Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What a fun Summer

At least here is the email that I sent to the twins. I am going to get on here and blog about the month of July with pictures....sometime.

Hello! It has been a fun few weeks. First the 24th in Snowflake. It was more commercialized but was still fun. The rodeo and fireworks were awesome! Then the 24th in SJ last weekend. That was always fun. Of course I didn't want to miss anything so I drug the kiddos all over the place and they were good. I think Kaden about got heat stroke at the rodeo though and so finally I left. It was all tons of fun though. Sad that it ended. But is the Heap Reunion and man you don't realize all that Mom did to get us ready for things like that doing the laundry from last week trying to pack the pop up (borrowing that from a friend) and get everything ready is a few day thing! But still lots of fun! So well go up Thursday and then Dallas will go to work and meet us again Friday night. I don't think that Jas and Shanda will go and Julie went with the Nielsens to a resort in Scottsdale (FUN) but I still think that a lot of our first cousins will be there and so I am really excited. Then Sunday one of Dallas nephews is getting the priesthood in Payson so we will go there. Then the next weekend camping, the next is the Whiting Homestead and then a few a week then we are supposed to be headed to California and then Cord is coming home. What the world, what the snowser, how is time flying so dang fast. Crew will be going to kindergarten but Syd still has until next year and I cant tell you how glad I am that she has one more year with me! Yipee. I will be a sad lady when my kids are in school but happy too.

Just a quick note. We went to the family dance because I was sure that my kids would like it and of course I was right. But Kenday really needed to go to bed so about 1.5 hours into it she feel asleep and it was time to go. Well about that time I looked down to see a sad little Syd. I asked what was wrong and she said that she wanted to dance with a real boy. Yeah she said that. I asked cade lunt, and lincoln proctors boy, and a few more but they were all to shy this year. I leaned down to tell her it was a no go this year when Tara Crosby's little boy walked up and asked her to dance. And let me tell you they were better then most 12 year olds out there. PRETTY much AWESOMENESS! They did the two step and a twirl, two step and a twirl. Seriously they were good. The dance got over and he asked her one more time! It was too cute. On no! What are we getting into at 4 years old! She came back over to us beaming. Couldn't be happier and she said...Mom I am bad at that. I said why, she said, "because I always loose his finger on the turn." Wicked awesome right! I was laughing!

Now a story on Kenday. She is my terrible twoer...for sure. Last week I went into the bathroom and she had dumped the powder Clorox (a full bottle) all over the tub, counter, toilet and floor. She was trying to help me clean. So I had her help clean, the last five minutes I sent her out. She tiptoed back in while I was finishing grabbed the last bit of Clorox and combined it with my new 5 lbs of rice and another 5 lb of oats. Sweetness. This time I just sent her outside (she was trying to help but out she went). I look out the kitchen window she has taken off all her clothes and is covered from head to toe in mud and is painting her play house with it!

Well that was the most terrible things in one day but today she did take moms diamond necklace (she knows not to touch) and stuffed it full of chewed gum (it has all the little diamonds). It only took me 1/2 hour to clean it all out, then I realized she had it all over her neck and hair! She is crazy fun!

Kaden you cant ask for a better baby. He is pretty patient. He is cute, and he still does look like TY! We went to the temple yesterday so it was his first time to be babysat and he did really well, thank goodness I had a bottle for him though!

Well those are the happenings! Thanks for taking the time to read and I really hope to hear from you. Have a great week! All my love!