Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weeks following Kaden's birth.

So far three has not been so bad. EXCEPT, Syd was sick the day I went into the hospital, we came home and Kenners was deathly sick, she didn't even try to see the baby. She slept, laid, threw up, and slept some more. Lots of sickness. Don't worry, it only took K four days to get over it and then I got the Flu, four more days of yuck! It stinks to be sick and worry about a brand new baby, but he stayed safe and sick free!

Julie came over to help out, she even took my sick kids to give me a break, THANKS SO MUCH!

Grandma and Grandpa came over, we see them quite a bit and the kids always love it!

Syd and Kenners love the baby and are great helpers (Syd helps, Kenady tried and usually ends up sitting on him, smashing him, something like that...she sure loves him).

And they spent a lot of time with their Dad, thanks Dallas.

Kaden had his first bath, he loved the water.

and Kenady insisted on giving her dog to him, he really seemed to like it! :) What a nice girl.


Cynthia said...

Good to see some posts from you! Congrats on your little guy - he is adorable!

Cass and Natalia said...

Congratulations, he is such an adorable little blondie! Haven't seen you in a rally long time. Hope all is well, your kids are so cute! Take care! Natalia

The Browns said...

Crazy how time flies and now we both have 3 kids! You only had one last time I saw you! Great to hear everything went good, DUMB doctors think they know everything! he he just kidding Im married to one! He is adorable just like his sisters. I knew Ethan had MSPI because Maeley did and it supposedly gets worse with each kid. Also I tried having soy and Ethan had blood in his poop for 2 weeks! But mostly fussiness and really squirmy like their tummy hurts was how I knew with Maeley, and then it got better when I went off milk and soy. Ugh not fun but worth it. Congrats on the new addition! Take care