dragons, the Disney Characters, it was just AMAZING and I smile thinking about it! Go see it! (We waited for about 1.5 hours to see the princess') (They were pretty good friends, it was fun to watch them)
(Waiting for the parade to start)
Hello everyone. I am sorry that I have not been great about commenting back on your blog but I want you to know how much I appreciate you and your kind words, and thoughts, and prayers. It really means a lot to us! Also thanks so much for those of you who helped for the funeral and during that first week, and those that came to the funeral. It really made it easier to have so many people we love there and to see so many people who loved our Mom. She sure is an amazing lady. I miss her a lot, but I know it was her time to help out on the other side, and I couldn't think of someone more qualified to be there! I know she is looking out for us!