Monday, June 29, 2009

Back in Action

Rats. So much has happened I am not blogging "journaling" about it or taking pictures but I do want to recap. We went to the lake in May. It was a lot of fun, I got to go up early with Dad and Julie and I ALWAYS love to be with them. Julie is my best friend and my Dad, well what can I say he is my best Dad. Jules got some good pictures here are just a few that I got! We had lots of fun, but the very most fun was just hanging out and playing games. One night we stayed up in into the wee hours talking with Butch and Julie. All day one day we played games, it was nice to be with family.

Then in June just a few weeks ago. We got to go to the Whiting homestead and stay in the cabin. I didn't even get 1 picture there but this time I have to say we had way to much fun playing adult games....because we didn't have to do much kid watching! The play on their own and with each other. They play in the sand, in the woods, in the little playground area, on the porch and just get DIRTY while we played some mean games of bowling ball crochet (that was fun, Dallas was really dirty, and it was fun to watch Julie and him play it out). We played a mean game of wiffle ball (Butch has some moves), and some horseshoe games that I couldn't throw my way. It was a nice time. Now if we can just get the Davis' together once in awhile!

The girls went from this room (taking one of their "rests" throughout the day). To this room. Our "Landlords" cleaned out this bedroom and now they always want to sleep in there. (CANT GET THE PICTURES TO UPLOAD WILL DO LATER)

And I have to say Sydney is growing into the such a good girl and helper. She listens, she helps, she is kind, she is loving. I tell Kenady to clean up her mess and Syd jumps up and says, "Sometime she helps me so I help her", and cleans it all. Kenady punches Syd in the face (I think) and I come over and say oh no, looks like Kenady has to go inside, Sydney lovingly says, "Sometimes I hit her and so she hits me", looks at my face and says, "what I think I mean is nothing happened here, everything is OK, come on Kenady we'd better get to the mud." She didn't want Kenady in trouble. She is a really good girl trying to do what is right!

Kenady well what can I say, terrible two's anyone. I clean more now then I ever have and it is usually me and her cleaning her messes! But she is spunky, fun, and a little Phoebeish (off of Friends). We love her!


Cynthia said...

Sounds like you were describing my girls to the T! Amen to the Davises getting together. We got to visit with Cameron and Cathe and their boys the other night - so fun. We definitely need a reunion.

the author said...

Whenever I see your blog or Julie's it makes me wish Brody had some first cousins his age soooo bad! Lucky....

cordae said...

Your kids are WAY to cute. How are you guys, Layla is awesome we have a picture of her on my blog!! Finally got it running. We love your cute family

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