Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My obsessive thoughts

Isn't square cool! A favorite saying! The plaques are interchangeable! So cool!

I have written a lot about my girls and really they are in my thoughts most of the time but when I am not concentrating (couldn't think of a better word) on them I am thinking of new ideas for my website and for a store/boutique in the near future, and I say Dallas gets obsessive! First as soon as we get settled I am going to expand my website not only to just vinyl but to finished product, kits, and boards as well. Oh I don't need to bore you, I have lots of fun ideas so in the next months you will have to check out the site if you would like to see more. Here are a few of my ideas that I want to do, I hope they will sell but I know that I really like them, I cant wait to decorate a house!
Which reminds me...we are on our way, can you believe that I am excited about good ol' Globe, AZ! Can you really believe it! We have our loan approval and Dallas is taking the video camera down and look at houses next weekend (to expensive for us all to go) and I am so excited to get his grouchy bum at of the house, heheee, totally kidding. We will miss him but can't wait to see what kind of footage he brings home!
And back to his compulsive behaviors, he still thinks we are going to buy and sell sand rails, but for the time being he has done enough research on it and has moved on to handy jobs he will be doing around the house. He came upon concrete counter tops, and now he has got it mastered (well researched anyway) and cant wait to try it on first his grilling area, then a table and finally all our counter tops. We are so glad we actually have a handy man in our home, when he puts his mind to something I always know it will get done, and done well. He is a perfectionist, so he may be cussing up a storm and spitting mad, but the counter tops will look awesome, and I can picture them now. All you valley friends we just may need to stay with you for a few weeks while he is working! Heheee.
Well I am out for now! Cant wait to see some of my family this weekend for conference. It will be awesome!

Kenady has been feeling a little under the weather, I am not sure what's wrong. She is not a huge cryer but the last couple of days that is about all she does, unless I am holding her, even then she can't be laying down. But....she let me give her rice cereal for the first time, without any cries or complaints. She hated it, tried to spit most of it out and gagged on the rest but she still cooed and talked the whole way through. She is a good natured baby, chubby as all get out and we love her. By the way, I don't feed her to much the doctor just said my milk is like cream! :)

I had a day of all days ( a few days ago). Now it is funny, but in the moment I wondered how I could raise two kids, let alone six...yes, I know I feel that way often. Sydney is so cute, full of life, and full of it! Sydney has now hit what I always think of as "the terrible two's".

We woke up as we always do, Sydney sneaking into my room, sun barely rising (okay it isn't that bad) getting to Kenady's crib or my bed and yelling, "Kenady wake up, I can't wait to see you." Oh boy, I thought we had gotten over that. I rushed out the door with Sydney under my arm, hoping Kenady would fall back to sleep for a few more hours, and the day just kept getting more lively from there. I was making breakfast and lo and behold when I turned around Sydney was standing at my feet and she roared at me. She was proud, proud, proud. She was covered in pen from head to toe. She had found a pen (she is notorious for that), and wrote all over yourself. She told me she had painted herself to look like a lion (since that is what she was last Halloween and I painted her face.

Then a little later she came and showed me that she had painted entire foot with sparkly fingernail polish (she usually tells me), she told me because she said her foot was burning. A few days before I had painted Kenady and my toes but she didn't want hers done then. We got her cleaned and I stayed in the bathroom to do some makeup. I realized she wasn't at my side (she loves makeup) so I went searching and I found her as she finished covering Kenady's entire second leg with my base. Not only did it cover all of her legs but was up most of Kenady's shirt. Again she looked up at me and grinned and said, "Aaahhh mom, look how pretty, isn't she so pretty, Kenady looks beautiful."

Later that day I was picking up for the umpteenth time (I need to work more with her on making sure she picks up your messes) and there she is under my router just finishing off Kenady’s mylicon drops! I am so glad they aren’t to dangerous to digest! It was a full day and I was tired by the time we were done!

This is a picture of Kenady and Sydney at the end of their day, you would have thought their day was hard!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Moments we are thankful for

The last week I have had a few moments to be thankful for. I was at the stake center this week and a man came and sat by me while talking on his cell phone. He was talking about his little girl. The little girl was with her mom shopping at Costco, she was standing in front of the shopping cart. Well her mom slowed down, the girl wasn't holding on and out she fell. She flipped forward and landed on her head. The mom did her best to console her...now this is not the end of the story but, that had just happened to me the week prior! I thought he was telling my story!

Well with my story, it pretty much ends there. After a few minutes Sydney stopped crying and she didn't look to have a concussion, or anything similar, I was very glad and didn't think much more of it. This isn't where the other little girls story ends. She was really out of it. She was going in and out of consciousness and so they took her to the hospital. They did an MRI and this little girl has a cyst on her brain that has probably been there since birth. They are trying to find out now if it is malignant etc. In a strange way I am sure it is a blessing she fell out, maybe so they could find this little cyst, but how thankful I am that this careless little mom was able to pick Sydney up, console her and go on our way (that we are healthy). There is just so much to be thankful for.

The last thing, just this morning as I was doing dishes I was thinking about my life. I started thinking about my dreams and what I thought it would be like to be married and what my ideal life would be....I realized, I am living it! Oh the things to be thankful for!

Friday, March 9, 2007

A new milestone

Well, it is now into the wee hours of the night. Kenady has already gotten up and is now back down for the night, I was reading through Julie's blog and her sister in laws' and realized I needed to update my blog, there wasn't much to it! Here I am three hours later with not much to show but I sure had a lot of fun doing it! Thanks for all the great ideas.

Tomorrow morning I will take a picture of Sydney and post it because we hit a milestone today. I have to admit I am a wimpy mom when it comes to some things. I was AFRAID to get rid of her Binky, I came up with a million excuses to keep it but every time I saw her with it (it was restricted to bed use only) it would make me mad. Well finally today for the umpteenth time Sydney earned her crayons back and what did she do, wrote on Kenady's play gym. I was very FRUSTRATED. Obviously time-outs, taking the crayons away, talking too, politely suggesting, hair pulling, teeth gnashing, and naughty chairs were not working! I walked her to her room and shut the door. To my surprise, she HATED it (does it sound like I wasn't being very nice). I don't have a passive child you see, first she was knocking on the door, then she said sorry, when that didn't work she tried pounding and so on. I was feeling rather proud of myself for finding something that actually affected her. I saw her Binky lying on the floor (it should have been in her bed). So while I was feeling like I had a handle on things I decided I might as well get rid of the Binky too. I knew it wouldn't work to just throw it away. She would continue to ask and ask so I cut off the top of the nipple and put it back on the ground (I also knew if I cut it I wouldn't be able to give in and helplessly hand back over the binky).

When Sydney's two minutes were up I went back and talked to her, she gave me a hug, said sorry, we packed up the crowns, put them away for another month and she saw her binky! Oh the atrocity! She cried for about five minutes, begged for her dad and then moved finally moved on to something else.

I have to admit being proud didn't last too long. By the time nap time rolled around I was scared stiff. In fact we happened to be coming home from a play group so I took the long way home hoping she would fall asleep in the car. It didn't work so I continued to drive the neighborhood for another 20 minutes. Finally I gave up on the whole thing and didn't try to put her to be, I just had her rest in her room until her dad came home.

I thought I had her beat when bedtime rolled around (or her dad fooled). I took Kenady and Dallas has his regular Sydney schedule. Well Kenady drifted off to sleep way to quickly! Tag, it was my turn with Sydney. Between Dallas and I we probably put her back in her bed 25 different times, yes I know she is not afraid of us, nor spankings, nor hair pulls, nor time-outs or other more severe measures :). Finally I told her I would sing her one song. After I was through she said, "but mom, please just stay with me.". I said, "Sue, you are so tired, you can do this. Just close your eyes for a little while, you are such a big girl, we know you can do it. " of course then I went on to bribe her if she stayed in her bed she would get to put a new sticker on a chart and maybe even get some gum.....and guess what she didn't come out. I am sure tomorrow we will start the drama all over again but it did feel nice to finally get rid of the binky! If you are still reading thanks for tuning in to all my long winded rambling!

I do want to post two more things. One of Sydney's favorite things to do, is dance. We took her to a rollerskating/dancing rink and she was in Heaven the whole time. She danced and skated (with our help) her little heart out! She has so much excitement for everything! Here we are dancing.

and I feel proud, proud, proud. After almost five months of procrastination I finally got my thank you cards out. If I only would have been as smart as Julie and decided to do photos earlier. Here is the picture of Kenady that I put on the thank you cards. So some of you, they are on there way! Kinda like an announcement too, can you do that three months late?!

Friday, March 2, 2007

Getting two kids to smile...now thats a task!

I just wanted to post a few cute pictures of the girls. I have not been somewhere to get pictures taken of them (really we need family pictures....so we have never had one, yikes). But Sydney's new smile is from ear to ear, all teeth, and she has to make sure she is squinting; otherwise it is not a picture and we have to do it all over again. Not to mention she is really not "holding" Kenady unless she has a death grip around her neck and the she never lets go! So as I was saying, getting a nice picture of both is quite a task and a lot of fun.