Saturday, August 25, 2007

Just one more thing

I am glad I finally got some new posts on here and the house will come soon. But with my last post I started thinking, "Okay really this is probably what scrapbooking is all about". I love making cards but had a hard time pulling out all my material and worrying that I would wreck the pictures (Even with that mentality I still went out and bought a sizzix, colluzle, and lots of embellishments, sometimes you have to wonder about me).

So I have been thinking a lot about digital scrapbooking. I just got illustrator for creativecustomlettering and think I have heard you can use that to digital scrap, I don't know how does anyone else. Secondly, if you do use an open program like that, where do you get all the cute background and embellishments? Third, what do I do once I have digitally scrapped them, anyone know? I need some help here. I think I would like to do both the blog and still scrap too. I just need to start because I have five years of pictures to do! Any help would be awesome!

A day in the Life of Jaymi, Sydney and Kenady

Well this was a wonderful day at our house...really it was quite a lot of fun. Sydney you like to do your makeup when I do mine so she was sitting in with me when I got ready and then after we put the makeup away I went off to do something else. I came back 5 minutes later and Kenady and Sydney had turned into lions. Sydney was a lion for Halloween last year and she enjoyed it so much she just wanted to try again :)!

I suppose most of the day was uneventful, we did some cleaning, took naps and let Kenady eat her first finger foods, black beans, lettuce, cheese, and more black beans. She LOVED it! It was so cute, this girl, can not get enough! You are too cute Kenady, I love feeding you, when you want more you either crinkle up your upper lip and start breathing in and out through your nose (making a sniffing sound) or you yell at us (grunt) to let us know you are in need of more...especially when you need a drink. We love you.

After dinner it was off to the bath for both Kenady and Sydney...of course. Guess what I did...left to get the camera when I saw just how cute Kenady looked...argh. Sydney was making her into a lion, once again. Oh to be the younger sister but I dont think Sydney will be bigger for to much longer. Kenady is just growing like a weed and I think Sydney is going to be a short little character, just like my Grandma Despain. Five foot nothing...well not quite but on the shorter end, hah just like me I suppose!

It was a fun day. Kids are so much fun, now am I ever going to get a babysitter so Dallas and I can have some alone fun too :) Maybe that should be my next project.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Dallas Final Test.....BOARDS

Dallas has studied long and hard for his boards. That is all he does all day for the last two months...lucky for us they have let him study all day every day at work, so we still get him for part of the night.

His test was Wednesday, August 1st. We went down the night before and stayed at a hotel. It was SO much fun to get away, eat out, stay in a hotel, eat their breakfast buffet (which really was quite good) swim and leave without making any beds. It was only for one night, and just the second time that Sydney has been in a hotel (first for lame) and I think her and I loved it the most. Kenady you are so laid back that you like it either way!

We went to Subway for lunch and dropped Dallas off to take his test. Right across the street was AZ Mills Mall and so I decided that was as good of place as any to wast six hours. Luckily both of you fell asleep in the three minuted drive it took to get there and I was able to read Eclipse for close to an hour in the car...I would turn it on to get the car cold...then I would roll down the windows when it got to hot, finally when it was unbearable I would roll up the windows and start all over again. Kenady you woke up and so I played with you (and read) until Sydney woke up...the same time I finished Eclipse. When you get old enough to want to read novels, I will have them ready for you. They are SO GOOD! Remember your mom has great taste, I know you will love them :) heheee.

So into the mall we went and Sydney had to stop at the rainforest cafe to take a picture with the frog and watch the snake and crocidile.

This shopping excursion was mostly about Sydney. We didn't have an agenda, we started at the Rain Forest Cafe and hit every kid store all the way around. First stop, the bathroom of course, then onto the carousel, the IMAX, and then finally the crabs. Kenady and Sydney you both loved the crabs, you dint want to touch them, of course. Then to payless to find ballet and tap shoes and then to the hair salon to get Sydneys first hair cut. It is VERY Cute.

Then it was off to the pest store and finally to the Gap, yeah, mom got her first credit card...but oddly enough all of the clothes were for Sydney and Kenady. By then we were pretty wiped and Sydney made a few friends so we sat and played. Then off again, to find a stroller but Burlington did not have a double stroller in stock (which I went and bought that next week and has yet to be used). I was more than done, Sydney tired and hungry and Kenady bored...When Dallas called to say he was finished. Saved...

He felt good about his test (two weeks later he did really great, passed, and is finally a licensed DPT after taking the test only once!). We headed back to good ol Globe for another day of work and fun :)

Making your blogs into books

I saw that you can make your blogs into books. How fun. I can't wait to have our "journals" on our shelves! This is too great. I always wanted to have journals with pictures in them. So everyone now that I realized this I may get a little sappy at times. I do want my kids and husband to know how much I love them every now and then and I am going to back track a little to our beginnings of Globe AZ! Thanks

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Oh my Scary Lary!

Tonight was a little scary for me and quite a reality check. Often times I don't realize how potentate my role as a mother should be and how important it is. Not that I don't enjoy almost every second of it and love what I do...what I mean is that I think sometimes I get to laid back and lackadaisical and my mind frame is don't worry, everything just works out. Tonight was one of those nights to help me put things into perspective.

We have been doing so much work, sun up to sun down. I have tried to play with the kids but am failing miserably :) so I decided to go in and give the kids a bath and pay some attention to them (after dinner, we ate on our new lawn tonight)while Dallas stayed outside and worked more on the yard. I put the kiddos in the bath and scurried into my room to grab something and decided while I was at it I would turn the computer on so I could check my emails.....da da dum. Seriously what was I thinking.

I actually don't know what happened or why I ran, but thank goodness for the spirit and that Heavenly Father wanted/allowed little Kenady to still grace our presence because the next thing I knew I was in the bathroom. Kenady was under the water and gulping for breath. I grabbed her out and she just went limp onto my chest, it was very scary. She was blue, her whole body seemed to be swollen with water and she couldn't breath. I was petrified. I ran out the back door yelling for Dallas and he threw her over his knee and tried to pat the water out of her lungs. All the while she was never unconscious (I don't think) Finally Dallas got the water out of her lungs and she started breathing...but wanted nothing more than to sleep. She seemed to be confused and uncomfortable. After about a half hour she started to babble a little bit and would crawl around. A few hours later I finally feel brave enough to put her to bed but I have been checking on her every few minutes and plan to bring her into my room when all the lights go down.

Never ever leave your kids in the bath! The one regretful thing....this is something that I can prevent and luckily, something that turned out okay!

I sure appreciate their little laughter, their smiles and their touch. I am so grateful Heavenly Father allowed these little spirit children into our home.

Monday, August 6, 2007

A great weekend

I totally brought my camera but then didnt take it out for anything. This weekend was awesome. So much fun to be closer to home. Saturday morning we headed to Snowflake to go through the temple with my brother, Cord. First we got to visit with Shanda and Jason and they got babysitters for all four of the kids (this was Kenady's first time to be babysat, crazy as that is!).

The temple was so awesome. It was super full. There was another missionary and two girls going through for the first time, getting married the next weekend (I think). It was so neat to be there with Cord and my family and I enjoyed the spirit. There is nothing like the temple, and family and being at the temple with family. I am so proud of my little brothers they are the coolest people ever.

Then I headed to St. Johns through pouring, did I say pouring, I mean pelting, flooding, washing rain. It was so cool! As soon as we got into town Dallas to me to Julie's twilight prom I jumped out in the parking lot and into a lake of water up to my ankles, nice nice. The prom was SO MUCH fun cant thank Julie, Kirstin, and Monica enough for such a good time. You will have to check out Julies website I will tell her to put some pictures on. I loved, loved, loved it!

The next day we headed to 5th ward to find everything in disarray. It was nice though, we finally were not late to church, okay so we were but they were late getting started. Upon starting the meeting we found out just how much the moisture had done for us.....there is flooding everywhere! The whole morning had been spent moving people/things out of their houses due to the rain. How sad for those people who are having to move out, but it was really neat to see all of the support, service, and help that was being done. About a third of the ward was at church the other 2/3 had already been informed of the need for assistance and were out moving, cleaning, whatever they could do. The Bishop said they were only having sacrament today due to the need for service. He also said that down at the city yard people were going to bag sand because there was supposed to be another storm of equal intensity and they were trying to get people ready for the next wave of storms. It was neat to see how much service was being done, and how much the people care about eachother! Keep praying for rain, just not in your house!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Our last few months have been so much fun and gone by so fast. Here are a few pictures of our escapades. Now that we are moved and sedentary, in all ways, we might get back to normal schedules!