Sunday, June 7, 2009

Things you should know...about me, us. Right now

I have to tell you. I have not been able to go to church because of the newborn thing, but today I got to go to all three hours and I can just feel a difference. I can literally feel it. The way I act towards my kids, my outlook on life. It is amazing how much difference it can make. When I feel how huge the difference is it makes me want to be and do so much better, so I am starting a new goal tomorrow and just trying to do everything right and not waste time on things like t.v. There is just way to much to do :) heheee.

Do you ever worry about the future? I know crazy question, especially now but really how is it for you? Do you prepare for the end or just keep going, go to college, get a car, save up for food storage and the family vacation, or should we be buying a milk cow? It is just so crazy. I go to class and here all about the end, and how it is going to get worse and then to have hope and I get nervous! But I know I just need to have faith and do what I am told, which totally on food storage! yikes :) I can do it I can do it I can do it!

We just bought a new car. Nothing to fancy, Dallas has been looking for 6 months for something that fit our new family a little better but we had to have cheap, cheap, cheap. So we finally found it and it was way cheaper then everything else. It is a navigator. It is pretty pimp'n, I think. :) but in a humble way. But I am glad to have another car that is not the gas hog truck and we should keep this for a long, long, time. Well see! Dallas you are the man, pure awesomeness right there! He is good at everything he does even picking out cars! Who knew that was a talent someone could posses.

Not to much else is new. Kaden keeps me busy. He doesn't like to sleep very much during the day so he is with me quite a lot. In a lot of ways that is good. It means that I have less time to do other things and more time to be with the kids. Because of my vinyl sometimes they just get to run wild so it is nice to spend some one-on-one time with them.. I have really had the feeling, well of course its more then a feeling, we all know that as parents we are responsible for teaching our children but I feel like I might have neglected some of my teaching so I am trying to find every opportunity I can to teach my kiddos about the gospel and life and how to be a responsible citizen. I hope I am doing my best!

Dallas gets a little bit of golf in here and there and I know he really enjoys that break. his mind works to fast and to long, I think he just needs a break to relax. The kids are hilarious as always. Sydney is growing into a big helpful girl. She is nice and wants to be loved. I am really impressed with her lately. And Kenady she is now the ball of fire. She is kinda like a phoebe off of Friends. She is happy and funny and determined.

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Marshall and Dana said...

Loved all of your posts! I feel the same way in a lot of ways. The whole teaching your children stuff is a big deal! You brought a tear to my eye when talking about your mom and I hope you are doing okay. You really are an amazing person! I want to get together soon. I totally miss you. I just found out that I am having twins, which is crazy! I don't know what I am going to do! I feel like I haven't had a new born in forever and now I'm going to have 2, hopefully it all comes back easy. Give me a call and so we can get together either down here or up there camping that would be fun!