Monday, May 19, 2008


Call me crazy, call me weird....but I am frustrated right now. Is that the best word to describe it, I am not sure! Today I was talking to a friend about Stephanie Meyers book, The Host. Overall I really liked the book, I don't think I would have wanted to change the ending because I wanted Wanda to live for Ian, I really really liked Ian. (is that even his name, I read the book so fast I don't even remember all the character names). But it did feel a little "alien" to have her in someone elses' body, a new body that didn't wasn't hers! DUH! So that is the start to things not going quite as you would want to, feeling a sensation of frustration for things not ending just right!

Well then tonight, I am trying to get the kitchen clean, do some vinyl and watch "One Tree Hill". Finally "One Tree Hill" stole me attention and I can not wait to see Payton go with Lucas to Vegas.....and make kiss a time or too, something like that! But see Brooke, Payton, and his old girlfriends face (sorry just started watching it this season and don't remember her name). So it didn't turn out like I would have liked it too! Anyone watch it, anyone else feel that way! Jeez laweez!

I think it might have to do with me feeling up any extra time I have with stuff, with movies, with books, with fairytale thoughts, things that have a nice gooey ending and everyone leaves happy and satisfied. Now that I am typing I think it has to do with being away from Dallas these long week days (joking they go really fast, the kids and I get a lot done and we have fun) but there is a void when Dallas is not around. It is great to be reminded just how much you love someone! Well I am off to find something else with a fairy tale ending!

I hope that he chooses Payton!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Moving up in the world, moving down? Not sure exaclty which direction Showlow is

Well folks it is all said and done and I don't think Dallas or I know what to think. Sydney doesn't care, she is so used to moving around, she adjust to anything and Kenady as long as she gets to walk around and do her own thing she is content. May 5th was Dallas' first day of work in Showlow. A lot of crazy things happened for Dallas but all in all he thinks he will really like it. We drove up with Dallas the weekend before. Dallas had a company charity golfing event and won $230.00. Nice work day! We stayed up there until Wed. morning then Jas was going to drop us off on his way to the valley so that we could make it to Sydney's dance class. Well half way there I realized that I didn't have keys to get into the house so we headed on up to the valley. We stayed at Aunt Claudia's and as always we had a great time.


As you can tell that is what I did most of the time and it was great to see cousins too! Then back here, Dallas came for the weekend we hung out and I had a great Mother's day! It was a lot of fun. Early this morning Dallas got up and drove back to Showlow for another week of work!

Thank goodness for great family. Dallas gets to park the trailer at Jason and Shanda's so he has a place to call home for the next little while until we can figure out what to do with this beautiful humble abode! So if you wouldn't mind keeping us in your prayers, I sure would like to be in the same place as Dallas and also to start our lives back up closer to family, closer to home!

Birthday Extravaganza

Well I feel like I have been a lost soul, but I can get to that later. First I want to post some birthday pictures (I forgot to take them of all events). I had a great birthday Saturday, April 26th. I got lots of texts, to start the day off. My parents and sister took me out to breakfast (we were in St. Johns getting the trailer ready for Dallas' camping days, parked in front of Jas and Shanda's house! We headed over to Showlow for some family bowling with Jason and Shanda's fam and then out to eat at El Rancho, it was great food! Thanks everyone for such a good day! Oh yeah, I got a wii! Yahoo, and then I got Mario Kart to go along with it!
Dal loved to bowl with Sydney. They made a pretty good team.Oh how cute....hah. About as good as it gets, but after a few short bowls, Kenady let us know she was through! She is so much fun now, and so vocal, she wants to do something, by golly she'll squeal her way in or out of it (usually right out of sacrament meeting)

This was at El Rancho. Some seriously good food! Thanks so much!